I am packing

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
4 min readJan 11, 2023
Teaching my children well…my twins Erik and Steph.

I am grateful for the small things. I was putting away dishes from the dishwasher and I am grateful for how squeaky clean everything is.

As I put away bowls and realize I am grateful for the heavy durability and color of the pioneer woman’s porcelain coated dishes, and how much I enjoy using them.

I put away juice glasses and I see how they “spark joy” and am grateful that they are clear and not cloudy, and that they are surrounded by an assortment of other small glasses, including some hand painted ones from my sister, and some with beaded glass edges, all of which delight me.

As I go put away something in the bedroom and notice one of the lights is not working, I get a stool and stand on it to replace the light bulb.
I am grateful for the environment of enhanced light and how it makes an improvement, in viewing any given situation, in any room.

The kettle is singing and the water is ready for my tea and I am grateful for the gas stove, that works all the time, and the honey I put in my tea. I only use a little bit but it makes the tea so much more delicious.

I am going to make eggs for breakfast, and I am grateful that in Texas, there is no law causing small businesses to suffer in order to abide by regulations that just enhance the role of big government and make eggs more than ten times more expensive than they were a year ago. I do not think big government cares about chickens, I think that big government cares about big government. Eggs are still affordable here, as opposed to Colorado. I am grateful for my parents, particularly how my dad always told me that big government is not a good thing.

I am about to go on a boat, in Puerto Rico, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in the place where my aunt Joyce,( my godmother), lived for a large part of her life with her children and husband (Uncle Doug). I am grateful for the people the culture and the family that will be there with me.

Jesus also got on a boat, and my bible verse yesterday was…
That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea. Such large crowds gathered around Him that He got into a boat and sat down, while all the people stood on the shore.

I love how the boat was an “opportunity” for Jesus to do more good work.

My husband bought me some new “story teller clay dolls” while we were in Denver. I love how these dolls represent mothers telling useful life stories to their children, are also doing “good work” and how these stories are not distorted or misrepresented by anyone else, because they are direct word of mouth, and based on trust and faith, family and God.

I put all the Christmas books back on the shelf, and I am grateful for the Christmas book about the birth of Jesus, that is leather bound and edged in gold, that I bought in Tomball at a thrift store for only a dollar.

As I walk to the next room, I am grateful for the cool feel of the wood floors, and how easy they are to maintain. As I step outside, I am grateful for the battery powered blower that my husband got me so I can blow leaves off of the deck of our home easily, instead of just sweeping.

As I reflect on the news, I am grateful that our congress is about to start returning the power of the government back to the people, reducing inflation, and ensuring that our judicial and executive systems are not being abused, and that there are consequences for any abuses.

To me it is interesting that this government of ours, has endured, and I think it is because it mirrors the holy Trinity, as it has three branches, connected but different. But it does not want power unto itself. It is frees people to live individual lives, using talents, and doing good to others. Good government starts with self government by good people.

I then mentally begin to plan my day, and much of what I will be doing is packing for my trip and straightening up the house following our trip to Colorado.

But I have realized, that taking a moment to pray in gratitude, and sit quietly and observe what it is I am happy and grateful for, helps me to start my day with joy. Carrying an attitude of grace, and feeling blessed and grateful, weighs nothing and actually makes our steps lighter.

Even on days when I have a lot to do, like today, I am grateful to be busy, to be challenged, to be called to be faithful.
I am grateful that no matter what the situation is, our needs are always met.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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