No fair, No fair


Ten years ago we got a temperpedic bed and it has “air pockets” that inflate the bed. About a year ago I noticed that when I woke up at night it was because my head was lower than my feet. The air in the head area was not inflating or staying inflated.
SO I would make it pump back up but it would only last a short while and would deflate again.

I refused to sleep on that bed because of the defect which made the bed like sleeping in a pit. (I know first world problems but gets funny).
As you know if you read my blog here, I rewrote the song a while back titled “no air no air”.
NOW THIS was a perfect song to go with the bed right?

Tell me how am I spose to sleep with no air
Wake up with a crick with no air
Its how I feel when the bed just aint there
No fair no fair.

SO I have moved temporarily to the sofa and this morning my husband woke me and wanted me to SIT on the bed so I could depict how bad the pits are. I said NO WAY JOSE…YOU sit on the bed at six am half asleep…and YOU depict the bed. He said ok but when I took the pictures …still cannot see how the air is not inflating.

So when he left I decided to try to help and I got EEvies unicorn riding toy that is heavy and put it on the bed so you can see better. The Unicorn is on four round wheels on each leg and the front legs are completely buried in the bed because the bed will not inflate. The back legs are visible.

For some reason the song no air, and the unicorn standing on the bed is hilarious to me.
I guess I get punchy when I do not get any sleep ROFL.
No air? The salesman at Gallery Furniture where we are buying a new mattress said that probably the Temperpedic people will not be able to replace “the air bladders” because they are not making them any more.

Forget you temperpedic I’m gonna summon the SIMMONS mattress, and live happily ever after =)/



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.