A letter to my love


Dear one…

You asked me what I thought about your friend, who has a little boy who is confused about his gender. This is what I think…

When God created mankind, he saw that it was good…not just good but very good. And he told mankind to increase and multiply.

Though it may seem innocent, to “dismiss the gender of birth”, to do so, is to inadvertently “dismiss or disable” an ability to procreate, which is a form of death for that lineage. We are told to choose life, and we understand why. Life reproduces itself and continues. Death cannot.

Parents produce children who replicate and role model beliefs and behaviors that support the good concept of choosing life that they see in their parents, the same way that replicating and using correct mathematics concepts, allows us to find right answers.

If, however, we were to believe that one plus one equals five, that wrong belief, would generate nothing but more mistaken beliefs and wrong answers. All of wrong answers are avoided when we understand truth as our foundation… and similarly, with the truth of math concepts, as our foundation, we can recognize that one plus one equals two, and can never equal five. The truth is non negotiable.

Children are born to two parents, one of each gender, so that no matter what gender they have at birth, they can have a role model to follow and they can have grounding and stability in their goodness and their purpose. God did not make a mistake, with gender or with anything else, and it is important for children to learn about God, and learn about gender modeling from parents, because the belief in God is what supports good, and is what supports life.

If a five year old child who is a boy, is play pretending to be a girl, that is not a belief of the child, that is a belief of the parents. Children play, and they are not confused unless the parents are confused.

Children pretend to be kitty cats, puppies and lots of things, but common sense parents do not treat such behavior as an indication of an existing real problem, but rather treat it as children playing.

The role of the parents it to be a foundation for correct beliefs, so that children can flourish. A parent who believes that their sons or daughters, can be hard working, balanced, and happy, and these are all spiritual qualities, will promote such growth and results in their sons and daughters. If a parent believes that their son is a girl, or their daughter is a boy, they are paying attention to the wrong things and those mistaken beliefs could transmit and impact in a destructive way, the life and purpose of the innocent child.

It is in the child’s best interests, that parents who want their children to have happiness and success, be able to help them stay grounded in their spiritual qualities of hard work, competence, ability, compassion, gentleness and more, including celebrating how wonderful they are, including their gender of birth. If a parent is afraid to confront this “mistake” of gender fluidity, and is afraid to reinforce concrete gender roles, then that false and illegitimate belief of gender fluidity, is being “empowered” and does not promote happiness, or success, and also ironically, does not produce children or produce truth. It is not enough to just be aware of what is false, we must be active in the truth.

Jesus taught us to NOT “empower” “false beliefs” when he spoke to the devil up on the mountain. Was Jesus on the mountain because he was about to commit suicide? No he was not. That was a “belief” that belonged to Satan. Satan is always a false or mistaken belief. Not only that, but Satan said he wanted to “help” Jesus, by telling him to go ahead and jump off because God would save him. For Satan, death is always the “solution”. That is because Evil is the opposite of good. Death is the opposite of life. Satan cannot promote life, he can only suggest death, and try to make it sound attractive.

Did Jesus just stand there and stay silent and try to find the good side of satan and look for spiritual qualities in satan? No he did not. Jesus understood how ridiculous the suggestions of Satan were and he took a strong stance.
People, especially children, do not come up with these ridiculous beliefs on their own that cause them to hurt themselves or cause themselves to become impotent. Just like with Jesus or just like in the garden of Eden, these suggestions come from something that is not real, like a talking snake… or in this today’s society, a talking spider with a huge web…and something called a computer.

I believe that people can be rescued from relying on and referencing computers by talking to their parents and family members more, because an over-dependence on computers, is where these “gender fluid” suggestions originate. People who want to limit or reduce populations, have done so for years by planting this bad seed in the impressionable soil of young minds, using computers and sometimes even using schools of thought.

The goal is that these children will not have the life experience or wisdom, to recognize and stand up for their ability to procreate, which is their right and their power. In contrast, to a computer trying to solve problems using programs, the exercising of this procreative power by individuals, just means that now there are more people, which are more problems to be “solved”, to a computer. But to humanity, people generate solutions and people are to be celebrated and resourced for this…not limited and not reduced. More people, more solutions.

But if a computer just sees people as problems to be solved, then it has managed to reduce the number of problems by deceiving people into rejecting their ability to procreate or have a family. Voila, the promotion of gender fluidity. In some countries, big government has even promoted population reductions and some have even limited the number of children families can have, and we can see how that was a huge mistake for these countries.

