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Mon. Dec. 12 2022

Big fan of Life

It is three am and I just woke up from a vivid dream where I was holding this hand held game device. But it was not real…like it was not something that I have ever seen. It was shaped like a fan or a V and the vector part of the game was nearest my hand and the game fanned out…that is what it looked like from the top.

But from the side it looked like a square, with the fan being on the top, and the rest of the square going back to the hand, but getting smaller as it went. The “square and “fan” were all clear plastic and the entire game was self enclosed because it was full of a running jet of water “fueled” by the person who was pulling the trigger of the game, like it was a self enclosed water pistol.

The part of the square that was the smallest was the part being held, like the handle.

The water from the pistol was “pushing” these live, minuscule people and boats who were inside the plastic fan shape, in a race to get to the end of the fanned out area, but at the end of the “fanned out area” was a drop off or cliff or waterfall (the right angle of the square), and those who got there were destroyed.

The “box” part of the game, could be viewed from the side, where the “winners” were funneled back into the handle, and new “players” appeared in a never-ending stream, kind of like the ducks in the circular pond at the fair that you can pick for a prize.

But in my dream I could see that winning was actually losing, and “players” or “the little people” were just there for the entertainment of the person holding the game…the faster he squeezed, the faster the people went towards that waterfall.
The only way to save the people and the boats was to NOT play that game…because the only thing that the controller was allowed to do was to propel them towards the waterfall. When I realized what was happening, I was upset to see that the game was making it seem, to the tiny people and boats inside the plastic fan, like they were WINNING. It was deceptive at the least, and downright evil at best…and even though they were little, teeny, people, I knew in my dream that they ALL mattered.
That is when I woke up.
And this is how I analyzed my dream….
I realized that it was about helping me recognize that seemingly innocent things are “in play”, where people are being encouraged to do things that are self destructive? (the part of the game where people are swimming towards a cliff as fast as they can)…. Things that seem fun or competitive, make people THINK they are accomplishing something but they are not really doing anything good or useful at all.
Is this dream analogous of “gender fluidity” where people think they “win” but actually they terminate their family line with no progeny because they have been convinced that it is more important and “good” to literally be “self absorbed”? (in the game the tiny people were “absorbed” after the waterfall into the handle of the game). Self absorption, it turns out, is actually, literally, self destructive.
This dream I think was also helping me recognize that there are seemingly innocent “things” where controller people are only “playing by the rules” when they help facilitate the destruction of others. The “rules” somehow make it all ok? (the part of the game where someone literally is adding to the stream of water to create a “FLOW” so the little people have difficulty going against the current)

The controller “playing the game” is continuously helping to destroy all “the little people” because not one of these little people, or boats, “survives” his “win”…THEY think they win when they get to the end FIRST, but HE is trying to get as many as he can to go over the edge and for him, it is about points, or sheer numbers that constitutes an actual win.

Is this part of the dream perhaps analogous of babies, the real little people in the world, because their “loss” (once they go over the cliff) is “unimportant”, in the bigger picture, to the person playing the “game” because THAT person just wants to win something for themself.

My dad was always talking about “the little people” and wanting us to “be on the lookout for them” and “appreciate them”. He would have games and antics that “the little people” did to teach us about them when we were children. I remember “the little people” vividly.

My dad wanted us to remember “the little people” and wanted us to cherish them, and he was very creative in how he got us to remember them. He and my mom also created a habit of constant prayer in our family. (Because of my parents, I KNOW that God exists.)

So, I also know there is even something bigger than those controlling “the game” in my dream, and is the “being” who is good who helps people stop doing evil or self destructive behaviors. Winning is not getting to the end first, and winning is not having the biggest score.

Winning is actually refusing to play that “game” , metaphorically.

I believe that just like my dream, people, because of God, are capable of “putting down the game”. I believe people are also capable of recognizing that babies are not dangerous, and are not drama and are not destructive to marriage, careers or families. They in fact are a blessing. They are also capable of recognizing their birth gender as a blessing and not a curse.

I believe that is why I woke up. And right before I woke up, the game had been put down, and the minute it was put down, it stopped working …it only worked when there were people willing to pull the trigger of the water pistol.

Social media is influencing people and their thinking but there is no number of trolls, or bots that are God beings, as they are human manipulations. No matter how compelling they seem, they cannot MAKE someone self destruct or jump off a cliff…just like evil could not MAKE Jesus jump off a cliff either.

Gratefully, prayer works on a higher level than human manipulations. Prayer works on recognizing the supreme power of God, good, and reforming our thinking to be aligned with true good.

It was fortuitous that my dad always told me that population problems, climate problems and food problems, were all “not real” because they were government manufactured problems. With prayer, individuals paying attention to good, cannot be deceived, manipulated or controlled by other people or by government.

For this ability of my dad to step back and understand the bigger picture, and think on a higher level, supported by my mom, and to give honor to God as the solution for mankinds problems, I am grateful. Babies, children, families, and “who were were made to be at birth”, are all gifts to be enjoyed, not problems to be solved.

We should all be celebrating these things but instead, I have noticed that very few people in my neighborhood seem to be celebrating and have not yet put out Christmas lights or decorations. I want to show gratitude for the birth of the baby Jesus but I have not yet put lights on my front yard either.

My husband says that the recession and the dreary way that the year has unfolded politically, is why so many people are not “celebrating”. I can understand the reason for this “depression” of society, based on current world governments.

But faith is knowing that God is in charge of the whole world, IN SPITE of bad governments and bad leaders. God has the ways and means to make people “put down that game” and pay attention and be grateful for babies and moms and dads, and birth, and gender, just like they were grateful for baby Jesus, back in the day.

Or maybe God will make that plastic square shape game, a circle, so that the players have life everlasting =) Our globe is a circle (sphere) …isn’t it lol.

Babies are not the problem, gender is not the problem, and we are being deceived to think that they are. We can be healed of that false belief, right here, right now. “For unto us is born a SAVIOR, which is Christ, the lord.”

So, tomorrow, because I am expecting wonderful things this Christmas, I will decorate with lights outside! No more waiting.

And with regards to “fans”, I am a BIG FAN of baby Jesus, and so are many people whom I know are praying, and God LIVES.



HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.

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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.