God is real

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
10 min readFeb 21, 2024

It was not coffee, it was yogurt.

It was also really early as I plopped in the front seat of the truck, dipping the plastic spoon into the honey and then the yogurt. I was so grateful for the little container, dividing the two flavors, because I could not really enjoy the one without the other.

The plane ride to this island was going to be four hours long. I planned to let the kids watch Shrek. I had my video player inside my carry-on quilted suitcase and the movie all tucked away. “I love your carry-on bag, where did you get it” said the lady in a seat at the airport, by the boarding area, as she was trying, unsuccessfully, to find it online so she could purchase it.

“I think I remember when we bought it” my husband said as I tried to also remember and find it online, so I could help the lady.

Help was my middle name…(just kidding) but really I did love to find ways to help people. I had even packed jackets and extra clothes for kids who were not mine “to be helpful”. I was lugging around a heavy “video player” in my carry-on to be helpful, so the kids would not be bored.

About the time I was going to give up looking for the suitcase online, the lady said that she and her husband found the suitcase on amazon and said it was only 125.00. YAY! I was happy for her. Small bags and not overburdening ourselves is a good thing…even when trying to be helpful.

Then we boarded the plane…and we were off to the islands. I did not know that the kids would be occupied with their switch screens the whole flight, and that my husband would be watching TV because the plane had screens on the back of every seat.

DANG how cool. I had no idea! (yes I have been out of the country once…went to Mexico..oh and once to the Dominican Republic for a wedding, and to the Bahamas by boat)

But I could not get my own personal screen on the seat in front of me to work and could not pair it with my phone because I waited till after take off…so instead of the kids watching Shrek, I watched it…and laughed and laughed at that donkey.

I wonder why they made him a donkey and not an elephant. Maybe it is because Shrek, an ogre, needed a friend who would think that everything bad that he did, was ok…lol. But I realize that some elephants do that too…

At one point I looked up from my screen, and Oppenheimer was playing on another screen and The Matrix was playing on yet another screen and the face of the man on both screens was like the same creepy man…those eyes…that blank expression… Both show’s main character looked like even yet another man… the man on the “imitation game” movie cover. YIKES.

I got up to go to the bathroom in the back of the plane. The kids were so busy with their screens that they did not even smile or wave when I patted their heads as I walked to the back.

Grateful there was no line, I quickly was able to make my way back to my seat, and was amazed at all the people watching Oppenheimer and the Matrix…and that face was glaringly the same…. as I could see thirty screens at once. I wish I had brought my camera to take a photo.

I have decided that many movies are famous, because they mirror a real person’s life. Even the movies about a real person, mirror ANOTHER real person’s life, whose identity is secret but whose story is extremely influential. And that theme that is underlying…gets repeated in a myriad of ways in different movies…yet it is the same person each time being represented.

For example, in my thought, Oppenheimer, though about the man who created an atomic bomb, has a sub story (which is the real story) about some anonymous individual who initiated a process that could be considered by some to be catastrophic in scope and equally difficult to comprehend or rectify; though by him, thought to be a good thing.

THAT person (who the REAL story is about) was known and monitored closely by artificial intelligence…. artificial meaning NOT HUMAN, and artificial because it would not have any loyalty or compassion for that person it was monitoring. Artificial intelligence could do it’s job and not fall in love, or change it’s mind, or convert to a different way of thinking. (like the girl robot in Tomorrowland) while watching its target.

The catastrophic thing, that is what is similar and being marketed in all three movies, Oppenheimer, and in The Matrix, and in The imitation game, in my mind, is a society operating with a “human god” instead of the real God. Something that, if believed, could have catastrophic consequences.

Because these people in these movies, were all looking at life as if it were meaningless, or at the very best, as just a means to an end.

The Imitation Game main character, was devoid of friends, because the one he loved most had died, so he made the computer his replacement for human love, and gave it powers when it broke the “code”.

Because no one outside his circle of contacts was told that he broke the code, only a handful of humans were able to decide who would live and who would die, in the war where they believed logically, that they had a huge advantage, because of the computer decoding ability. Their power, as a “false god” was maintained as long as the code was secret. Once he accomplished the mission, he was taken out of the picture. His life was meaningless in the scheme of things once his “program” was done.

And the man who created the atomic bomb, and the power that went with this accomplishment; discovered that once his mission was accomplished, he was then treated like he had done something wrong. The power that made him a god, came with his invention, but helped governments manipulate wars as well, because they held the secret of it’s creation.

And in the Matrix, Agent Smith, with the sunglasses, is no longer even a real person, he is eliminated before he is even treated as human and in the movie was just a program, not real…. sort of like a belief, that kept people captive until their “program” was not useful any more. The programs in this movie are supposedly terminated. But it seems to me like the people are what is terminated, not the programs…and Agent Smith survives. Isn’t it ironic…doncha think? what are we being “prepped” for as humans in a society with AI??

Interestingly though, it is the program and movies that are “not real” and it is people who are real.

