No chair?

Thanks Jordan Sparks for the “inspiration”

(intro: USA population to “politicians”)

Tell me how we’re spose to lead with “no chair”, “no chair”

ooh oh no

(verse one: USA population to Biden)

If we should kneel before we pray

It’s not cuz you took “our chair” away

Looks like YOU are living in a world with no chair

We’re not alone and can’t believe,

The lies you tell, to then deceive,

No chair around, looks like your gonna have to “take the stand”

So how, how do I address you

I’m all read, too white and now blue

as the news still spins around you,

Is it so hard for you to just leave?

(chorus : USA to “politicians”)

Tell us how we’re spose to lead with no chair?

Can’t stay, can’t leave, with no chair

That’s how we feel when we see you ain’t all there

“on air, on air”

(verse 2: USA to Biden)

See you out there in the swamp so deep.

Do ya think your gonna always be free?

You ain’t here but you still did not leave?

It’s no chair, no chair!

Remember when Facebook did an ad where they showed an empty simple wooden chair, floating all by itself in the air about six or seven years ago? “Chairs are like facebook” no less? LOL

They elevated the chair “to the sky” (almost like the burn offering pagans did to their idols when they stopped believing in God). Is that chair on fire now Facebook?

I wrote about it then, and took screenshots of it… SOMEHOW SOME WAY facebook knew that it could “control the chair” almost like a puppeteer controls a puppet …with invisible strings. Is it because FB is really FBI?

Well just follow the puppet strings …alias the “ thread up”…all the documentation is there… pretty visible I would say. Good luck with that Zuckerberg, unless, you are Aaron Kalloor of “jason bourne” just like in the movies lol…almost worked for Zelensky. Those who would exalt themselves, will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted…so Mr. Obama, the deep state, and an invisible chair person, does not represent the will of the people and does not represent the will of God either, it represents the will of a few oligarchs, billionaires and narcissists, who want to control the world using the EU, The world economic forum, the great reset, and socialism, and it will not benefit the little people…just like Hitler was initially welcomed by the Jewish people, until they realized he was not interested in their well being. Thank you God that I am covered by the blood of Jesus, as well as my family and all good Christians who listen to God.

Oh and before I forget, Hello Assange…nice to meet you!



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier


HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.