Jesus Walked on water, didn’t have to choose between “Row” versus “wade” to get to those who wanted his help.

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
7 min readMay 14, 2022


God protects and provides

On the plane yesterday, flying from Texas to California, I brought a number of different magazines and newspapers to read, and one of them, The Wall Street Journal, had an interesting story about a man, who was trying to sell a house, that had a feature that basically, nobody wanted.
The homeowner had “renovated” the bathroom, and had built a glass wall, thinking it would be a selling point, but instead, nobody wanted their privacy invaded, even by other family members.
So, though many, many people looked at it, nobody wanted to buy it. Finally, a mother with her baby looked at the home, and was delighted to buy it, because she could watch the baby sleeping in the bedroom, without a monitor, when she was in the bathroom taking a bath, because of the glass wall.
The story was interesting to me, because I thought of it as a spiritual analogy…how the mother who is interested in caring for the baby, WANTS to see the baby, and does not want it hidden behind a wall. In that home, what was built that seemed hard to sell and was viewed negatively, because it “invaded privacy”,instead, for the right person, under the right circumstances, that disadvantage of a glass wall was turned around into an advantage.

To me this has a spiritual connotation, because turning negatives into a positives. is something that God accomplishes all the time, and many view these things as miracles. That behavior which was negative, God turns around into an advantage. Babies, a gift from God, are being protected by him. In the same way, That house nobody wanted is analogous to the world environment, which has been was hostile or negative for babies, and now God is turning it around and making sure that babies are protected. God has the power to do this, destroy evil and promote good.
What was a “violation of privacy” for most, because it is a negative, was turned around for the baby, because God made sure that watching the baby BENEFITED the baby.
Then, in the Southern Living magazine, there was an ad by Progressive, See photo above) and in the ad, there was a baby carriage with a ship inside the baby carriage being pushed and the ad said “no wake zone”.
Now I am sure that progressive has some kind of deep meaning for this ad, like maybe it means that for women, their” ship has come in” because supposedly with no baby they can “benefit”, and money is happiness and that is why there is a “no wake zone” because the implication is that women quietly sneak in a self serving agenda using their gender to profit, at the expense of babies …ie. their ship comes in …when there is no baby in the carriage at all, just a ship. The problem is, such an agenda is self destructive, and well, if that is the ship, it’s name is the titanic. Just saying…
I know the baby is innocent, and God is determining what happens to babies, and God is GOOD, and is not letting anyone take away what belongs to babies, including their parents.
So what I think that ad means to me, is that God has taken his most precious gift, the innocent baby, and taken a terrible situation, and turned it into a way to bless babies, and those who love and protect babies. Just like the story of the house nobody wanted, for all the babies nobody wanted, God is going to make this situation a blessing for the very people who are NOT WOKE, who have protected babies, instead of walking away from them with no mercy, because God is bigger than the boat.
Progressive apparently also sells life insurance. Image if insurance companies had to pay out, for the lives of all the babies who have died from the murder of abortion. There is a cost to doing evil, Progressive, and God has provided a peaceful environment for the baby, and God and most mothers, want their babies and all babies, to sleep peacefully, in a safe and nurturing environment. The “no wake zone”, I believe, means that all those caring for babies who are in the zone, are not “woke”. Like the baby Jesus, who was also protected from the murderous Herod, God is ensuring that babies are sleeping in heavenly peace, where all is calm, all is bright, trusting God. The bible says Choose Life.
I remember about ten years ago I was at a church function in California, near Los Angeles, and I was on the steps outside when one of the other attendees came out and was chatting with me.
This man, who was bearded and elderly, asked me a question. He said, “what if you lived on one of the lower floors of an apartment building, and one day you found out that the people on the seventh floor above you, could hear everything you were saying and doing, what would you do?
I was thinking about what my answer would be when someone else came up to talk to me, and the man drifted away.
I had originally thought my answer would be that I would report these people, or perhaps I would move out of that building. Then I thought about the glass ceiling, that some working women believe they want to break, because they think it means equality, (they think men are on the top floors) but if that ceiling for them is glass, and they can see everything above, that means that the same glass that makes up the women’s ceiling, is the floor for the men above, and the men can see every move below, and are vested in keeping their floor from being broken.

I am a woman, but I am also a mother first and I would not want to hurt anyone by breaking their floor, even if it benefited me.
I thought about what my mother wrote to me, in a text, on Mother’s day, about the sermon Monsignor Gilbert gave every Mothers day Sunday, for years as I grew up going to Catholic church, and how his sermon was always about “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”.

I know, like my mom knows, like our pastor knew, that being a mom, and raising children is our way of giving society our best. I was a writer and a fitness instructor, and an artist and photographer, but my children were always my focus.
So back to the question I was asked in California, I realized that after many years of pondering that interesting question, my answer would be, that I would live my best life, in whatever floor I happened to be on, doing good to those around me, so that anyone watching, would want to support my good work, and defend me, not limit me or hurt me. To the man who asked me that question, that is what I would do.

I have read that “the seventh floor” could mean the old CIA or Langley, where the CEO of the CIA sat on the seventh floor. And I read that very high ranking state officials, refer to “the seventh floor” as “the shadow government”.
So if the “shadow Government” resides on the seventh floor and can see everything below, maybe that is why Jesus washed the feet of his apostles, because he wanted them to know, that those people existing BELOW the glass ceiling, can see see the feet of the apostles, and can see who is clean and who is not.=). (hypothetically of course)
Those who abuse power, do not stay in power, do they.
I have spent too much time worrying about bad things that people do, that I have no control over, and I have figured out that God DOES have control.

God is in charge, and I am accountable to God for my own life, and I choose to do the best I can to always do good and to avoid evil and sin, and trust God.
In my family, I have four sisters, and Heidi, the oldest, had two children, but died having her third baby. She left her husband Bill with the gift of two beautiful children. She chose life, which was honorable, even at great cost to herself. There is no “Bill” that I know, that kills babies, as the Bill I know LOVES and protects children.

The sacrifice of my sister and of all mothers who choose life for their babies, sometimes at great cost to themselves, will ensure the protection of all unborn babies of the world, not just here in the USA but in countries like China, where there has been mass genocide of baby girls.

When God is in charge, miracles happen. God made it possible for Jesus to “walk on water”, didn’t he, to help those who were calling his name? He did not “ROW” across the water to “those who were calling his name for help”, and he did not “WADE” through the water either, did he? Jesus freaking walked on water.
It would be smart to remember that, because as far as God is concerned, there is NO Roe Vs. wade is there? God teaches us to do good with great flourish and majesty, because that is JUST how God does things. JUST saying…Trusting God is always the right choice.
“my randomly chosen bible verse for yesterday was “and he brought in the things which his father had dedicated and the things which himself had dedicated, unto the honor of the lord, silver, and gold and vessels.”. I understand that a ship is a vessel is it not?
And my randomly chosen bible verse for today is…
“and Jesus said, Make the men sit down. Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down in number about five thousand.” Ya’ll might want to check your feet, are they clean?
Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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