Oh beautiful for spacious skies

I was at church…I was listening to a song and I was not singing because I grew up attending a catholic church, and I do not know how to read music and I do not recognize a lot of the songs, so I was just listening. This was a different denomination, called Christian Science, (not Scientology) and it is a religion which I learned about from my husband.

As I was listening, a girl in the small congregation, began to sing a soprano harmony with the song, something I like to do sometimes as well when I am listening to the radio in the truck.

Her harmonizing, made the song go from being ordinary, to being spectacular, so that the song gave me goosebumps.

Just one girl, singing the same words, but different notes, improved the song for everyone and made it inspirational and more beautiful.

To me, that is what babies do for the world. They are the same as everyone else (like a singer in the congregation), only their “addition” creates beauty and harmony. They are in fact, the reason for the music, for joy, for praise.

I have been wondering if I should join this church, and as I thought about it, I realized that from the time I was a little baby growing up Catholic, I knew that more than anything, being Catholic meant to defend human life, that new “note”, that harmony.

I have been disillusioned with the pope, for getting on the climate change bandwagon, because I can see that climate change advocates are also interested in reducing “carbon footprints” which is another word for promoting abortion, and any behavior that reduces the ability for people to reproduce. But my dad, who was originally Methodist, did not believe in the “myth of overpopulation” and had told me that any time there was a government attempt to control food or the population, it was a problem of politics, not food or population. He was right! Population IS the harmony being demonstrated, all the time.

Catholics, more than any group of people I know, continue to support Life, in spite of all the mistakes that they made in so many arenas, the same way that the United States supports Freedom, even though the US. has made mistakes in so many arenas, and I support God, Life, and I support freedom.

As we get back to who we are as Christians,(no matter what religion we are) we will recognize that there is a reason the bible says to “choose Life”.

The girl singing made me realize that religion, or how we express our belief in God, should create harmony, not strife or division, irregardless of what denomination it is.

Jesus created harmony everywhere he went and to me, religion is a behavior, that starts with an individual who was BORN, is alive, and that LIFE reaches out into the community because babies draw humanity in, the same way harmony in a song touches everyone who hears it. Understanding we are spiritual does not allow us, or give us permission to disregard “human” life. Following Jesus example, we must cherish life, increase and multiply.

I have been to many different churches, and what I love about church is the singing, because community, devoted to God, is “harmonious”, and interested in helping people be more like Jesus. Jesus was “born” of Mary, and was not aborted, was he? He had a male father and a female mother, did he not? This is not confusing to me at all.

I think that the reason children might “question” gender is because they are trying to get “attention” from their family. Children want attention, naturally because it makes them feel loved, and when they cannot get attention by being good, they resort to negative behavior to get attention. In my own family, when I began doing personal training, and stopped working on my marriage, I saw negative behavior start happening with my children. Even their art became infiltrated with serpents and blood. I recognize that now and I am changing how I spend my time, focusing on the children in my life, more now than I ever have. I choose to NOT be self serving…but to serve others. I am forgiven of my sins.

If we are to “enjoy” the harmony of family, we as parents HAVE to make children a priority, spend as much time with them as possible, and teach them useful skills, which gives them a sense of confidence and self worth. Doing good allows children to FEEL good. There is a reason for laws and order as it does not force our children to have to “re-invent the wheel” so to speak. We tell our children “no” to stepping into a fire pit because we know it will hurt them.

We tell our children no to gender change suggestions as well, because we know that also hurts them. I believe a fear of population growth is the essential justification behind the push for gender dysphoria, as well as the gay and trans lifestyle because those people cannot procreate. To have children, they have to “convert” yours or my children. But God sees all, and God can help our children see past those with evil intentions towards them. Families are “good” for children, and children are good for the world.

Jesus was “spiritual”, but while expressing God on “earth”, he obeyed human laws, that promoted order, not chaos, and also provided “miracles” that helped people, not hurt them or deprive them. He allowed himself to even be murdered, but he tried to DEFEND LIFE every chance he got, and even managed to bring back life. He loved babies, and even said to let the little children come unto me.

Understanding that he was Spiritual, did not cause Jesus to disregard laws or disregard life. He got baptized, he obeyed his parents and he gave himself up to the law, even when the law was dishonest. His astonishing goodness has caused the story of God to endure, in the bible, longer than any other book.

There are beautiful things about every religion, and I think there are many different religions, because people are all at different stages of understanding God, but all of these religions should be in harmony with regards to realizing the importance of respecting, and CHOOSING life. I think it is interesting that we get to “choose”. When we choose Good, we are choosing God, and when we choose God we choose Life.

For me personally, the biggest thing I realize, is to understand that we GET to “choose life”.

