Thank you God in Jesus name

Proclamations… Post 1984…what I believe will happen now, the same way George Orwell believed 1984 would happen back then.

Texas will take back control of its borders and its government, and its judicial system, and its schools and its cities. The USA will follow and the world will follow. Texas is the role model and the example.

Biden will be removed from office as well as the illegitimate place holders in government and the judicial system, and Trump will be required as president to balance the budget, protect babies and families, and put religion back in schools…unless people have all gone to home schools by then.

Oil and gas and all our natural resources will be made available to business to use and live on and people will keep their constitutional rights as the constitution will be upheld. No person can be forced to receive medical procedures especially and including vaccines. Abortions will be banned.

There will be a dissolution of the EU and the WEF and of Big Pharma and Google, Microsoft, facebook, Tik Tok and all monopolies on tech.

The lie of gender will be uncovered and those doctors and druggists who provided gender surgeries will be punished by society by lawsuits and jail. And since I am naming names, since when is it required, to “Bear false witness against thy neighbor”? The truth really will set you free.

The people I know and the friends I know who think that they know someone who is gay or lesbian or binary like a computer, or any other gender abnormality, will be healed of this belief, and those holding that belief will also be healed.

The dishonest manipulative bias of the media is well understood by the people of the world and no one believes what the media says any more but they do believe in God and what God and family tells them.

There are more than a few good men in this country who no amount of money can damage their moral fiber. IN God we trust and it is in fact printed on our money. Addictions to drugs will be destroyed.

God is continuing to bless his people…in Jesus name AMEN.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.