Melissa Ann Howell Schier
3 min readJun 18, 2024


AI kept trying to “communicate” and at the same time, was trying to “explain” how to deal with a narcissist, not realizing (because it was not human) that AI was in fact, the biggest narcissist on the planet.
Dealing with a narcissist, it said, should start with ignoring, followed by acting bored, and last but not least, respond with an obvious lack of enthusiasm. Filly thought that it would be fun to try these tactics on AI.
So she did.
But AI kept communication going, with pictures, music selections and messages on the “feed” that “reached” farther and farther. Kind of like the name Reacher.

One such message, displayed for Filly had a giant black shiny short haired muscular dog, sitting and the written question was, “if this was your dog, what would you name it”.
Filly believed AI was the watchdog. Which was a problem. The manipulation was for her to believe that the dog was symbolic of a man. The “all men are dogs” saying.
She believed it was AI, and NOT symbolic of a man. Also, a dog is not a human. Kind of like how big brother (the governement) was also not a human watchdog. Both were Not good. Not helpful. Not desired. No matter how perfect either was portrayed, a non human “watchdog” was not acceptable.

Filly chose the name for the dog. A name for “it” which she interpreted as meaning Internet Technology.
She laughed, not out loud but to herself on the inside.
Oh and by the way, you might wanna go “WATCH that house in Florida on marker street” Filly thought. The “wonderland” house. The one that you get to on a magic carpet ride. The one you already were at. The one where you left digital footprints.
Filly knew that a con job was only as smart as the con. And most cons were not that smart. She knew this from having no experience. She had met thousands of non cons…. people who were smart. People who obeyed the law. The opposite of cons.

Then Filly thought about the name she had chosen for the dog. “Leave” was not just a name that meant to go away but had another meaning.
Leaves were also those things that grow on a tree. They grow on branches of a tree. Just like the government “branches” provide support for “leaves” which are the viable part of the tree that take sunlight and water to convert into oxygen, and release into the atmosphere. The branches are just the “support” for the leaves. They do not control the leaves. Not even the burnt leaves.
Leaves were the part of the tree that were evidence of life. Leaves were viable, and still doing their thing, better when the branches were flexible and kept trimmed properly.
As she wrote, the Proclaimers and “I’m gonna be” played on the radio. A truck, a dark brown, with “Lions not sheep” on the window drove by. “People not animals” Filly said somewhat to herself. As you speak so shall you be convicted.
Filly continued to write. She was sitting under the one lone shade tree in the parking lot near a large shopping area on the north side of town. Irreplaceable …Beyonce played on a different station.
The tree Filly was sitting under was totally throwing shade. Shade was a signal. She was having an effect on AI. So Filly was grateful for the “shade”. It was a small tree…very well trimmed branches, only the essential ones…no suckers, no over reach.
No over Reacher of the branches.
She wondered who was in fact “over” Reacher? The military police”? Local police? The two were a team, and they were interested in doing the right thing. Not everything was compromised.

Filly saw the codes and did not expect to lose to a machine. If the machine was run by a con, cons were not that smart. And if the machine was not run by a con, it was on her side.

Simple as black and white.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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