Dirty Towels

mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LORD

My sister who has just moved, was ordering things that she needed for her new house and I was moving the boxes that had been delivered from the front porch into the garage. One box was long and wide and thin but was very heavy and the other box was thin and long and also heavy.

My sister and I were planning to do projects while I was in town to help her get settled so she opened the smaller box and went to get tools to put together the item she had ordered. In the meantime I was looking at the third box which was square, and short and squatty, and not really substantial or heavy.

The exterior said “dirTyTowels.NET” and I was really curious to see if she had ordered dishtowels for the kitchen. So I got the scissors she had left from opening the other box and I started to open this box. (Normally I would not open someone else’s box but under the circumstances I thought I was being helpful)

In my mind I was imagining the dishtowels my mom had that were rolled in a drawer in her kitchen, towels with flowers, or botanical style plants printed on them, colorful and useful and practical, and of course utilitarian.

Moms dish towels

But when I opened the box, there was a large square shrink wrapped package crammed with what used to be white towels only they were flat and crumpled, because they had unraveled and lost their “pile”. They appeared to have been cleaned, or washed, only they were still dirty, fifty shades of gray, with dark stains ,as if they had been used in an automotive shop to wipe up spills or grease.

At this moment my sister came back in the room and said excitedly “oh what is this”? Her face quickly fell when she saw the dirty towels in the shrink wrap. “what the heck” she said, “I did not order this”.

She stabbed the shrink wrap with the scissors and pulled out one bedraggled towel from the hole she made in the shrink wrap.

We were both thinking the same thing as we surveyed this towel; it was not good for anything, and was so dirty, no one would want to put it in with the clean towels. It had no absorbancy so it could not do the job of a dishtowel, and most importantly it was not what she had ordered.

My sister said, ‘The box says that it is ecologically friendly, and if we use them we are supporting local businesses”.

“But how can you use them if they are dirty and no one wants to touch them or put them with clean towels? Besides you did not order these” I said.

“Yeah” my sister agreed, “I did not order these and I am going to refuse delivery”. She and I stuffed the nasty towel back into the shrink wrap, and put the bundle back in the box and then both of us went to wash our hands, and both of us were laughing.

“I wonder if they got the wrong address” I said. “Nope, my sister said, it has the correct address and even has my name but the company that delivered these made a mistake, and I do not have to live with THEIR mistake”. “Not only that, I got charged for these, and this mistake is expensive. I am not going to keep these ridiculous towels just because I feel sorry for them, they have got to go. And I am going to let everyone know that this is a scam, she said.”

I was still examining the box, trying to figure out how or why anyone could even market towels that are dirty, when I “woke up”. I had been dreaming, and it was such a real dream that I even searched “dirTyTowels.net” online but their is no valid business or organization, that I could find in real life, that could sell something that is not legit, that is damaged or dirty, and could make someone who did not order it, pay for it, and even market it as friendly to the climate, and package it up in fancy packaging to make it seem substantial and valid.

But then I realized that every person in the United States has Biden and his “friends” “in” our homes and he is “pretending” to be president. Now I know why I had that dream and how it is possible and even necessary to “Reject” what seems like it has been bought and paid for, when there has been an intentional “mistake” and when the “product” is NOT VALID and is DIRTY. I am not the only one who is rejecting the dirty towels…we all have to because this country is our home. We ordered clean towels, and that is what we will get because God is just and God hears our outcry.

Like the box of dirty towels, in this most recent presidential election, where the majority of people ordered (voted for) something different than what they got, THE MAJORITY of people are rejecting having something pushed on them that is dirty. Just because some big entity says it is ok, to let something dirty touch our homes, does not make it ok. It is not over until that which is unjust, has been rectified. The real president will be installed and the dirty one will be removed, because no one voted for the dirty one, in spite of what “dominion voting machines” say, and we all know it.

Also, in my opinion, “fifty shades of grey” in decorating, well I am SO over it. I think that the new trend should be BLACK AND WHITE… Like my sister’s house…crisp, clear cut, and interesting contrast.

I LOVE black and white, don’t you?

Black and white baby fabric for our homes

Black and white can include wild animals too, like zebras, or lambs with black faces or elephants or giraffes…because I think most people APPRECIATE the contrast, instead of what happens in the laundry, when you put all the dirty in with the clean, and end up with fifty shades of gray. Know what I mean, Jellybean?

Choose life, and leave your mark … Footprints have never been a bad thing,. “The steps of man are established by God and he delights in his way” Psalms



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.