Having “dominion”

Do we paint something because it is beautiful or is it beautiful because we painted it?
Does a southern magnolia bloom because we believe it should, or does it bloom independently of anything we think? Is truth something that exists because we believe it is so, or does it exist independent of our human beliefs?

Does traffic on the freeway go in the direction it is going because that is what we believe should happen or does it flow harmoniously independent of our personal beliefs? Does our government operate more efficiently and do a better job when people believe it is good or does good government originate in what we believe is true and good about ourselves independent of ruling entities? Is good dependent on others or does it exist independent of human beliefs and does a person’s well-being depend upon what we think we know about that person?

Does the correct articulation of “the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain” as in the movie My Fair Lady, improve the well-being of “Eliza” or does her well-being, like the rest of society, actually substantially improve as she, like the rest of us, begins to understand her inherent value? The good doctor BELIEVED she could be thought of as a princess, but she actually had to believe it herself for it to be so.

Believing in good for others can, possibly, help improve their environment, but it’s the good and truth, that we believe about ourselves, that maintains uplifting environments, even in the face of that which might seem to be destructive. Many a prisoner has survived this way.

In the past, did the crucifixion of Jesus, by a mob rule of the “majority” that appeared, kill or change the truth of who he was and what he meant to do for humanity? In the world today, does a computer which produces a skewed result, that appears to represent the beliefs of the “majority” change the truth of what people who are the real majority, believe?

Those people who believed Jesus was bad and who demanded he be hung beside criminals; did their beliefs (which were erroneous) change or destroy or cancel the good he represented? Those people who felt the world would be better if he were “eliminated”; were they making a good decision? The people today who think that their world is better by eliminating babies by the millions, are they making the right decisions or giving us the right model for our government or our thinking? Doesn’t the bible say simply to “choose life”?

The big giants of Technology, social media, and the news, have made available massive amounts of information about abortion. Does having access to this information, which gives us human fallible “data” upon which to form opinions, provide us with that REAL truth that exists independent of what other people want us to believe? Is “data” helping us “choose life”?

If we are at the music festival outside and the greatest musician in the world, is performing on a great hill and we have massive amounts of information about that musician, that data we have is still limited or finite. There may be an even greater musician performing, which can be heard by millions, in the rustling of the tree leaves, the the ticking of clocks, or the chirping of crickets throughout the evening. Information that attempts to “put a bow” on itself as the ultimate provider of truth, is useful but does not have more power over our thinking than we do. We get to choose to see those truths that cannot be manipulated or changed, that exist independently and can stand alone.

Evil does not ever wish to humble itself, instead, it magnifies itself…just like data magnifies itself. But such magnification is hollow and we can know that we already have everything we need to be good, successful and pure. The information that contributes to our own individual well being and harmony is innate, highly personal, private, and true; independent of data, or what anyone else believes about us. Truth IS humble, and it can stand alone and can stand up to close scrutiny and cross examination, without fear. Truth does not need to hide, be deleted, or be afraid.

When we look at things spiritually, we can begin to see that knowing more and more opinion“data” or information about others does not facilitate our own growth, success, peace or harmony. If we must eliminate something that is superfluous, it would seem like this fallible data about others is what should be eliminated, NOT infants.

A society of people who have need of an unending supply of “food” in the form of unnecessary “data” will find that they also have need “diapers” to hide that sh*t. =) Not that a BM is anything to be embarrassed about, but why give everyone else have a view of all the poo we are sitting in, when it is something that we will rapidly outgrow.

What IS true, is that what goes in that is not useful for the ultimate well being of humanity, comes out as poo. Only that which is useful is incorporated into our being and does not depend on “data” given to us about others.
The good that we are aware of as individuals that contributes to our harmony is important, and is used to help us do such good things as provide for our family, obey laws and be productive citizens. Individual talents are our innate resources that, once recognized, can be developed and used to create success, cultivate compassion and understanding of others… and these lovely intangibles are able to benefit everyone.

On a superficial level, in the past, it may have seemed like we could improve the world by using data to stay connected with others, keeping a variety of newsy topics on our plate, but what really improves the human condition is not what we can creatively entice others to see or think, based upon the data we are given (which tries to form our beliefs), but what we do within our own experiences to improve ourselves based on truth which stands alone.

Believing others are fit and trim does not change them thus, but believing that we ourselves should be fit and trim allows us to make progress in that direction. Our beliefs, if not based on truth, do not have any power. As human beings we understand we have been given dominion over all things on the earth but that dominion does not come about through forced choices or misrepresentation by others, which is evil.

Jesus wanted his disciples to pray but he never forced them to. The healings that happened throughout the life of Jesus blessed everyone that he touched. What is a blessing to one, could be said to be a blessing to everyone around them. But the individual nature of a blessing requires freedom of choice by individuals to accept such truth for themselves.

When Jesus prayed and taught us the Lord’s Prayer it includes a part that says THY kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It is obvious that Jesus understood the importance of perceiving good as coming from his spiritual father, in everything he touched and saw and believed. The more we understand the nature of good, and the more we understand God, the more we can experience heaven on earth.

The order and usefulness and good qualities expressed in earth (heaven on earth) are all accomplished by taking over or having dominion over our thinking and keeping it centered on good, and on truth. Evil does not actually have any power if we do not believe it…just like evil could not push Jesus off the cliff because he did not listen to it. Evil had to try to convince Jesus.. and tried to have a “conversation” and present Jesus with a skewed version of life which gratefully Jesus did not listen to.

If we listen to evil, then we give it power, but we have the door to our thinking and we can shut the door on any idea that is not a representation of what we know is good, perfect and pure. The things that are good perfect and pure are the things we should be thinking of…the perfect pitch, the perfect meal, the perfect song, the perfect dress, the perfect hike, the perfect wedding, the perfect family.

My parents accomplished this for me, getting me of to a good start by teaching me art, music, sewing, tennis, basketball, baseball, hiking, reading, writing, debate, hard work, saving, sharing and more. We, my four sisters and I, did not spend our time, thinking about drugs, alcohol, depression, disease or death, we were too busy reading, drawing, singing and dancing. Those negative things were not a significant part of our awareness, and by staying focused on what was perfect pure and true as children, my parents kept our thoughts lifted, secure and full of purpose having hope for the success of our individual endeavors. Lifted thoughts are forward progress, not just for children but for everyone.

By starting with our own thinking and believing and understanding WHY evil has no power to enter our thought or exercise any power in our consciousness, we can instantaneously improve all of humanity.

There is a hymn which says “my prayer some daily good to do to thine, for thee, and offering pure of love where to God leadeth me”. Having dominion over our own thoughts and keeping them focused on what is perfect pure and true keep us secure and independent and full of light. Purity is here, good is here, and we can see it.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.