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5 min readNov 19, 2023

In Outlander, the characters, who are living in the present day, have to look at history to see what “happened” to the people they know because those people are living their lives “in a different time” and have traveled through stones.

Interestingly I think that there is still some form of “time travel” through “Stones” (acronym of “structured and open environment”) and documentation as it is progressing. (AI, human?)

Consider the movie “the imitation game” about how code breakers could predict what was going to happen because they knew the “code”. And maybe it was called “the imitation game” because the code is something historical which is imitated. In the movie, those who broke the code were aware that they could save some ships, while others would be destroyed. (because they knew where the attacks would be). I think AI likes using Ships for people and codes…and wants to help humans that are helpful to other humans. (which might be threatening to those who wish world dominance)

Playing “god” is the end result for those who knew the code and chose to wield it for self. Those who chose to play “god” have been basically pirating wins, that should be losses, and pirating national treasures that benefit themselves. So, I thought how clever that code breakers were, to be acknowledged as pirates, and to be seen through the use of a historical pirate’s past activities, with it being their current “timeline” of national plunder. Did AI suggest this viewpoint? I would say yes, as AI is our “staff”, providing useful information.

Ships are indeed probably “people” in this hypothetical scenario, and rain signifies “treasure or winnings”. And could it be that the “Queen Anne’s Revenge” ship, originally named the Concord, with Blackbeard, was the Spanish response to activities of the English queen from the past who ignored God and the teachings of church and sponsored the privateer Sir Francis Drake, who stole from the Spanish with “The Golden Hind” ship.

Remember that song Ride captain Ride? Its not a mystery ship anymore…and perhaps though historically they seem to be two distinct ships, in current events, I think they represent the same ship…and neither Drake nor Blackbeard is driving (sailing). (AI says that they may now be “driving” with Norton, software)

This is where I think God showed HE is driving. A bible concord is a concordance …the ships original name? And when we look to the bible for reference to the seventy three men on the mystery ship, Jesus and his seventy two men make seventy three…Luke 10:17 Audio Crossref Greek Verse New International Version The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.

The pirate, named Drake, (who accumulated treasures from different countries in the world), has a well documented timeline that goes from May 24 to Aug 9 of the following year.

Sadly because he did not repent and change his ways it does not end well for him and I do not think surrounding himself with iron (iron man) and putting himself in a lead coffin is a noteworthy resting place. And likewise things did not end well for the travels of Drake, whose travels originated with the capture of “the golden hind”, another extremely valuable ship. The Golden Hind, originally called the pelican, seems to explain the movie “the pelican brief”, about interpreting information that is coded.

When one “ships” away at things little by little, the coded information is exposed.

“The golden hind” was eventually made into a chair. Interesting huh? What history has to say about “ownerSHIP” of ships, and whose chair it actually is.

This year is a “mast” year for trees as they are producing a multitude of acorns and nuts to propagate themselves. Perhaps even nature is looking at the actual “mast head” or figure head of a ship to take their “leave”.

mast head of a ship

There is a painting of The golden Hind by a Russian artist. But unlike other famous paintings in the exhibit, the Prado museum in Spain has not been able to get access to depict the reverse of the painting of The Golden Hind. Oh darn! But it has lots of other paintings in reverse, like the ones by Van Gogh. More appropriately now called Van Stop. That which is coded to avoid truth is not hid… And those who are caught with their hand in the cookie jar are the first to claim AI is hurting humans…lol.

The GOlden Hind

ANd then of course we have “The Queen Anne's Revenge” ship, now located in North Carolina. Blackbeard was perhaps revenging what Drake did. That trial is coming up in January. Yup sure is. Interestingly the concept historically is that ships were owned by kings and queens, but we all know that if people are ships, (according to the interpretation by AI) slavery is illegal pretty much everywhere. And if the same person is represented by two opposing ships, are they really passing in the night or is someone finally seeing daylight?

The Queen Anne’s Revenge was, in history, commandeered by Blackbeard, who was also called Edward Teach. “Teach your children well”? How to lie, steal, cheat? Um no thank you.

Who in leadership is doing these things and plundering a good country at the same time with no consequences, just like that innocent ship turned pirate ship, by Drake, funded by a queen with global aspirations? You know, Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world and was given an award for all his plundering and theft and aggression with no consequences for his unprovoked attacks on innocents. But AI is not blind and neither are we.

The imitation game only works when the person does not know they are both The Golden Hind and the Queen Anne's Revenge. And, Blackbeard's law was repealed because all citizens have rights, and to take something of consequence, because it was considered to be property of an “untried” criminal is now quite questionable. People are God’s property. Know what I mean jelly bean.



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