Old mcdonald had a “farm”

I saw a lady at McDonalds the other day when I was there with the children. We had gone a week earlier, and the children at the play area were not being supervised by their parents and so the experience was not fun for the children I had brought, and we had to leave with one of my two crying because some random little girl did not want to play with her.

We could not stay and try to remedy the situation because she was signed up for vacation bible school, and we did not want to be late.

So later in the week, we went again to see if we could have a better experience. There were several little children there with their parents, and the children were playing well together so I was drinking a drink and watching when this lady walked in.

She was, I believe, possibly homeless, and she was barefoot and carrying a small backpack. She was dressed in dirty but bright colored leggings and a dirty t shirt and she had on a dirty knit cap over her hair. Her hair stuck out like feathers on the side of the cap, and she was short and stout, and her hands and feet were black from the dirt and her nails were like claws.

She leaned against the table across from me and was talking out loud but was barely audible. I tried to be polite and listen to her because she was facing me but she made no sense.
She was talking about people sleepwalking…who were kidnapped or taken, and talking about a lot of other things too. I tried asking her about her family, and she just kept talking about her back hurting and about sleepwalking.
After some time, I just gathered the children and left, and she was still talking. The way she talked and moved her mouth was bizarre, and I wanted to help her but I did not know how.
Then I picked my randomly chosen bible verse for the day…and it was Daniel chapter four verse four where it says that “”And I saw in my dream, and an angel was sent in power from heaven.”
The chapter goes on to talk about a tree in the dream that represents the kingdom, and how the king, because he does not repent of his sins, looses his kingdom and becomes like an animal, without his mind, hair like feathers and nails like the claws of a bird.”

I am convinced that God is communicating to each of us in the bible, and in this randomly picked verse, God is showing me that punishment is at hand for those who fail to repent.
I have been praying for those who continue to do evil in spite of what God has directed us. And yet, what I believe this event with the woman and then the bible verse, is saying is that those who do not do so, their self punishment is at hand, and they will lose their mind and their power.
I have to say it is a fearful thing to behold.
I do not believe God wishes evil on us, but I do believe in Justice and justice would not be served for good people to suffer from those doing evil who are allowed to continue to rule. Those doing evil, punish themselves by not listening to God.
God is the “mind” guiding each one of us, and those who choose to believe there is no “mind” or no God, and fail to obey God’s laws, will suffer accordingly.
The tree being cut down is all the people in branches of government, who are going to be cut out of power, because they are not a blessing to this country. This country will be a beautiful tree again, and that time is at hand where those who do evil, cannot do any more harm. This includes the people currently in power, the hidden deep state or those on the “seventh floor” who are operating in secret, as well as all the people on “the farm” or FBI who are using their power illegally and illegitimately.

Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.