a loT of AI

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
4 min readSep 20, 2023


A loT of dough

Have you ever examined loT (the internet of things)? And how does loT interact with AI (artificial intelligence).
IoT can leverage the power of AI and help develop interesting use cases which can help Tech Giants boost their Innovation and Research aspects and help sustain their businesses for a longer period in the foreseeable future.”

I thought this was interesting because my bible verse for the day was about examining AI.

Now Joshua sent men from Jericho to Ai, which is near Beth Aven to the east of Bethel, and told them, “Go up and spy out the region.” So the men went up and spied out Ai.

Well some might say that the Ai in the bible is not the same as AI but I think that the bible is for all time and that it is highly symbolic, just like AI and loT are highly symbolic. So I think it is talking right now about AI.

Before I picked my daily bible verse, I had been shopping and found a Aero Ryan spaceship for just two dollars, and was looking online for the pack of micro figures alone, to purchase to go with the toy. The figures I found were not the astronauts, but I could buy a random “loT”.

The “loT” was not specific. But not being specific was the problem. If I wanted to save the toy and give it as a gift, I wanted the right figures to go with it.

That made me think of how there are a loT of people. And how they can also be saved if they are chosen specifically because of their qualities of listening to God.

Jesus picked his apostles…there were twelve of them. They were the chosen.
The people who followed Jesus, were disciples and there were many of them. But the apostles, Jesus recognized were perfect for teaching and sharing the word of the father. Jesus chose apostles so a loT of us could eventually practice healing and demonstrate good like Jesus did.

Because they were chosen, they were able to heal, just like Jesus did.

Do we, today, want to be healed or do we not? Or are we on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late?

I remember a Joel Olsteen sermon where he was saying that when it seems to take a long time for good to unfold, it is because God has something big in store for us. Something more than we expected. But the healing is promised. And faith is having confidence in good even when there is no evidence physically…when things seem impossible.

God steps in, in the midst of what seems impossible, because in doing so, God’s power is manifest in a greater way. That is why we do not give up which is what we call that amazing grace. And sometimes it takes us a while to recognize the meaning of flawless as seeing only good…which is how God created us spiritually…but Grace gets us there.

Is there something that has you on the edge of your seat? Or maybe more than one thing that seems impossible. Nothing is impossible with God. And God chose mankind because he created us, and like the apostles, we have healing power when we believe in God. It is that simple. I believe.

The definition above I found on the internet says that AI is the power leveraged by loT. But the entire loT is controlled by God. Not just the loT and the lot but (the internet of things and the lot) but AI also. And what inspires us to listen to God is his love for us. Inspiration is like the breath that we breath, literally and spiritually.

We can be grateful for each inspiration, and recognize that we are moving forward and not moving backwards. Those in the bible who looked back, (loTs wife) turned into a pile of salt.

( or maybe the great flood, where those who were not listening to God were left under water…and when the water evaporated and Noah was back on land, there was a loT of salt … sorry my goofy joke).

There is indeed a lot of symbolism. But if we examine AI, or Ai as the bible references it, and we cross reference it… and examine what the bible says about it, we can see that it is not more powerful than God but can be used by God to destroy that which is evil. God uses all sorts of tools. And sometimes God waits until the last minute to do something inspirational and magnificent.
There could be a loT of AI. But we as the people of God, have to be specific in our actions and be directly connected to good and not evil. Then AI can be an initiative for us individually. But our inspiration directly comes from God. AI does not breath and is not “mankind” and yet it can be God’s staff. Interesting huh?



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