Equal access?


Driving out of town from visiting my son, I saw the most interesting building, It looked almost invisible, made of glass so that the reflections on the glass looked seamless with the sky and the clouds. I could not take a picture of it because I was driving, but it was really a tall building beside the highway, where there were no other buildings. Since I like architecture, I was very interested in how this building was built, and wanted to find it online eventually.

As I got closer to it, I realized that it was not a building at all but was a netted golf driving range. The mirage of this beautiful building which was not real, made me laugh at my lying eyes lol.

I wanted to know the name of the facility so that I could look at it again and figure out how I was fooled. I imagine that the net was at least 140 feet high and I had really thought that it was a building. This “mirage” kind of reminded me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and how she thought that what was beyond the rainbow, was glorious and better than living a life of what was black and white (figuratively). But she learned differently.

When I looked up the driving range, I could not find it for the longest time. I just kept finding pictures of golf courses with rainbows on them, which also made me laugh.

I am not even going to explain why I thought that was funny but then last night, right before I went to sleep, I finally found out, that the name of the driving range. was Top Golf. Very nice, very pretty.

Then this morning, on my computer, the image on the Microsoft opening screen had changed, also to a rainbow. Haha. Good joke.

With regards to the name Top Golf, a top can mean something that is higher than anything else, or it can mean a toy that is spinning around.

I had visited a store in N.C., full of things made and sold by seniors, and there were a lot of hand painted tops, some of them made from what looked like giant acorn shells. Instead of a tiny acorn growing into a mighty oak, some of these acorns are spending their lives just spinning around lol.

But back to the Top Golf driving range, I thought that, though it was not a building, it was still useful, beautiful and worth visiting. But it was not a house or an office building, and could not provide a roof over our heads as it was for entertainment and sport. Sport can be good and fun, but what is sport is different than what is home, and one would not want to live a life in a place for sport over living in a home.

When I WAS looking for a roof over my head, since I was away from home, I was trying to find something under a hundred dollars as I had spent most of my money buying things from seniors, that I thought were beautiful and well made. So I pulled off the freeway and drove into this place where most of the rooms were street level.

The parking lot was pretty much empty because it was about four thirty in the afternoon, too early for people to be stopping by. But then I noticed a car parked beside the building, and people crawling in and out of the window and taking personal things out of the window? Then a lady got out of the car with a walker an walked towards the people taking things out of the window.

I stopped and thought this was freaky but at the same time, I was on a budget and did not want to prematurely judge this hotel or motel harshly, so I walked inside. There was only one small table on the right in this gigantic room, with this sweeping, wide staircase on the left, like “Gone with the Wind” staircase, and a hotel clerk straight ahead, behind a plexiglass desk area.

There were rocks and concrete rubble on the stairs and what used to be carpet was flat and torn off, which made me think that perhaps they were doing construction as it was like a war zone. The edges of the floors by the walls all looked like there had been standing water.

Instead of asking for the price, I asked if I could first see a room.
The guy behind the plexiglass said yes, and walked with me up the gravelly stairs up to a large hallway where there was this really loud banging coming from a room down the hall. He opened the door, and in the large, bare, poorly painted white room was just a bed, no furniture and no drapes, and an air conditioner in the window that was rusted and not working.
“What is that banging noise?” I asked. When he said he did not know, I responded by telling him that I did not want the room. I felt like I was in a third world country. Even in poor places, where the hotels or motels were inexpensive, they have always been clean, had furniture, and felt safe. This motel felt like it could be the setting for a “shoot em up movie” scene like the equalizer movie.

When I asked about this bizarre and frankly scary hotel I had seen, at a different hotel further away, the girl nodded her head and said yes, there had been shootings there. She said that she had stayed there once and there was not even a blanket on the bed and she had to sleep with just a sheet.
But it did have a roof.
But honestly, I would have rather slept at the top golf, with no roof, than sleep at that hotel, even though it had a roof.
For a hotel or motel, having a roof is basic. Having privacy is basic. Having safety is basic. Cleanliness is basic. Even morality is basic.
Those who want to be successful in the hotel business, equal access is not given to dirtiness, crime, evasiveness, or deception or immorality.
Access in business, is given to that which is good.

For that matter, ultimately, access to heaven is only given to that which is good.

Heaven we realize, is not where the rainbow leads, as that deception apparently, is a life of worrying about witches, and wizards as Dorothy discovered when she was living there.

When Jesus stood on that mountain, and evil was talking to him, Jesus did not say, “OK evil, I am going to give you equal access and I am going to tolerate you because I want to be fair with you”. OHN that is not what he said is it!!
The deception is in believing that being kind to others includes tolerating some evil that is being done. UM NO IT DOES NOT.

Satan has been called the great deceiver. He offered Jesus who was standing on a cliff (get that…evil trying to “talk Jesus off a cliff”..lol) and offering all the land and buildings below if Jesus would just LISTEN to him. Jesus said BEGONE SATAN, but he would have been spinning like a top, instead of staying on top, if he had listened.

Evil has nothing to offer the good that is on top, and can only offer self destruction to “talk good off a cliff “. And, by the way, Jesus was never going to jump off because he was already on top of the world as the ultimate good. Jesus was always on top of any evil suggestions, crushing them and not giving them access to his thinking or to his body. Evil just ends up talking to itself when Jesus is around.

Those homes that evil has access to, like the movie “the wizard of Oz, get destroyed, and those people that evil has access to are witches and wizards and have no real power when we walk in the shoes of good and take the footsteps of Jesus. Those ruby red slippers are good choices and evil could not force Dorothy to take them off, she had to do that willingly.

So evil has no power when we hold on to the presence of good. Even in the poorest homes where Jesus visited, people were healed of diseases, and immorality, and Jesus was kept clean, and had his feet washed and meals provided, by others. He did not say, because you are poor, I will tolerate your bad treatment of yourself, or of me or of others. Jesus also was poor, with regards to material wealth as he carried nothing with him, but he lived a life of good, not evil. But there was no confusion about what was good and what was bad. And if the people were confused, Jesus gave them stories to help them figure it out. Jesus healed them.

And when Jesus met the babies and the little children, they were valued, and Jesus trusted their parents to teach them only good. Their homes and their valuable thinking was and is protected, because wisdom recognizes that bad does not get equal access to children, or to any of that which is good. We do not let just any person in the door, through the window or over the walls…Not in our homes, not in our countries. We choose good and we shut out evil, and shut up evil, in Jesus name…and that is what heals, provides order, safety and stability…and promotes healing, which is the ultimate in kindness.

It can be great sport, for a short time, to see what things we can get other people to believe by creating a “mirage” exterior, or even create “stories” that seem real but were written by a chatbotGPT…but is this sport a “home” we would want to live in forever? I think not.

Sisters putting away dishes together, to keep the home in order.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.