Blue Afro Ad

I love how sometimes insignificant or seemingly trivial things can give a lot more information and generate more questions than we may initially realize.

For example, I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for my husband and in the rear view mirror I saw advertising that looked like a giant blue Afro from the seventies with a white headband. I LOVE the re-emergence of vintage advertising so I wanted to know who they were featuring but when I got closer as I drove by later when I was leaving, I saw that the ad was not about a lovely black lady…but it sure fooled me from a distance!

Upon thinking about this, ( I choose to not use the word “reflecting” for “thinking” because a mirror “reflection” reverses the original or flips it, and changes it from its intended meaning so it does not really “reflect”)

I reasoned that there are many things that seem to say one thing when viewed quickly, but upon closer examination, actually say something completely different. Which is the intended meaning we might wonder? Is an advertising money trail going to give us the source or meaning or are those funding communications with multiple interpretations cloaked from public scrutiny?

The advertising I saw was actually an ad for Blue Rhino. Rhino is an interesting word and has a specific connotation. Blue is also an interesting color and also has a specific connotation. Gas of course is explosive. But I “saw” the Afro before I saw the blue rhino.

Which did the advertisers WANT me to see? Is a Rino the same as a Rhino in this ad and if so, it is interesting that it is blue is it not? Miriam Webster says that Rhino means cash. Hmmmm. But someone has to work at some point to get cash do they not? Rhinos do not grow on trees do they? Just wondering out loud. And who was the intended recipient or target audience of the advertising? I like figuring these things out, don’t you?

Like who or what would be a red Dino(democrat in name only) in contrast to the blue Rino (republican in name only)? Blue with regards to human beings means lack of oxygen. (are they saying that “blue” republicans-in-name-only, provide cash? Cash to whom? Does blue mean they are dead?) Which led me to the only Dino I know… in the Flintstones. If you add the Flintstones to Gas, well the sign says what it that the real message? Maybe they should have added to that sign, Don’t flints. (haha sorry) To me advertising is like speaking Latin, and looking for the root of things…only looking for them from the aspect of a computer anthropomorphically ascribing itself with human traits.)

I was taught in college to be aware when things I saw were put there in an attempt to influence me so that I can recognize it for what it is. Advertising has as its purpose to sell us on a concept or a manipulate the masses. Which, by the way, speaking of how rhinos(cash) do not grow on trees, it makes me wonder about how marketing has taken the concept of an apple with a bite out of it like the one the wicked witch gave Snow White, or the apple that Eve gave Adam that got them thrown out of know..that tree of “knowledge”, and made it be something desirable. Can marketing do that to you? Cause the meaning of something good to be reversed? Do you want the meaning of the bible to be reversed? (if you like to read bible stories like I do) I do not want the meaning reversed.

Or what about a company that calls itself Poop (more or less) and then reverses the meaning of owning poop, and marketing poop, to make it valuable and not disposable. Meet I BM. Another attempted reversal. But Oprah says that when someone tells you who they are, believe them. Do you believe in God or marketing from a giant computer?

Speaking of poop and giant computers, what about pee? A dog pees to mark its territory. Does a computer mark its territory or claim an address with “I P”? If someone wishes to speak directly to a computer, is there a number sign added because a computer is coded based on numbers? A hash is a function that converts one value to another. Is that why it is called a hashtag? To get a computer to convert the meaning to something else?

God is first in numbers in the bible. God is good. And at the end of the story of numbers, those who thought there was power in numbers made a mistake because numbers had exactly NO power. What the bible says is the truth.

No reversal of Gods word!

Have you been marked by an I P and “assimilated”? Is there a computer that is being marketed to get us to think it is not a threat to our species because it cannot “reproduce”? Meet “micro soft”.

Questions that need no answers.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.