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4 min readJun 11, 2024


June 11 2024

Filly appreciated the slightly cooler weather following the downpour the night before. The chairs outside were still wet and the grass was covered with droplets that sparkled in the early morning sun. Filly loved to try to capture these bits of reflected light with her camera phone but it never quite showed the vibrant light.

The night before when looking at that same phone, she had seen images of art done by an artist who did lots of interesting things with shadows, particularly tree shadows. Filly thought the tree art shadows were beautiful pieces and yet the artist himself, though capable of expressing such beauty, seemed very sad with his choice of titles for his art.

That “idea” of a shadow having a form almost as if it were as real as the building it was imposed upon, was a mistake, thought Filly, not an artistic mistake, but a conceptual mistake. Kind of the same way that people used to think that the earth was flat because of their perceptions which were conceptually confused.

A shadow is not something that is concrete like an adobe house or a field of grain or a smiling face. BUT, the shadow painted, does give “testimony” to the presence of that which is concrete or has an existence…a tree… or the woods. Even clouds, as thinly formed as they are, leave shadows.

Filly thought about how “Spirit” is also something that seems to be “not real”… the same way a shadow seems not real. And yet in the same way that the shadow gives evidence of the existence of something material, with darkness, Filly thought, “good” gives evidence to the existence of “Spirit” or God… or light.

Filly thought that actions themselves, are the evidence of God, if they are good the same way shadows are evidence of the trees and clouds. Good actions as evidence of the spirit of good, are concrete building blocks, supporting the stance that “God is in fact good”.

With so many things undecided and so many illegal and fraudulent activities trying to take place Filly thought that it was important to find evidence of the Spirit of God BECAUSE it’s reflection is Good actions.

Filly knew that in the bible it said that the words we speak, convict us, so it was important to also give a platform to words that were good. To do this would be a turning point, she thought, in the history of events that started off wrong but turned around.

Filly had, in fact, gone to listen to a speaker from an organization called “Turning point action” with her mom, when she was in North Carolina. The speaker was a tall, ex basketball player from Florida who had gone to school in Texas.

He was soft spoken and yet determined, and he spoke of how it was possible to motivate people who have lost faith in good, to go out and encourage even just one other person; and that it would make a difference. Good, he said, was not in short supply. But good was expressed through action, not inaction.

Filly liked the name Turning point ACTION.

She liked the idea of encouraging people who have gotten tired and thought they would see no results for their efforts. It was like painting shadows on perfectly good concrete buildings, Filly thought but instead of painting shadows, they would be painting light. The shadows, though interesting and fun to paint, did not belong to the building and were not real.

In the same way, if something was not good, it really could have no power…just like the shadow on the buildings had no power.

There would be a response to the encouragement, and people would see positive results. That which is positive, is the direct evidence of the spirit of God, good and Filly knew most people still believed.
For this she was grateful.

As she thought about this, she put the finishing touches on her own painting of the light as it hit a pure white magnolia. Light…so pure and beautiful to behold. She smiled. She had signed up on the app. for Turning point action.

She would get a list generated in her own neighborhood of fifteen homes she could go visit and encourage. So could anyone else who wanted to help encourage their fellow man. For the creativity and usefulness of good, she was grateful.



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