Candy Canes

I was at the antique shop and this lady was carrying an umbrella stand that she said was for her collection of canes. Then there was a man at the restaurant who stepped out with a cane that looked like it had ivory embedded in it, which I admired. Then I was told that the name of the guy working on our pool was Cane. And of course I love candy cane….so I looked up cane and it is an acronym for chemical and NUCLEAR environment.

A description of Nuclear can encompass a wide range, from explosive, to energy to family.

Growing up, I had a mom, a dad, and four sisters as there were five girls born in six years to my beautiful mom. I believe that in some conversations, our family would be what is called a nuclear family.

According to the RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, published in 1967, a nuclear family is a “social unit consisting of a father, a mother and children”. I love this idea of that which is Nuclear, being a mother, father and children, so tightly knit that it is extremely difficult to break it up.

Where as Nuclear from a global perspective is not society reinforcing rather is threatening in many cases. It is interesting that the ENERGY which comes from Nuclear is thousands of times more efficient than any other energy source and I love looking at the family as parallel to that description since it is in the dictionary that.
So, imagine like I am imagining, that each atom, consists of a proton (mother) and neutron (child) and electron (father). Of course the mother is positive but weighs significantly more than the father =(, the kids are neutral (really?), and the dad is a high energy but negative =0. For the atom to remain stable, the electron generally stays within the nuclear family right, and is balanced out by the proton…maintaining my analogy of nuclear to family being an atom.

So then I thought about this for a while it made me have questions, because I do not know of any STABLE atom that has one father, one mother and five children…or one electron, one proton and five neutrons…though you can find an ISOTOPE or unstable version of hydrogen that has one proton and five neutrons and is called H 6… so that would mean that either my family is not real or the description of atomic elements does not include all concrete possibilities.
So the reason I am thinking about this is because if life of man is indeed matter based, (made out of atoms) wouldn’t there have to be some parallels that could be drawn with regards to what scientists say is true about matter because we are a nuclear family and children are new life right?

Atoms, which began with nothing yet supposedly have always existed, and can produce something, yet are not able to be destroyed or created, and likewise families, which began with nothing, yet have always existed, produce something, and cannot be “created and destroyed. Families are the macro-universe and atoms are the micro universe of that which is nuclear, in my analogy.

Supposedly electrons are “eternal” in other words, do not decay and exist indefinitely and atoms are the source of all energy. But at the same time, quantum theory says that atoms can randomly decay which cannot be predicted regardless of how long the atom has existed. Hmmmm.

How can atoms have a part which is eternal and a part which is not eternal or can decay, when atoms are nuclear and must stay intact in the universe in order to be stable? I believe that this means, in my analogy, that FAMILIES are eternal, and that they must stay intact in order for the universe to remain stable, and that the supply of energy generated in each atom is enough to to be considered eternal. That constant and stable supply of guaranteed energy does not need to be generated by unnecessarily breaking up a family or unnecessarily adding to a nuclear family with outsiders. But those who would not cherish family, who have already mined family by breaking it up unnecessarily and adding to it unnecessarily, now think that family should be run by a great big socialist government? Um no. Do you see atoms falling in line to do the bidding of government? Government is not God and God says honor your FATHER and MOTHER. God also says thou shalt not steal.

So how can we govern without government if government is making itself a god and doing things that go against the will of God, like destroying families, babies, and church? I think that perhaps we need a high court of law and then again perhaps we already have the best there is with God as supreme law.

I think God has this already figured out, and God is telling me this because, by the way, my randomly picked bible verse (mark 11 11 )says that Jesus went into Jerusalem and went into the high courts. Jesus looked around and saw everything and since it was evening, he left with the twelve. Yay Jesus!

If God sees everything and God is the only real court, does it matter what government says about babies or family? Isn’t God probably laughing when we say a baby is not a person or that a court of law can decide that courts can judge life but cannot even know what is male or female?

Can courts change truth to mean something false? I don’t think so.
According to nuclear physics, BREAKING UP an atom, or a (nuclear family) can create a lot of energy initially, but the stronger that nucleus is, the harder it is to break it apart. Makes sense to me. Also, breaking it apart apparently can cause decay. Big surprise there.(when comparing to people)
On the other end of the spectrum, ADDING to the nucleus of an atom, to make a heavier atom where neutrons become dangerous to humans (the kids are the neutrons) but our president is arguing that having dangerous neutrons is better than having decay…lol. (is he referring to those kids who wave around masks and vaccines and say that they cannot be around their parents because it is not safe for them? LOL)
My BIG question here is hypothetical, because it is of course equating an atom and its nucleus to a nuclear family of people. If the energy IN A NUCLEUS is stable, and consistent and does not decay and supplies that atom (family) with all that it needs in the form of energy, WHY is it necessary for governments or outside beings to artificially break it up and cause decay, or artificially add to it and cause destruction? Isn’t it already perfect the way it is?
This is me thinking out loud. I appreciate the value of energy and it looks to me like God created energy to reside and begin with families and in understanding that, energy will continue to be stable and enough for each atom (family). My dad always said that “energy problems” or “food shortages” or “overpopulation problems” were “government orchestrated problems./// IE NOT REAL and I agree.

Oh and by the way, in case anyone did not know this, an electron never transition to a proton and even though some protons can get highly charged a proton never becomes an electron. They have their own unique purposes and place in the family, or atom.

Mankind, in spite of what “Science experts” or “judges” or anyone else says, is made up of men, women and children. Families still have a father and a mother, and that nucleus is still strong and able to protect itself and remain stable. We are told biblically to choose Life. Fear of decay and destruction, as well as fear of dangerous children, are both human concepts, and are the products of human, NOT GOD based, solutions. Life is a Spiritual concept.

The bible says, regarding cane…“Thou hast bought me no sweet cane with money, neither hast thou filled me with the fat of thy sacrifices: but thou hast made me to serve with thy sins, thou hast wearied me with thine iniquities.”

Atoms (family)have not been controlled by governments in the past, nor will they be in the future because God is still the king, still guiding us and uplifting our being, and for this I am grateful.

Instead of taking from the family to uphold life, perhaps we should uphold life in order to give to the family. By respecting that which God has created, we maintain integrity, supply and harmony.



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