Drifting flowers

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
4 min readJul 18, 2022


Melissa July 2022

July 18 2022

This day I had a “conversion” experience. That’s right, and it happened in the most unlikely of circumstances. I had gone for my early morning speed walk, that takes me more than an hour, and I go at like six am because it is swelteringly hot here.

(but the climate in Texas, or in the world, is not the problem btw. I believe that the “CLIMATE CHANGE” that the “media” is worried about is a dramatic shift in “thinking” that I can see happening in the lives of CHRISTIANS, as they realize that nothing good can happen unless GOD is in the picture. THAT is the climate that is changing… to include God.)

I noticed that on this platform of Medium, someone who responded to one of my stories, said that I need to consider that some people do not believe in God and I need to write to them and consider their point of view in my writing. But um yeah, I am writing about a CONVERSION experience so that does not work for me today or probably ever.

See, here is the thing…if people do not believe in God, that is a variable that can change, but what will never change is that God exists whether people believe in him or not. I am glad I recognize God, and I write what I believe is truth, even if some people do not agree.

And I have been praying about some situations in my family and in the world, expecting a healing. I was doing some praying while I was walking this morning, and when I got home, I went out to the garage because I had just moved all my weights outside to workout there. It was hot and I was sticky, in spite of the fans I had blowing hot humid air at me. Still, I persisted with my weights.

On the radio yesterday, on a channel called “the message” I heard several songs that I took screenshots of, so that I could listen to them again later. My workouts are a good time for me to do this. So, the first song I listened to, when I was starting my weight training was called “Revelation” by Phillips Craig and Dean. Go put this song on so you can hear it too, while you are reading this story.

I put the song in on my phone, and sat down on the bench to do my workout.

But the words to the song stopped me and I felt frozen to my bench, in spite of the heat. I listened intently and as I listened, I felt the spirit of good infuse like electricity into my whole body…I cannot describe the joy I felt inside and the strength that suddenly filled my whole being.

Then, as I was sitting there..the wind also started blowing, and the huge crepe myrtle beside the driveway, started dropping tiny bits of color from the swaying branches. I was awed by what was swirling down and surrounding me like fluffy pink clouds…hundreds of little soft pink flowers.

The song played on, like a prayer, speaking directly to my heart, and reflecting praise back out back to the world.

In that incredible conversion moment, I just knew, without ANY DOUBT, that God is. God is still in charge, and is healing problems instantaneously. I knew that good was happening in that moment, and I felt so grateful and so peaceful and so STRONG. It is the best, most indescribable feeling and also the best workout, I have ever had.

This song is not new, but it is not a song I have ever heard. I LOVE it, and I love how powerful yet peaceful it made me feel, as well as making me aware of the fact that there is nothing, that God cannot do.

I know that today things are getting better, not just for me and my family but for everyone who is turning to God for answers. God is listening. God is taking action. God is loving us and I am so grateful. This power does not diminish when the song ends…it continues on and has surrounded me with a feeling of strength, hope and optimism this whole day.

If you want to be inspired and praise God at the same time, even if you are not sure if you believe,
here is my playlist..and it is bound to get you going in the right direction.

When you feel like a victim, when you feel like you have no hope or nothing to look forward to…God steps in and carries us. God reveals messages to us all the time if we are just listening.

Revelation song by Phillips Craig and Dean

In Jesus Name (God of possible) song Session,
by Katy Nichole

Oh Lord, Lauren Daigle

Fear is a Liar, Zach Williams

Child of Love, by We the kingdom

Good God almighty, Crowder

There was Jesus, Dolly Parton Zach Williams

Thank you, Ben Rector

Humble and Kind, Tim McGraw

Rise up, Lazarus, by Cain

Jesus is coming back, Jordan Feliz

Tobymac, Help is on the way

Newsboys, he reigns

Walking free, Micah Tyler

Blessing offor, Brighter days

Alabama, Angels among us

BYU noteworthy, Be thou my vision

Crowder, Red letters

I will carry you Ellie Holcomb

Love moved First, Casting crowns