I found “the lost colony

There is a picture of my four sisters and I walking away on sand dunes in Manteo NC. that was taken when I was a little girl. My dad, someone who loved Drama, had taken us to see “the lost colony” production and wanted us to walk away in the photo, as if we were the colony itself, starting a new life in North America, a colony that is believed to have lost its way. I think he had us simulate the lost colony in this photo because he wanted us to imagine what it must have been like in that day and time to be lost. But as you can see, we were walking in the light, not darkness, so it is impossible to imagine we could be lost.

My dad was fascinated by this dramatization story of the lost colony, and by the skill, moral integrity and determination he believed was demonstrated by the earliest settlers in this land. Thinking back, it makes me wonder if my dad would think that today, not yesterday, is the place where rational people might wonder if there is a “lost colony” in North America.

Would future generations think we were “lost” because of the things we were choosing to do? Learning about abortion, for example, would they think that Christianity had been lost?

When learning about stolen elections or dishonest judges, or destruction of public buildings or statues, with no consequences, would they believe that morality has been lost?

When seeing the lack of security and protection at the borders, and the flow of fentenyl into this country, would they believe that love of family and babies has been lost?

When they learned about how the media is biased and does not present fair, honest or accurate reporting and how people want to put socialists and communists in public office, or take away the public's right to bear arms, they might wonder, has love of country been lost?

When they hear that people who are forced to pay taxes will then see their hard earned money given out to those who came here illegally, and see foreign companies profit at the locals expense, would they wonder if interest in hard work and success been lost? With the recession, government facilitated drug use, Unsecured/open borders and irresponsible manufacture of dollar bills to supply gross overspending, it would seem to be so.

However, the good news is, if my sisters and I are any indication of the “life” of this “colony”, we are as strong as ever, and perhaps even stronger than we were, in Christianity, morality, love of families and babies, hard work and love of country.

Our “colony” is not what networks, manipulators, or strangers say we are, WE ARE what WE SAY we are. We are native Americans, and we are not lost.

We, most of us, in contrast to the propaganda, Love God, want to protect babies, want consequences for illegal activities, want government spending curtailed and dollars based on gold, and want secure borders and want to be citizens with arms, who are responsible, have integrity and are willing to work for a living. That is who native Americans are, I believe.

I painted what I thought was a native American when I was in college and in this painting, I see a strong resemblance to my own family members .

Growing up, my mom’s dad’s ancestors were from the Oklahoma Indian territory and when I look at his photos, I think Ralph has the high cheekbones and stoic demeanor of many native Americans and of course, he originated in America. No, I have not done and “official” genealogy studies, but I see what I see with my own two eyes, and I believe that we, living in this country, ARE the native Americans and we have colonized the USA, and we are not Lost…. and it is because of strong people like my parents and how they built their families on “rock” solid principles. They did not get lost in the sands of time.

We, my family, and most around us, were grounded in Christianity, and not only that, we went to parochial schools. There, we learned about the ten commandments, and we studied root languages like Latin, and meanings of words were not changed by leaders whenever it suited their political agenda (like pretending we do not know what a woman, a pandemic, a vaccine, or a recession is). We played outside with real other kids, not on video screens, rode our bikes or walked to school and we were taught to be of service to others and to do our best.

My dad and mom were hard workers, and my dad worked originally at Citgo with his dad and then as a division manager in Jefferson Pilot while my mom was an occupancy supervisor for public housing. But even while working full time and raising five girls, my parents found the time to take us on hikes, picnics, and bike rides and taught us how to cook, sew, clean, garden, write and read books.

I think we all can take note of how many of the brilliant minds of our times (Musk, Jobs etc.) did likewise, and how those high achievers with children, encouraged the development of reading skills and hard work, NOT allowing children to spend time on empty pursuits that do not develop an attitude of hard work, service and growth. My parents were like that.

My parents loved this country and still do. When my dad felt like our country was floundering he ran for public office…in other words he TOOK ACTION. He talked to his children about his political views and explained his stance in ways we could understand. He made sure he and my mom were our primary influencers.

My parents loved children and not only did they have a large joyful family with five little girls, they stayed involved with all of our relatives, having family dinners and holidays together. They paid close attention to who was allowed in our home as we were protected and cared for personally by my parents. They made sure as children we had dolls to play with(as opposed to how Hollywood portrays dolls and children as psycho evil doers) and with role playing with dolls, we learned how to nurture babies and helpless creatures (instead of wanting to kill them).

Mom and dad did not let us watch TV except one night a week and I feel sure my dad today would not let his children today have screen time and would not allow cell phones until college. My dad did not think college was for everyone and appreciated apprenticeships for those who wanted more practical and useful hands on experience, without the liberal manipulation implemented on many college campus’s.

In conclusion, my sisters and I, just like THE MAJORITY of people in this country, are not lost just because someone says or thinks that we are, or because our illegitimate “leader” is trying to destroy us and our way of life. We know the way, because we were taught the way…by parents with morals, integrity and prayers.

Just like my sisters and I, our country, is still invested in morals, integrity and prayers in spite of the liberal agenda splashed on every venue possible. Just because “the media” says something, does not make it so, and we know now for SURE that the media is not fair or accurate, and in fact, most often it is false and is propaganda.

I do not know anyone who believes the news or social media, or world leaders like those in the economic forum or the UN any more…but we believe our parents and our families and the bible. Nothing can deceive us about who we are and where we are going. We are not disconnected from what is real and what is good. We know good is right here right now and we are not lost, helpless or confused.

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Government is not our leader, God is. This country is not a lost colony… We are found, and Jesus is coming back. Most of us also know, Jesus was never gone.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.