Reel power

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
5 min readJun 8, 2024


There was a certain amount of humor or deep imagination in the names given to Hollywood movies, Filly thought as she sat down at the round copper table with streaks of green on it. The bar stool height table backed up to the window and the early morning light filtered through.

Perhaps these “deeper meanings” were unbeknownst to those funding the movies…perhaps not. If one thought about it a lot, names could have two meanings.

Innocent meanings.

Not so innocent meanings.

There were levels as to what meanings were intended for things. Filly had figured out some of these. She had seen these things before so it was not a new concept. Her first thought was about a childhood movie she had liked.

Shaggy dog for example, could be just about a dog.
It also could be about a bad man, who liked to shag.

Snow white and the seven dwarfs could be about a princess.
Or it could be about cocaine and the seven wharf's where it is distributed…port of Shanghai China, port of Singapore, port of Rotterdam Holland, Jebei Ali United Arab Emirates, port of Los Angeles USA, Port of Busan South Korea, and Ambarli Turkey.

In which case, Filly thought, the queen in the movie actually was not evil if she was trying to stop the trafficking of a morally bankrupt drug industry. The queen could “see” what was happening in the world because she recognized what was being “mirrored” in her life.

Toy story could be about a kid with toys that came to life.
Or it could be about a boy whose initial interest in solo sex (woody) changed to an interest in drugs(Buzz).

Filly thought about the movie free willy and wondered if it was a play on the words, Free will.
If one did have a “free willy” one could very well be living a morally bankrupt life? If one allowed human lust to overtake rational and moral choices, was a person really experiencing free will or were they imprisoned by their addictions or desires? Free willy’s existed in the animal kingdom, yet human beings were supposed to think on a higher level.
Unless of course they had been baited and hooked by addictive substances like Snow White.

Filly pondered these things. She could choose what she responded to. She could also choose what interpretation the kids she was responsible for accepted. Bad intent, by creators, could not influence, if the target did not respond to the hidden suggestions.

That was because of Free will.
Filly was grateful that all mankind were created free and equal. They had choices as to how to use their will. They could allow base human or animalistic behaviors to govern them, in which case they were treated, by government, as animals or herds of populations, or they could be thoughtful, rational and selective about those things they chose to take into their experience and give a platform to.

In baseball, a person ran as fast as they could across that which was “base” and wanted to get “home”. “No wonder I like baseball”, Filly thought.

People did not have to accept the validity of what the media said. The negative connotations that might be true for some unknown population did not have to be true for her individually or those she knew. They did not have to watch “news” or subscribe to Netflix or Amazon movies. They did not have to trust Hollywood as being the leader or trendsetter of human behavior.

Filly thought that people who turned over their thought processes to drugs or addictions, ended up being written about in movies like “the hunger games”. Those who had not succumbed to the addictions prescribed by “The media” were minimally able to escape a barely survivable existence.

But people had to recognize first that they were being fed a steady diet of programming that encouraged defiance of parents, and also encouraged self gratification, over biblical principles. Even in “the little mermaid”, the princess chose to ignore her father and gave her voice to evil in the process. How was that a good role model for children?

Gone were the stories that helped children be wary of fake scenarios like the candy house in Hansel and Gretel. But even so, with things more difficult for children to decipher, Filly knew, they still were gifted with free will.

Children, in their plight to experience the truth of good as the only power, were not alone. Caring people could see their struggle.

Just the day before, when at McDonald’s with little Mister, a lady with a beautiful little long haired child had helped the two children initiate a game of hide and seek. Filly had supported that endeavor by encouraging her boy and smiling at the little girl, who was named Katy.

The two played together beautifully for almost an hour before it was time to go and upon exiting, the lady had given Little mister a small baggie with a llama toothpick, and some gum, and a prayer card. It said “you are seen”.

Filly felt warm knowing that people cared for others and felt like that was what God did. When she did not know who or what to think, she would pick a randomly chosen bible verse and it would “speak” to her as if God was right there right then, which she knew he was. But it was concrete and helped her know what to focus on and what to ignore.

Her bible verse this day said that God did not want her to offend anyone. The bible verse had said
“Non-withstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea and cast an hook and take up the fish that first cometh up and when thou has opened the mouth thou shalt find a piece of money, that take, and give unto them for me and thee.

Filly thought about the first “fish” or idea that had come to her, and it was her thought about the shaggy dog. A man who was trying to be a good father. A man with a family who was trying to do the right thing. A man who was overcoming addictions and troubles.

It was the first “fish” that came to her from what she could “see”. THAT definition, which offered hope, salvation and return to normalcy, was the “gold” that was a reward for doing the right thing, in spite of the odds. Filly reeled it in. It was a perfect catch. What a person “takes in” is what hooks them…for better or worse. It was important to pay attention to the GOOD version of life.

Filly took the last bite of her oatmeal, sweetened with sugar filling the bottom of her “pioneer woman” ceramic bowl, yellow floral exterior and tomato red interior, with scalloped edges and a pedestal base.

She could see the value of the effect of good and no other bait could entice her. Good was the only reel power. =)



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.