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April 27 2022

Freedom…what is it to a child? I think that children who are “free” want to grow up, become adults, and become successful contributing members of society.
But children do not start out that way…they are “free” to act in any way that they want, but they are also dependent on their parents.

A child is “free” to walk into a lake when they are just learning how to walk, but they do not get that “opportunity” because the parents know that they have to learn how to swim first.

Parents have their child's BEST interest at heart, and their number one concern is the child's physical safety, and then their emotional security.

Knowing that parents are always interested in their child’s well being, even though it does not profit them, is what gives a child emotional security.
Children can count on their parents to keep them going in the right direction.

I do not know any parent who willingly hold a child hostage or charge a minor child money, for just being alive, or who allows their child to walk into a fire, or starve them, or allow them to go home with a sexual predator. Parents do not want their child to fail because they know that the “punishment” will not come from parents but from society.

There are consequences for bad choices, and good parents help a child navigate choices, to make the best possible ones. Unfortunately, governments these days, THINK they are just like “parents”.

As an analogy, let’s pretend the Russian government is a parent, and Ukraine and all the countries surrounding Russia are the children. Lets pretend that the EU is a group of people who all support the gay and trans lifestyle, and want to control everything including the climate, and peoples sexual preferences, because they think the world is overpopulated. (I know I know but just let me finish)

In my analogy, the child named Ukraine has been groomed by the EU to want to be “gay” but the parent, Russia, believes this is wrong. The parent, in this case, is seizing control, and the child is rebelling. The problem is not Russia, or the child, the problem is the EU huh? Or NATO or The World Economic Forum…etc…all those mysterious entities who secretly and not so secretly want the great reset.

What is interesting to me, is that it appears to me that Government assuming the role of “parent” is not serving the inalienable rights of children but is serving the “greater good” which is a “communist” mentality. In contrast with communism or socialism, PARENTS never put their own child at risk for “the greater good”, thank God.

With all the abortions FUNDED by Governments, it is easy to see that governments, as opposed to natural biological parents, do NOT have the best interest of children at heart. Government even profits from it’s “children” who earn an income, and that is called Tax.

In the real world, do you know any parents who tell their children how many babies they can have, when they marry? China does that. That government, which has seized more power than even a parent has, now not only controls the finances, but also controls the populations decisions to have children? WTF?

In the real world, do you know many parents who decide if their children can go to school, and what career they should have? Russia does that.

I just read about a Syrian refugee family that journeyed to a Scandinavian country to escape the war, but they are wanting to leave that country because the child protection laws are so strict that if a child complains at school that mom or dad yelled at them, the state authorities can be there the next morning at the door, seize the children and put them in foster care, and the biological parents will be forbidden to have contact until they are eighteen.

So on the one hand, there are really strict parents, and on the other hand, there is really self serving, overly intrusive government, thinking they can take the place of parents.

But like I said earlier, Big government has an agenda, that parents do NOT have. Big government is SELF serving, and most people are finally getting the BIG picture.

The best “parent” we can use as a model, for how to raise children, is our heavenly father, not government. God forgives us, is always giving us direction, and is always listening, just like a good parent should.

When I was making mistakes, and wrong choices, my mom and dad did not “punish” me after a certain age, and instead they prayed for me to understand that my bad choices do not hurt them, but hurt me. They wanted me to make good choices, because it benefits ME.

God did not make a mistake when he created mankind. Each person, the color they are, the gender they are, and the skills and talents that they have, are for a GOOD reason, and are not flawed…no matter what the world is telling us in contradiction.

A child who chooses to be gay or trans, according to much literature, as opposed to being “born that way” is making that wrong choice because they have often suffered some kind of trauma growing up. For this I am sorry but all humanity suffers growing up. A grown up can see that life does not always seem to play out fairly, and works to find acceptable ways to compensate and make adjustments, but a child rebels.

A wise parent of a small child, who see when a child suffers an unfair situation, or is put at a disadvantage by others, can help the child cope, offer a sympathetic ear, and remind or teach the child to trust in God to fight their battles. In that way, the parent is demonstrating trust in “the heavenly father” to fix problems, instead of using human will to force change. Government is using human will to force change and not only that, is treating humanity like toddlers, instead of responsible adults with specific rights guaranteed by God.

My parents did not force me to change, but over time, I could see that every time I veered away from the good life biblically planned for me, I suffered and things fell apart, and I was not happy.

Instead of looking down at my children, and working to convince them of things that are truth, I am looking up, at God, working to show my heavenly father that I am on board with the teachings of Christ. I am humbled by the forgiveness I have received, and by the power of the word of God.

In my scenario, if Russia wants to “help” Ukraine, it needs to do the same thing that I am doing. Stop forcing Ukraine to accept your verdict of what is best for them and start trusting God, and demonstrate gratitude for your own blessings, and stop being self serving. YOUR CHILDREN deserve at least that. And grown adults are not your children any more, they are Gods children.

Having oligarchs in Russia, or dictators in China, or stakeholder capitalism in the EU. or deep state forged government in the USA, does not even SLIGHTLY represent what GOD, the heavenly father would do for his children.

Good government does not take what they did not earn, and give it to others. Good government does not tell children what they should do for a living, or how many children they can have. Good government does not take over children and teach them things that go against God and nature. Good government IS NOT A PARENT. Good government is minimal in size and scope, fiscally responsible, and has integrity, allowing PARENTS to raise their children.

Unfortunately, government is doing the opposite. For those on twitter who ceaselessly demonstrated for Brittney Spears, because for all these years her assets were managed by a “conservator”, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING TO US???? lol We are being treated like bad children just like she is being treated like a bad child, and they are charging us for that “service” .

But GOOD government, recognizes it has no authority and all authority comes from God. And good parents recognize that children are a gift, and that they get forgiveness just like the parents also got forgiveness as children, for the mistakes that they make. Good parents love their children, and do not profit from them or have ulterior motives for them. Good parents do not think children are basically bad, rather they know they are good, created in the image and likeness of God.

All the oligarchs, and dictators, and stakeholder capitalists, and deep state cheaters, are the same, in that they are self serving, and in spite of what they “say”, do not care about “the least of these”. They want to take more money, stay in power, and tell the rest of the world how to live their lives, and often those recommendations are based on fear and lack, depriving mankind of their basic physiological needs like the ability to have a family, or determine their own health care, or how to spend their own hard earned money.

(Parents are always going to know how to more efficiently and effectively spend their own money, than the government, by the way.)

As a parent, the LOWEST form of motivation, in maslows hierarchy of needs is fear of punishment. Physical punishment is what parents resort to when a child's physical safety is in danger but it is important to recognize, THAT IT IS THE LOWEST form of motivation…and yet that low form of motivation, is what most of the world “leaders” use to drive the masses.

I call bullshit.

Those of us who understand God, and what God is doing, know where true power comes from and know that God does not use fear of punishment as a threat…those who have learned to trust God, live in the growth arena of “self actualization”.

Russia does not belong in a “war” with Ukraine, and Ukraine, does not need to accept anything coming from “government” but should listen to words coming from God. God, like our human parents, cares about his children. God does not support war…not for any reason, and Government is not God…not even CLOSE.

A child, brought up as a princess, given access to free choices when possible, and treated to many unlimited blessings as they grow, who recognizes that their parent, teaching them about God, wants the best for them, will listen to that parent, and make better choices, today, and tomorrow. For this we can all be grateful



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.