“A park story”

first on the slide

It was “going to the park” day and Damon was excited to be going with me. We had invited Samantha, a friend who now lives in Saudi, and her son Solomon who is four years old just like Damon.

Got his shirt wet from the water fountain

“You are going to have a friend meet you to play” I explained. And then, as I was driving home to get our snack and water and a toy to share at the park, I started to say our morning prayer…. Now that daylight fills the sky, we lift our hearts to God on high…

But Damon today for some reason did not want to pray and he said “BLA BLA BLA BLA” and tried to drown me out.

So I told Damon that I liked to tell God thank you because he gives me good things just like our father gives us good things. I said that if he did not want to say my prayer with me, he could say his own prayer…and I asked him if there was something he wanted God to help him do. He said he wanted God to help him make a cake for his mommy. So that is what we prayed.
No battles, no arguing. Just a sweet simple prayer.

When we got to the park, there was a sketch group of people being loud, smoking something other than a cigarette, and I could not really distance from them because they were sitting near the playground which was where I needed to be to watch Damon.

I did not want to leave because Damon was already heading towards the slides so again, I just said a silent prayer, asking God to help these people recognize their proper place and their inherent good, and within ten minutes, the group was gone. Again…no battles, no arguing, just a simple prayer and then harmony.

That kind of “cigarette” is not good for you …just sayin

Our friends arrived and they were playing and having so much fun at the park and before long there were a troupe of them going around the park, so when they all four suddenly took off towards the duck pond, the two of us as well as two other sets of parents also took off, keeping a close watch on the little ones.

Exploring, with harmony

They were laughing and running and exploring, faces red and sweaty, voices cheerful and friendly. There was Damon from South Korea, Amir from Ukraine, Solomon from Saudi and a fourth little boy from Honduras…all here in this country with loving parents, all having fun and playing in harmony.

It occurred to me that harmony is so easy for children, and again I said a silent prayer, for peace and harmony throughout the world, that it could mirror the friendship and joy expressed by these four little boys.

The father of the boy from Ukraine mentioned that these were the real “united colors of Benetton” and we all laughed. But the difference was, no one had any expectations, no one was being rejected or diminished, everyone was on the same playground, and were initially all strangers who were now friends.

I thought HOW WONDERFUL it was…and again I said a little prayer, of gratitude. I hope we see them again some day.




HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.

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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.

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