Radical Reliance

Radical reliance on Truth…that is what I am trying to do every day. But it is not easy to understand, much less put into practice.

First I have to know what is “truth”? I believe that there is a purpose to everything and that purpose is good. I do not believe in random actions. Therefore, what is the absolute TRUTH is always going to be good.

Lets say for example, that I bought milk that only has a remaining shelf life of three days. I bought the milk with the farthest away expiration date on the shelf at the store, and yet, that date was still too soon.

There is a part of my thinking which says that the milk will go bad and that I wasted my money. But that “end result” is not a good end result and so I do not have to accept that thinking. Instead, I will be grateful to have milk, and will know that it will remain fresh for the duration of the time I am drinking it. I will claim this “good” in my life, and expect it.

When I am doing this, I feel I am “radically” relying on Truth, that mankind is of good purpose, that cows producing the milk that I drink are of good service, and that those supplying the milk, want it to be fresh, wholesome and delicious. These qualities of, “being of good service” and “supply” are just some of the many qualities of God so I know they are good and I CAN rely on them.

In our experience, it seems that we learn through “education” about all the things we CANNOT rely on…we cannot rely on our bodies to stay healthy or rely on people to not cut us off at the freeway. We spend a great deal of time trying to defend against bad things happening. It is as if our GOAL is to be well, but our immediate actions center around avoiding those with disease or ill health or animosity. Do these things which have the appearance of bad, have any real power?

To radically rely on “truth” we have to understand, not on a superficial level based on medical observations, but on a deep level, based on spiritual convictions, that all mankind is good, healthy, pure and free from the perils of “matter”, even when those perils are very convincing.

Jesus showed us how to do this. He shared with us his “goal” of “listening to his heavenly father” but his daily “behaviors” did not ignore the people in need he met along the way. To radically rely on truth, we have to not only have it as a goal, we have to implement in every single tiny experience.

I guess what I am saying is that if our goal is to look for the good, in a RADICAL way, we cannot be afraid of, or avoid, things in the world that seem to conflict with that good we are “expecting”. When Jesus was told he was needed for the sick daughter of a woman, or needed for Lazarus who was dying, he headed that way, but he did not stop meeting the immediate needs of the people around him, and this was because he had CONFIDENCE in the power of good being available to him. He was RADICALLY relying on his heavenly father, who is only good.

God, good, does not have to operate on a fixed time frame. In these cases, even death, did not have power over the reach of God. Today, sickness, disease and death may seem to be impending doom for us all, but it is the one big deception.

God has nothing to do with that. It is evidenced I believe, by the two stories in the bible of creation…the first one, where everything created is good, is the TRUTH, and the second version of creation, where a “mist” came over the land and then God, Spirit, supposedly made matter, is the experience HUMANITY can “see”, so they believe that version. I believe that the second version was put in the bible to show us the contrast between what is real, or spiritual and what is unreal, matter. Just like there cannot be light and darkness in the same place, there cannot be matter and spirit in the same place. One of these is the deception.

All knowledge and definitions of matter and its behavior is actually contradictory to the qualities of spiritual realities. Matter which deteriorates, and is diseased, has no power over spirit. To believe it does is a false belief.

For most people, to look at something that SEEMS sick, diseased or suffering, and say it is perfect, pure and good, SEEMS crazy, but it is in fact radical reliance on God or truth, the same way Jesus did. He did not worry when confronted with these scenes, and instead of fearing them, he healed people. He called us to do the same but we cannot do the same if we believe in the power of “matter” over spirit. It is in fact our belief, in the power of matter that causes us to suffer.

I guess that some might say that radical reliance on truth might seem like “opposite day” where we do the opposite of what we are naturally inclined to do when seeing things material.

For example, when my daughter told me that she needed an MRI for her head, I was naturally inclined to be worried. But then I remembered that I have a heavenly father working for me all the time. I told her that nothing was wrong with her, based on what good things GOD was telling me, and I claimed it for her, in spite of the world belief that MRI’s are definitive of good health.
When she came back with a good report, I knew that by radically relying on good, and claiming it for everyone we come in contact with, including my daughter, we can promote great healing not just for our families but for everyone the world. The more people believe in God, good, the more good reigns.

Recently my husband and I were arguing over who should use the radio app we had for music. I used it for my workouts and he used it for work. Ironically we have four accounts, but we both were signed in under one account, so when both of us had the radio player on, the app would boot one of us off. We both felt like we were justified in playing the radio under the one account we both knew how to sign in on, and neither of us wanted to be the one to call customer service.

Both of us were EXPECTING to have to wait a long time, to have difficulty establishing a connection. Suddenly I realized I was not RADICALLY relying on truth in this argument. I COULD expect to get service immediately at Sirius radio, I could EXPECT to have resolution to the problem, and I could expect to have harmony during the entire process…no pun intended lol.

So I called. I found out we have FOUR accounts that allow for streaming so there was never a reason that our service should be interrupted..the “pain” we were experiencing we were doing to ourselves. It was laughable. This example, might seem like a “first world problem”, to those reading as I write this, but still, I was grateful to be able to do the “work” involved, make the phone call, and do it without resentment, AND with good results, because I was expecting good.

Harmony is a law of God. It is not just a law of the radio stations. Putting our reliance on good RADICALLY into operation, in our daily experience, can be a challenge, but I have found it really helps us to “level up” to that next phase of understanding, where there is peace, happiness, and perfection.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.