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5 min readJun 21, 2024


The stove had five burners.
It was gas lit. It was built in and it was clean and effective.
But when Filly cooked she had previously used one or maybe two burners. Unless it was Thanksgiving. Then she used all five burners plus the burners at other houses. Gratitude “took off” easily. Now it was time for other things to take off and take flight.

But in order for things to “take off” Filly decided she needed to be using all the burners. Kind of the same way that Elon’s rocket used all burners. That smart man was not trying to break free from earth using a rocket with only one burner lol. Nope he was not.

And in addition to that, there were the front burners, and the back burners. Filly decided that there were things that needed to be front and center, while other less dire things needed to be on the one back burner.

Filly thought about how the walking acquaintance she had seen recently had told her that he knew someone who did patchwork quilts. That bit of information matched with the bible verse for the day that she had randomly chosen. It was the “pure language” that she was listening to, when she picked it. Apparently patches was what God wanted on the front burner, because the bible verse was about the “pattern”.

The bible verse was

“Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: and let them measure the pattern.”

That bible verse went on to say that the house of Israel knew of the going out and coming in to the house. In other words, God’s “team” knew what the bad people were doing, using the house for evil intent. Filly knew they were talking about the wonderland house in Florida on Marker street.

Filly believed that the bible verse was saying to measure the pattern. If life were a patchwork quilt, the patch had to match or at least look like it belonged in the pattern. And the extent of the repair patch needed would depend on the size of the quilt. So Filly knew that the house on its own, was just one patch, and God was saying for his people to measure the quilt and make sure the whole thing was fixed…not just one house but all the houses that were scamming people.

The quilt, was AI. The patches were the way that the good people of the world were fixing the problems that were trying to dismantle human life and limit it.
Front burner…Knob turned, click click, Gas on, pot on the stove, burner on.

Then there was the judicial department. Filly decided that also needed to be on the front burner…because the bible verse said that those who have done evil need to be ashamed of their iniquities. And the judicial branch of the government was not punishing those who did evil, it was rewarding them and letting them go. That “pattern” of catch and release” was for allowing fish to grow, but was never meant for allowing evil to grow.
Filly looked up on the internet…

Judicial pattern
The term “judicial pattern” refers to a consistent and repeated behavior or conduct that is used to describe a series of actions or events. In a legal context, a judicial pattern is often used to describe a pattern of conduct that is considered harmful or illegal, such as stalking or harassment. (and catching and releasing criminals, and weaponizing the judicial branch for political gain)

The pattern of releasing criminals and not deporting illegals, was also a judicial pattern, orchestrated at the highest levels of government and funded by billionaires who wanted global powers.
FRONT BURNER for sure…Knob turned on, click click, gas on, pot on the stove, burner on.

Filly was getting fired up with all this burner power. She smiled.
She thought about the back burner, but it was not really a back burner in her home because it was as easily accessed as the front three burners. Of the five burners, there was only one burner that was legitimately a back burner.

Also, she decided that what needed to be on the front burner, was the reformation of those who were funding abortions. The lives of innocent ones being taken, was very offensive to God and Filly thought that was the main reason God was constantly communicating with her.

There were still many people who did not understand that innocent babies and children were priceless beings and needed protection from mothers who valued them, while the women who did not want to be mothers, needed to find better ways to avoid having children. (Instead of acting like dogs who randomly have continuous litters of puppies, where the owners put the unwanted puppies in a bag to drown them, mothers needed to recognize the responsibility of motherhood and save their progeny from destruction based on self serving evil.)

Another front burner, knob on, click click, gas on, pot on the stove, burner on.

And the last front burner was on the side, but accessible as well with ease. Government overreach. The patriot act that gave government invasive capabilities with no oversight and taxation that was oppressive and stifled the free market economy.

Filly had listened to a talk sent to her by her mother.
Her mom was wise and also listened to God. And if her mother said to listen she listened. The speech was wonderful.

This was what needed to be on the fourth front burner, to eliminate government overreach and stop privacy invasion and allow the free market economy to thrive like it has in the past.

Knob on, click click, gas on, pot on the stove, burner on.
In the Falcon heavy, the Engines were made to be recovered and reused. Filly’s Kitchen was also able to be reused. And it was powered by the pure language of God.

“Indeed, then I will return my people to a pure language so that they all may call upon the name of the LORD, serving him with a united will.”

With all four burners on, Filly knew that things would successfully take off. SHE WAS SO EXCITED to see God make some changes and see evil being destroyed. YAYAYAY.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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