Our FATHER (or who’s your daddy?)

What do you see when you look at yourself? Who were you created to be? Who is your real father?

March 25 2022
How did Jesus get the results he got, when he prayed to his heavenly father? He did not search google did he?
This is very important for me to understand because when I pray for people, (or myself) I want to get the same good results Jesus did. I prayed to lose weight and so far I am still prayin =). God throws is throwing me curves lol.

My friend was telling me about her brother, who was ill, and I told her I would pray for him. So I did. I have been seeing Gods work when praying for OTHERS, which is wonderful.
I have not spoken to her yet, to hear if he is having a healing, but I believe he is.
So far, what I understand, is that Jesus was able to look at people who were sick, and was able to NOT SEE that sickness. Instead he saw “the perfect man”. (Maybe I need to see that about myself, if I want to stop gaining weight, stop losing patience, stop being fearful for the world?)

Jesus was a man, and he prayed to his “father”. I think it is really interesting that Jesus did not pray to his mother, and also he said for us to call NO MAN our father. In Matthew 23:9 Jesus says, “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.” And Jesus taught us the Lords prayer, which starts out with Our Father, WHICH ART IN HEAVEN.

Now I do not know about you, but for me, all this conversation about who is a man and who is a woman is a waste of time. What we really need to be doing, is having a conversation about who is our father, who art in heaven. Because that is what Jesus did, any time he saw a problem that needed healing. He did not correct problems by doing surgery, giving hormones and drugs or going to a judge…he prayed to HIS FATHER.

Perhaps he had elevated his thinking to the point that he did not even see the disease or damage, but maybe originally he had to start off by seeing, and then NOT BELIEVING or REJECTING the mistaken view, that was manifested to him, of sickness, disease or death or any mistake.

Accepting a mistaken view of man, or believing someone or something about someone, is a mistake, or seeing something bad about someone, or about ourselves, is like accepting sin.

(When I searched for something that was called a myth or legend just before I started writing this, because it was listed by my microsoft screensaver, I saw that “duck duck go” was not showing search results for that which was listed, written by syndigital, and it said that page did not exist… and I decided syn sounds a lot like sin huh? It appears that prayer can help, even computers, to be programmed, to NOT see sin !)

Jesus did the opposite of what most of us do, and we know this, because we did not see many people other than him, walk on water, or bring dead people back to life. When he saw disease, he rejected it. It makes me wonder why so many people, when they see disease, seem to want to know more about it instead of rejecting it, and they study it, grow it in biological labs, and carry it in test tubes across the borders. GEEZE! Jesus did not give it that attention did he?

It seems to me that looking at sin, sickness or disease all the time, is like looking at a math problem and paying SO MUCH ATTENTION to all the mistakes, instead of studying the RIGHT answer (health) and then moving on. Looking at a mistake and giving it a platform, keeps us stuck in the mistake.

But Jesus did not give what he saw with his eyes, even two seconds of his time, because he INSTANTLY rejected it. That is what I now do, when I pray for people I know who APPEAR to be sick, as I know about the continuity of good, in spite of what we see visually.
I pray to REJECT the appearance of sickness, because I know that person, a spiritual creation, is not ACTUALLY damaged, diseased or sick. I have seen a lot of healings this way.

But then one day, I attempted to pray for someone who was not sick but rather who was being mean. For some reason I struggled with this. SOME BEACH!

So, I called someone who, like me, wants to pray for people to be well and good, and asked HOW can we pray for someone who is mean, because it feels SO DIFFERENT than praying for someone who is sick; it seems MUCH more difficult.

I think it feels more difficult because someone who is sick appears to be having something happen to them, which is not their doing, while someone who is mean, does seem in control of what is happening. It apparently seems easier to pray for someone who appears to be a victim, than it is to pray for someone who appears to be an aggressor.

But this person I called, told me to do what it was that I have already been doing, and “see the perfect man”, instead of seeing the mean person.

Is that why Jesus said to “love your enemies”? But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you — Matthew 5:43–44.

Do we need to try to see the good in people, even our enemies, because it heals?
To me, this answer had to mean that either man is in control of BOTH things, (causing disease in AND meanness), or it meant that man is not in control of EITHER Thing,(neither disease NOR meanness), because God is the only power. I knew it could not be the first so it had to be the second thing that was truth.

It was hard at first, for me to NOT SEE meanness, as easily as I had been able to NOT SEE disease, because “meanness” seemed like something that really affected others. But then I realized that disease was also something I was seeing, that many people believed, really affected others as well, like virus’s etc. If I could not “see” sickness, I could also not “see” meanness.

I had learned over the past years, that I did not have to be afraid of what is presented to me visually, like a virus, because I could always turn to OUR FATHER which art in heaven. Each of us has a unique experience and a unique relationship to our father, which we can develop and understand at our own pace. Someone else's bad experiences or negative opinions or beliefs of us, or others, does not have to be something we accept or participate in for ourselves, in our thinking. We can say no and reject those views and “see” the good.

To pray, the reason we are told to go into a “closet” is because we are not supposed to SEE anything with our EYES but rather see with our spirituality, the way God sees. “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” Matthew 6:6 THAT is the prayer that heals.

When we do this, we can then successfully see God’s perfect man, and reaffirm all those qualities that accompany such creation. God did in fact make all that is good, such as beauty, originality, success, joy, inspiration, harmony, understanding, comfort, integrity, compassion, respect, faith, chastity, support, supply and so much more. There is no disease of any of these things. They are the “lovely intangibles” spoken about in the classic movie, The miracle on 34th street.

And being someone who not only enjoys classic movies, but who is also an artist, I LOVE that the lords prayer starts off and says “Our father which ART in heaven”. YAY, their is ART in HEAVEN, (don’t know which art is in heaven, but I know ART is there lol) !!
OK I know I am being literal and that is not exactly what that first line in that prayer means, but still, art is a creation where something beautiful is seen three dimensionally, and then recreated two dimensionally as evidence of things now unseen. In the same way, God made man multidimensionally, and WE are his three dimensional ART, and WE are evidence of God’s ideas or thoughts.

ISN”T THAT SO WONDERFUL! I just thought I would share that with you…SO you can join with me and NOT SEE meanness, when you pray as well, but instead REJECT meanness (or anxiety, or fear, or hatred, or limited supply, or dishonesty or poverty or sickness or stress), because we do not have to accept THAT MISTAKEN VERSION of man. Try praying that way,(prayer begins in thought) and you will believe this is true, when you see the wonderful good effects of that kind of prayer.

Once we shut the door on all the myriad of negative images we “see with our eyes” we can then prayerfully acknowledge what good qualities DO make up the perfect man…which ones do YOU think describe you? (Patience? Artistic ability? Strength? Protection? Confidence? Generosity? Intelligence? Humor? Passion? Joy? Coordination? Kindness? Humility? Intuitiveness? Creativity? Athleticism? Communication? Persistence? Loyalty?

Make a list and pay attention to these lovely intangibles because they are never gone, and anyone who knows you knows these things still exist. These good things are what is REAL and TRUE about you AND others around you, and this correct view can help you stop addictions, lose weight, stop aggression, improve self image, repair broken families, improve relationships and even heal disease and save lives!!!) Thank you FATHER for this new day and I know you hear me always.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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