Proclamations or predictions…what I believe is true

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
5 min readAug 9, 2022


The bible says choose life.

August 9 2022

The media will be held accountable for dishonest or biased reporting and will either cease and desist, get sued, or go out of business.

Platforms for public discourse will provide freedom of speech to ALL individuals or will be held accountable and liable for all content, just like the media and These platforms will either have to actually FUNCTION as open platforms or will be required to cease and desist or go out of business.

Justice is coming to those in the FBI who are abusing power or position as this organization and others like it in government will face internal AND external review, in house AND external house cleaning and restructuring. These entities will be liable for and will provide consequences for any illegal activities.

George Soros, Facebook, Bezos, the Government, and other big spenders who are trying to facilitate a great reset will go broke. Big spending bills will fail.

The FISA court will be held accountable for over reach and for lapses, and will be dismantled and replaced by a peoples court.

Tik Tok, twitter, Instagram and any other platforms that edit or ban opinions or content, while pretending to be an open platform, will not be protected from liability of editorializing, just like newspapers.

China will not acquire Taiwan and Russia will not acquire Ukraine and Muslim nations will not be offensive.

The borders of the United states will be secured as will the borders of all countries in the world, and those wishing to relocate, will have to go through proper, NOT illegal, channels.

Entities like, and including BLM, IRS, who are doing dishonest fundraising, and using deception to acquire funds for self serving purposes, will be sued or dismantled.

Prayer will be allowed and encouraged by Christian teachers in all schools, and homeschooling or apprenticeship for job placement will become more important and more useful than college.

Big government, which overtaxes and under performs, will be significantly cut back and reduced. Tax cuts are coming.

Paper ballots will be installed in all legitimate voting locations and computerized or illegitimate voting will be banned including mass mailing of ballots, or voting without legal ID.

Police, firemen and public servants will be funded and there will be law and order in cities.

Government spending will be held to a gold standard and Government will no longer print money if it is not backed by gold.

Citizens will continue to own guns and those trying to “amend” and remove basic rights for citizens in the constitution will not succeed. Congressmen and senators who vote to increase taxes, or weaponize the IRS and who vote to remove guns will lose elections.

Abortion will not be protected by the individual states because it violates the constitution.

Any president or other public official, who achieves a position in government illegitimately, will be fired and be forcefully removed from office up to a statute of limitations of seven years from date of inauguration, even if it is an acting president or judge or DA etc. If there has been foul play, this dishonesty can and will be remedied and there will be legal consequences including Jail time. If dishonest judges refuse to acknowledge foul play, this dishonesty will be revealed and will be remedied. Elections cannot and will not be stolen.

Parents have the right to decide when and if children get vaccinated, when and if they learn about sexual orientation, when and if they go to public school.

Public schools and colleges will not be allowed to force teachers to implement racist ideologies and those which do, will lose attendance.

Drug and pharmaceutical companies will not be allowed to advertise on any media, and can only be advertised to patients by their doctors.

The energy sector in the United States will be opened up and private companies will be able to again increase production. The pipeline will be opened.

The FDA , The W.H.O., the W.E.F. the E.U., N.A.T.O. and other “government oversight” entities which continue to fail to do their job and which limit competition in a free market economy, will be closed down and eliminated.

Countries like France, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland, Russia, China, North Korea, will remove anything in their governments that resembles socialism and will install successful democratic republics. Nationalism will not be a bad word and it will not be economically sound for smaller countries to let powerful countries “assimilate” them.

Those who break the law will get a trial by a jury of their peers, and no one, including the elderly and preborn infants, can be put to death without a trial by a jury of their peers. Genocide of infants and the elderly will stop.

Those who have dementia, including those acting as public officials, cannot be held in locked facilities, unless they are performing illegal or criminal activities, as it will be illegal to do so, and retirement facilities cannot restrict visitors who wish to visit these residents. Government cannot acquire assets of individuals in order to pay for their ongoing care. Health care for the elderly will be handled by free market enterprises. Government cannot arbitrarily ignore science and redefine genders and government cannot arbitrarily ignore science and redefine health, including ignoring dementia.

Private industry and churches will be the primary venue for caring for the homeless, the bereft, the starving and the poor, not government.

Private health care companies will thrive and government health care will have failure to thrive and will be de-funded.

Social security will return the money it collected to those who paid for it, and no new funds will be collected so as a result this big govt. entity will be de-funded.

Banking will not be controlled by the government, and bit coin or virtual will be available and legal and attainable for private citizens.

Citizens will not be forced to give government access to their private virtual storage.

Laws which allow third party access to private citizens information will be revisited and amended. Third party access to citizens and their information is not automatically granted by law or legal precedents.

The military will be increased and the critical race theory will be banned.

The pope Francis will step down and all the cardinals he appointed will step down with him and the catholic church leadership will be determined by the previous pope Benedict. Priests who molested children will face criminal charges and have accountability in criminal courts.

Organizations who use their products to spy on private citizens, such as alarm monitoring services, security services, electronics, etc, will face severe financial penalties as well as criminal charges and consequences.

Authors note…Christianity encourages mankind to love our neighbors as ourselves. Those who do not believe in Christianity, must rely on taxes and force, to extract payment from citizens, instead of relying on humanity’s natural love and generosity to improve society. A society which loses its love of God, and does not facilitate Christian values, and relies instead on the state, (socialism, or a great reset, which is much like Hitler promoting one great Aryan race) is like a cancer which feeds on itself. Loving God, and loving our neighbors as ourselves is the only solution to the self destructive tendencies of big government.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.