“Chose life” the bible says, but instead we see choices for a computer, a bomb, and a program, over life. Is it because with the movies project what they want us to deceptively “believe in the power” of these false gods, when in fact what comes with “the belief” from the movies is a huge manipulation of Truth, and is self destruction?

The original source of “power” was believed to be a certain fruit …in the garden of Eden. It was supposed to give “knowledge” if eaten or consumed. This bible story is the ultimate “first movie” that we as a people “consume”. Think of it as a movie, with a different ending than the Matrix.

We can understand how Adam and Eve, both perfect and happy and blessed, “consumed” something that they were told not to consume…the same way that people today consume other things that they think will give them power, (false gods of money, food, drugs, promiscuity etc.) that they should not consume, having been marketed to by mass media.

But the “marketed” belief is wrong, and it is a mistake to believe some human beings have power over other human beings…and that wrong belief leads to self destruction.

Maybe that is why our United States constitution has endured for so many years…because those who wrote it, were aware of the cost of too much government power. They were also aware of how the refusal to relinquish power by those with no term limits and no moral restraints who did not value marriage, or the rights of individuals, or life, caused the ultimate cost to society.

And we, with abortion, and skyrocketing divorce, and illegal immigration, and gender issues surrounding us, are also seeing that those in power, have chosen to benefit themselves, by marketing these wrong behaviors, at the cost of destruction of the moral character of our country.

But that is only if WE BELIEVE that these things are ok…and that is only if we fail to show remorse, and fail to rectify our mistakes. We can reject big government, laws that say evil is good, and reject the forces of evil.

The God that is real, who created mankind who is real, sees the movies that are playing on our screens as clearly as I saw them on the plane. They have no power over us if we do not agree with them and if we reject them the same way Jesus rejected Satan on the mount.

Could a person make money on a movie that suggested by its content, that all people are INCAPABLE of changing back to a life of good behavior, because they have been accessed and programmed by artificial intelligence, over which they have no power? I am sure that such a movie has been a blockbuster, but it is not real and it is not the truth.

Each of us has control over what we believe is truth. We have the power and have had it all the time.

And that which is marketing and which is manipulation, is becoming more and more obvious. And those wielding that power over the innocent, are playing with fire because EVIL, in each case, historically, destroys itself.

The bible verse for today, about that movie “in my mind” about people in high places…. spoke directly to my thought.

Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees

23 Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples, 2 saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do.

I think the bible is saying that there are people in high places doing the “marketing” of behavior, and that we should pay attention to whether or not they are being hypocritical, because the scribes and the pharisees are not good moral guides. And we have leaders like that right now in government… even as president.

Interestingly today, only a few days after making all these observations, I began listening to an audio-book on Libby. The girl in the story wanted to be a “scribe” but was instead commissioned by her evil mother to be a “rider” on a dragon. I just picked a bible verse about “woe to the scribes”…

A dragon, is a “mythical creature you do not mess with” says the online dictionary. But as an acronym…
DRAGON Delta Research and Global Observation Network (USGS)
DRAGON Detector of Recoils and Gammas of Nuclear Reactions (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
DRAGON Database Referencing of Array Genes Online (Baltimore, MD)

So the girl in the story who complains about her evil mother, was actually protected, when she was prevented from being a scribe, by her “evil” mother, who was looking out for her best interests. The scribes are saying one thing and doing another, according to Jesus…and woe to them.

The sub story, is the real story…and it is not fiction, it is real people.

Just like Harry Potter is not about a boy in England riding brooms, but is about a really hairy man who acts juvenile, who is being viewed as a creator, or “the potter” as in a god…instead of the real God…or like Jumanji, a movie with a sub story of someone has taken the power of God, falsely, and has to return the authority to whom it belongs…not an easy task once taken. Notice how the “program” in Jumanji is not helpful for helping someone GET OUT but is very good at sucking people in. (speaking of Get Out… that is another movie about being programmed…people of all colors…are you paying attention to the sub story?)

And in Harry Potter, riding a broom by the way…is about someone who accesses prostitution as well. How clever? yuk. A behavior that victimizes the weak and benefits the powerful.

How does JK Rowling know the person she wrote about so accurately? She conceived of the book while working for Amnesty international…a lofty sounding organization with lofty goals and lofty organizations backing it such as the United Nations…but interestingly enough, AI is its abbreviation?

What exactly is the goal of AI? hmmmm? And is AI as in Artificial intelligence, the real story? How to make money on changing people’s thoughts and beliefs with a fantasy book, that has a REAL sub story, so that most of society is manipulated and enslaved by wrong beliefs? People think that fantasy books are harmless…lol…and are following along like it is their passion.

False beliefs are being marketed, BUT to recognize the snake and the awareness of the snake and it’s tactics, is a gift we receive when we trust God and look to the bible for guidance. It will never fail us. God is Real.

And as I came back home alone, from walking with my friend…A snake slithered in front of me on my driveway…into the grass… and yes, I recognize the symbolism here. Thank you God.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.