Anyone who is afraid, of a baby, and chooses death for that baby, only hurts themselves. Herod tried to stop the baby Jesus, but Mary chose life. She protected the innocent baby, and so should we, even if our government, like Herod, is promoting the killing of babies. There is no excuse, not the excuse of population, and not the excuse of climate change, and not the excuse of “being kind” to the mom, that justifies cold blooded murder of babies.

I was talking to my son, and he was speaking about how our own government is breaking the ten commandments, because it steals with taxation. He believes taxes should be voluntary. He believes that Government taking from people, without their permission, is wrong, just like restricting people from going to church was wrong, and just like promoting abortion is wrong. These all go against law and order. He makes a wonderful point. A big entity like government, stealing from everyone, makes law and order seem hypocritical…does it not?

But government, is SUPPOSED to be about order and God’s laws, yet I can see that as it grows more and more powerful, by taking what does not belong to it, it emboldens Government to justify taking more and more that does not belong to it. Now …Big government now seems to wants to say it has the power to take innocent human life, and make those who believe in God, which was the reason our country was founded, accept abortion, and pay for it.

NO, we will not pay for it and, we will never accept it. Life belongs to God, and the bible says to choose life. We are a Nation of Christians, and it is time we start acting like Christians.

Government that does not govern the people, but rather regularly steals from them, and then allows people to kill each other, steal from each other, and destroy buildings and each other with power and corruption, is not Good Government is it? IT has then become socialism, which is a the lie, or the opposite of good government. Government is supposed to be for the people, by the people is it not? It is supposed to be about law and order.

But people seem to forget history huh? Remember the Jews welcomed Hitler at first, when he came into power, because they were promised lots of good things by Hitler, and they believed his lies and believed in socialism, the same way Obama promised good things for blacks when he took office, and is now in his third term.

But did the mass extermination of black babies through abortion and fatherless families, (which happened and was promoted on his watch, because black mothers were made dependent on government and encouraged to have abortions), do anything good for black families? NO it did not. Margaret Sanger, like Hitler, wanted to do eugenics, and exterminate blacks as inferior. She was the founder of Planned parenthood.

Obama is black, and somehow he must think that because he has money and power, he can separate himself from his own people. But just like exterminating the Jews was bad for Hitler, allowing the extermination of blacks will be bad for Obama. By “connecting the dots” we can see that in the “deep state” the reason no one cares what Biden does, is because he is being puppeted by Obama…Obama even said that he would love to have a “front man” so he could just stay home and be in his pj’s. Do you not see Biden, WHO IS CATHOLIC, promoting abortion? Most abortions, btw, are of black babies. WTF?

Biden(IE Obama) appointed a black woman, who allows criminals, (those who steal, rape and plunder), escape appropriate consequences, to the supreme court? The reason for consequences to crime is because a good society has to have law and order, to have harmony.

Socialism, is not law and order, it is a dictatorship that breaks God’s laws, and allows those in power to steal, cheat and kill. Is big government, (with a front man, who is puppeted by someone with a great reset agenda), good for harmony? For the economy? For freedom? For health? Separating the Jews, was supposedly “being kind” to them…LOL. Just like separating people with masks was supposed to “be kind”. Um no, it is evil. “Pure evil”. (yes I used the oxyMORON for a reason)

How did socialism, (government that broke all the rules and targeted specific populations and even went after those in power, if they did not obey),work for the Jews? It exterminated them. Blacks, in case you have not figured it out, as well as Hispanics, are the modern day “Jews” who are being encouraged, by bad government, to destroy each other using abortion, un-researched vaccines, blatant disregard for law and order, etc.

Back in the days of Hitler, The Jews, who thought they were going to be treated fairly, were initially just forced to wear armbands, with the star of David. But once identified, they were “treated differently”. Then they were forced from their homes to live together in only one section of the city, to “be kind” to them. Then they were walled off from the rest of the city, and then they were not allowed to have food, and some were paid to turn others in. They were eventually mass exterminated, including those who had turned others in. HOW KIND OF THE GOVERNMENT. What harmony!

How is abortion, the mass extermination of innocent children, mostly black, any different? “Be kind” to mothers…so they can get to kill their own children? I call bullshit.

Hitler and leaders in our current government had the opportunity to “choose Life” but instead both chose death. Both, did not want certain populations to increase and multiply and fill the earth did they? But that which Hitler did to hurt the Jews, actually made them smarter, stronger and made them realize the importance of choosing life, choosing God.

Life will endure, and choosing life, choosing innocence, freedom and joy, is what will save us. We do not need to choose fear, an acronym for false evidence appearing real. God, Good is all we have to see, HEAR, and understand.

There is harmony in the world… can you hear it?


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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.