Sew it up

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
5 min readSep 23, 2023


Have you ever had a dream that seems like it is a repeat of one you have had before? I had this dream last night like that, and it was about a guy at church who was asking me to finish sewing something. In the dream, I kept doing all these other chores except for the sewing and this guys work that needed doing, and yet the sewing did not go away as he called me up and even asked me to please sew. In the dream, he kept saying that he did not know how to sew and that I had SAID I could sew.

Recently I had looked up the different acronyms for the word SEW because I was trying to understand hidden meanings in songs that do not seem to make sense otherwise. I was looking up words that were in Tiny Dancer because I have long believed that the “sand” in the song is “silicon valley” as in “computer chips”. (I believed “band” is “bandwidth”, and that the “dancer” is the “curser” on a screen)

ANYWAY, SEW has many meanings as an acronym,
Shared Early Warning
Space and Electronic warfare
Surface electromagnetic wave
Special effects weaponry

I believe that this word, in a dream, is a “prompt” about having readiness for war and having prepared a strong defense. Recently, in conjunction with this, my bible verses were to “wake up the mighty men, and let the men of war draw near, and for the weak to say they are strong”. Yesterday, the bible verse said that Jesus was about to be arrested in private because otherwise the people would riot.

I was thinking about that, and about how Jesus was the original innocent, who was “taken”. We are currently all up in arms, because of a movie about little children being “taken”, when that very thing is happening in each home where “God” is “taken” out. Being “taken” does not necessarily require someone to physically come over and capture another. It can happen in the thinking first, and those who are weak morally are defeated in their thinking, and at that point, the victim then goes willingly.

If we love our children, and love our families, and love our cities and love our world which is our “promised land”, we must defend our God and defend our homes that honor God. The best way for the “men of war” to “draw near”, is to have a strong defense. That means we have weapons, we have planes, tanks and satellites, but most of all we have God on our side and we are spiritually defending our christian values and our innocence and our core values.

My dad was in the air force and was a navigator, bombardier and radar detector. I have brothers in laws who were in the army and cousins who were in the navy and uncles who were in the marines. Being a man of war is an honorable thing and is a necessary thing. The bible calls on these men right now.

We are also called upon to love one another. My randomly chosen bible verse for today is
Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

How, you may ask, can we love one another, and also make ready for war? Good question…and here is the answer I was given in my dream…

Love has many meanings, Eros is when we love romantically in marriage, where as philia is a form of brotherly love which is not romantic for those we know and admire, but Agape is an altruism, or the love we have inside that is given freely to others including those we do not know, regardless of our relationship and we want what is best for them.

I believe that when we are called to love one another, it is the agape form of love, where we have good intentions and protect and defend what is good as that is an altruism, or what is in the best interest of mankind as a whole.

It is loving to let others think that they can “take” something that belongs to God, knowing they will be destroyed in the process? God in his glory wants us to build and prepare a strong defense, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Jesus allowed himself to be taken, once, so that no one else ever has to be taken again. When we listen to God, and the bible, we see evidence of how those who were of God, were able to take the promised land and were not slaves to the land. Isn’t climate change agenda suggesting that we be slaves to the land? Is God no longer in control of the world? Are those in the EU or the billionaires running it “god”? lol

I believe we are already IN the promised land and we now need to defend it from those who would weaken our moral stance, or weaken our physical or moral strength with addictions, dependency, laziness, impurity, immorality, slovenliness or dishonesty. The lure to lose our Christian heritage is how evil wants to “take” us.

The call to love one another is the call of Jesus. And Jesus was taken. And no one did anything. But now we are facing the same thing and we ARE being called. We are being called physically, to be fit, and ready, militarily, electronically, and logistically, physically and most of all, spiritually.

Because of what I understand about the bible, the time is now to embrace the military, to have strength of conviction, to be strong and be ready and to embrace Christianity. We refuse to let “Jesus” or what he stood for, be taken again. God is in control. I believe in The army, The navy, the air force, the marines, the coast guard and now the space force, but most of all I believe in God and in his angel messages to us in dreams and in life.

BECAUSE we love one another, we need to listen to what the bible verse is telling us…
Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up

In Jesus name, amen.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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