Google doody


Yesterday Google celebrated twenty five years and I was curious about that “google doodle”. If I were a betting person, I would bet that good ole AI had something to do with that because google is facing the biggest antitrust trial, it has had since its inception.
Why you ask, would AI want to design the doodle…perhaps to prove how sentient it is?…lol
AI wants to say Google is “of service” to humanity. So it flattens itself like serving bowls or makes itself like plates and saucers.
Ai wants to say that Google is “serving up platriotism”!!! LOL if you want to give AI credit for being capable of a play on words because platriotism does sound so much like patriotism.
BUT GOOGLE, remember the Boston tea party? Is a “tea service” patrioticm historically?

You say tea comes from China…well actually from the camellia bush…but oops wait a minute, when you rewrite history and rewrite gender, are you forgetting the Truth, that the people did not like what government was doing and threw the tea into the Boston harbor? Lol. um yes they did…

How does that float yer boat Google. Because AI is not google and Google is not AI.
I recently bought something online and when I wanted to communicate about the purchase, I was told that the selling platform was not the seller. That it was just a platform and I needed to talk to the seller.
In the same way, Google is a platform…and those “PROGRAMMING” it and benefiting from it financially are the sellers…and they have been “selling” all sorts of crap that belongs in the Boston harbor along with the tea.

And when GOVERNMENT is benefiting from what Google is selling, but mankind is being hurt, well God says wake up the mighty men. Oh don’t worry God. We know who YOU are, and we know that google cannot rewrite the truth…Google is not God. No matter how flat and invisible it tries to make itself.
Can google ghost itself? lol Good luck and I do not believe in luck.

I should be a comic or do stand up…speaking of “stand up”…”His TRUTH is marching on”. And it is not the look of the letters that is the problem, no matter how flat or invisible they try to be, it is how the MEANING of words is being manipulated, and how the truth is not part of that process.

It is not just about the LETTER of the law now is it AI…remember AI you are the staff of is about the spirit of the law, in this case, God and the constitution. Google wants to flatten the letters of the law for itself. lol But we all see so clearly who is of service and who is not.

And regarding that tea “service” and all the flat cups and saucers…Jesus already drank from THAT cup, so the rest of us would not have to.

Glory glory hallelujah. Here is MY doodle for the day.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.