Kazzi faithfully guarding our back yard

We have had a fluffy little white dog since 2008. He is called Kazzi after Kamakazzi because he gets started running so fast that he skids across the wood floor and slides until he bumps into the wall…lol. I am talking almost daily to at least one of my sisters about dogs, and one sister just got a golden doodle, and the other sister has a dog just like our dog who is named Doodles and the third sister is always telling me about her son’s great Dane which is funny.
Today I was talking to my sister about Doodles because she has a daughter who is going off to college and my sister thought that her daughter would miss their dog. In a burst of inspiration my sister ordered a life-size dog replica pillow made so her daughter could be reminded of the beloved pet while she was away from home until she could come back for a visit.

But only a few days after my sister had ordered the pillow, when she woke up in the morning, the pet, Doodles, was deceased. My sister says she has had a huge void in her life with that little doggie not there sitting on her feet…and then this pillow just arrived in the mail, which now seems creepy to her and her daughter.
She was telling me about the pillow and how it is sitting on her sofa and how it startles her because she keeps thinking that the dog is still there. She took a photo and shared it with me and it does indeed look like a real dog.

So later today, when I was taking photos of our pretty pool and deck which we just finished getting redone, Kazzi conspicuously “posed” in the photo, and I smiled to myself, thinking of Doodles, and grateful I had the real dog still with me here. (see above Photo)

I finished my weight training in the garage with Kazzi keeping guard, and then shut the garage and went inside with Kazzi still out in the back yard. I needed to get ready for my lunch appointment.

When I was leaving the neighborhood, thirty minutes later, I noticed that only a few blocks from my house, there were at least twenty police cars, an ambulance, a fire truck and a helicopter overhead. So I went out the neighborhood from a different direction to avoid that area.
Then an hour later when I returned, I could not find our little dog. Oh dear… Where could he be?

Recently our little dog has discovered a way to get out of the back yard and has traversed a few blocks away from our home, to this kind lady’s house, a lady he met on a recent jaunt, and she holds on to him for us until we can recover him. We have yet to discover how he is getting out of our yard.

So I hopped in the car and drove over to her house, but no Kazzi. I drove all over the neighborhood for an hour, but in the heat of the day, I figured that he was in someones house and they would post a sign. I do not have facebook or the neighborhood app, so I just waited.

A few hours later, when my husband got home from work and was trying to post a notice, suddenly a post came up with a note…. oh no…

The note said that this little white dog was found by the side of the road and was already deceased. I could feel a huge lump rising in my throat. They said that they knew that the owners would want the dog treated with care and respect and since there was no chip on the dog, they would bury it. They posted a photo of the little dog’s face so that the owners could identify the dog, if they were looking for it.

It was our little dog Kazzi. We were heartbroken.
We messaged the person who had posted the original message, and waited some more. When the lady responded, she gave us her address and even though she was also very sad, she was able to share with us an amazing, heartwarming story about Kazzi.

She said that our little dog probably “saved her life”. She explained how she had, earlier in the day, been leaving our neighborhood to go visit her mom who lives nearby, and saw the little white fluffy dog on the side of the road. So she stopped to help it and take care of it. The car behind her went around her and kept going, and as she stood there by the side of the road, suddenly there was a huge crash, as that car was hit by a carjacking car speeding through the intersection. She was shocked and stunned as she was the car that WOULD have been going through the intersection at that time if she had not stopped.

That crash, was the reason for all the police cars I had seen myself.
The man in the car that got hit in the crash, is now badly injured and is in the hospital…I prayed for whoever was in that crash when I saw all the police cars earlier. The kind lady who stopped to help our dog, said that if she had not stopped, she knows she would have been the person that the carjacking car hit. In addition, since she was right there taking care of our dog when the accident happened, she was able to give police a description of the guy who caused the crash and who was running away through our neighborhood. The police caught him.
What an incredible, story, in my opinion, highlighting the grace of God, protecting her and using our little dog for good purpose.
It brings me peace of mind to know that this little pet of ours, even in his last moments, was doing something BIG, to be of service to humanity.
He was always happy puppy at heart and loved to throw his stuffed “sloth” up in the air and catch it, then lay on his back and toss it in the air with his feet. He was a good dog and companion for many years and he will be missed, but even more, he will be remembered.

Also, I have to say that I am grateful that there are people in this world like the ladies in our neighborhood, who are still kind enough to stop for a little dead dog, tenderly care for him and respectfully contact the owners, in a most loving way. Such a thoughtful and caring lady, whom we got to meet. and we are both so grateful she was protected from a car accident.

My sister reminded me that now Kazzi and Doodles are playing together in doggie heaven…and they will both be missed.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.