Myanmar and baby Jesus

My daughter was talking to me about something she read about how peaceful it is for a parent to go into the room where their children are sleeping because that peace is palpable. But sometimes, she said that the author wrote that parents might suddenly think, with regards to their sleeping children, “what if they were taken from me or what if something happened to them”?
The suggestions that come into our thinking as parents, in the midst of peace and harmony, serve to take away our ability to be thankful and joyful in the moment.
I was thinking about this when I read about Myanmar. Myanmar seems like it mirrors a global problem. Is it world peace when one global power takes over everything and forces everyone to comply? That is not peace and NO republic can stand for that. As parents, we do not just care about our own children, we care about all children. What is being taken away from people is their freedom. Liberty is one of the inalienable rights of human beings…and it is a precious thing we must guard and protect.

It would seem that God is not in control in Myanmar and that evil is winning. Myanmar military claimed an” illegal election” but with China and Russia supplying Myanmar military with arms, is that claim of election cheating valid?

Here in the USA, we know what an ACTUAL illegal election is, and cheating by political powerhouses is not hid. The people know. But because we are led by Jesus, we do not need to seize power, because it is a power that we already have knowing God is the ultimate power and evil cannot defeat God no matter how strong evil seems.

Did not locusts, and fire and death rain down on evil doers in the past? God is an ever present leader and does not leave us at the mercy of evil and that understanding gives us resolve, peace and strength.
To the people of Myanmar…the wicked military leaders who encourage its police to fire at their own unarmed citizens…these police are defecting because they do not wish to obey. Evil destroys itself. The evil doers will have accountability and consequences there, as will the evil doers who cheated in our election here, have accountability and consequences.
Those who encourage a global “reset” and then pretend to be shocked by military abuse of private citizens, and those big tech industries (facebook, twitter) who pretend to censor and ban communications by Myanmar military but who have funded election irregularities (cheating), cannot play both sides. The hypocrisy is not hid.
I am grateful for hope, for strong leaders who are still humbled by God, who speak Truth, and who dismiss the suggestions of evil. God is the only power.

There are human footsteps we can take while we listen to God for our orders. Conservatives need to look at what supposed leaders are doing that contradicts the values of conservatives and take these people out of power and enforce term limits. This goes especially for Mitch…the speaker of the house. He does not represent us. Those who are Jewish cannot support an administration that wants to hurt Israel, and those who are Catholic cannot support an administration that promotes abortion. The pope wants open borders for the USA but do you see the wall around the Vatican? Hypocrisy in high places is intolerable and will be destroyed.

We need to support our constitution integrity, and keep the supreme court integrity as it is. We can support freedom when we as a nation are strong enough to stop bullies, and we are not weak and powerless. Prayer is the greatest power on earth. We must support and protect innocent human life, in every place and in every circumstance, including the elderly, and including preborn infants and including handicapped.

Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always. Thank you for all my children, who are peacefully sleeping and awaiting the dawn of Christmas.
I have given some of them a little creche with the baby Jesus and they are doing good deeds, and putting a pine straw in the manger each time, in order to make the bed soft for baby Jesus.
Good deeds by children are a beautiful bed to sleep on, and to help call all the faithful to unite in prayer and resolution.

“oh come all ye faithful, JOYFUL AND TRIUMPHANT, oh come ye oh come ye to Bethlehem…come and behold him, born the king of angels, oh come let us adore him…” Amen.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.