Overpopulation is a myth, and has always been a myth, and there are many books on this subject, yet this myth is still making the rounds and computers are the perfect “venue” for promoting this mistaken belief. People who rely heavily on computers are then the very parents, who will think the concept of gender dysphoria is their fault, or their problem, when this mistake suggests itself through their children, because they do not recognize that they are being manipulated in their own choices and beliefs, via computer…which is not human and cannot raise correctly functioning humans. To some individuals, unfortunately, computers have become a “god”.

The gender problem originates, with those using computers to proliferate mistaken beliefs, as well as with parents, who are overly dependent on computers as their primary reference source. But a computer is something that has no gender, no children, does not need to eat, or sleep and does not care about having sex, because it is not human. It also cannot demonstrate spiritual qualities like humor, restraint, reproduction, etc. Why are non human entities a good role model or satisfying resource, for humans? They are not.
For very intelligent people, using a computer as a role model or primary reference source is not very intelligent.

Guess what? God did not send us a computer, to teach us, he sent us his only begotten son as a perfect role model. Can you imagine people living their life modeling after a computer if people believed he had sent that instead? God is spiritual but he sent his begotten son because he knew mankind could not understand how to model after something that is spirit. But Jesus did in fact role model many spiritual qualities as a human being and we can choose to be like him and role model these spiritual qualities, like healing, joy, interest, respect, humility, etc. if we want to experience heaven on earth. Yes it is possible.

With a computer, instead of an active mom or dad, people would, just like computers, stop using cars and planes, stop going outside… stay inside, in a climate controlled environment and be afraid of climate change, be terrified of virus’s, stop eating meat and lots of other foods as well, avoid or stop meeting people to rely on “virtual” meetings and virtual sex, probably develop memory shortages (alzheimers), or stop being able to function normally and independently, if out of bandwidth or capacity (autism). Did Jesus do any of these things? NO he did not.

Hmmm does such a person sound sort of like a computer to you? I think it does. And we can understand why can’t we?

How many of us turn our children over to computers, on a daily basis, for HOURS. And in this process, the parents lose their influence on their children, and the computer takes over, unemotionally of course.

Interestingly enough, even as it appears to be limiting human populations and enhancing computer populations, by projecting gender fluid false beliefs, and other false beliefs on people, the computer programmer agenda is desperately trying to achieve human status, for its progeny, (AI) yet is still is not even remotely as precise, competent or as intricately engineered as even one single, believed to be “flawed”, human being. We are already perfect the way we are, the way we arrive at birth, as infinitely and permanently superior to computers.

Do any of the false “suggestions” promoted by computers, create life, joy, family, or God? No, because the internet platform is the same platform of the one who wanted Jesus to jump off a cliff. That suggestion was not true then, and nothing Satan promotes is true now, or is anything that Jesus listened to then, and we should not be listening to that mistaken platform now. Jesus did indeed say begone Satan and so should we, because the suggestions of Satan are self destructive.

Similarly there is another false suggestion, saying that smart parents who reject gender fluidity, are in effect, promoting the suicide of their children. But that is also not true because parents are not rejecting their children, they are rejecting a false belief.

This suggestion of suicide, is another deception of evil, which says that one thing that is self destructive, prevents another thing that is self destruction. Parents in contrast to computers, have a moral obligation to teach their children what is good and what is truth, not deception. In most societies, teaching something to children that causes them to harm themselves or harm their chances to procreate, is tantamount to child abuse.

Thinking that accepting self destruction will prevent self destruction is illogical. The initial false suggestion is, in itself, self destructive, as is all evil, and ACCEPTING this false belief, is then to enable it, and make it even bigger, and gives it a platform, which allows it to continue its path of the destruction of humanity. Why are we trying to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing human beings? How is that choosing life?

The rational thing, and the logical thing, to those with rational and logical thinking, is to recognize the deception and the false belief, and to correct it with the truth. No one needs to apologize or be afraid of the Truth. It is the lie that causes destruction, not Truth. God is life. God is good. And life? Life is good. It is that simple, and it is that common sense. Evil is easily defeated and dismissed as a result.

When confronted with those who are confused, we can open our hearts and be someone they can talk to, because it is showing compassion to listen to those who have been misled.And pray for them. Prayer is listening to what God says…and God says what is truth. The truth will indeed set them free.

Randomly chosen bible verse for today, to see what it is that God thinks about this…Because I am listening

But the Lord is the true God;
he is the living God, the eternal King.
When he is angry, the earth trembles;
the nations cannot endure his wrath.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.