Short story Rise up

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
6 min readApr 1, 2024

“Jesus Christ is risen today ALLLLEHLUIA.
It was Easter Sunday and that was the song resounding from the core of many churches this morning, she learned, as she looked at greetings from various members of her family.
She was also given a message from the big boss.

“Viewed together, a total perversion of values is when a craftsman’s work is elevated to divine status; human beings sacrifice their offspring to a metal object from whose lifeless form they also beg help; persons embrace with adulation the images of the very animals that they use for plowing, threshing and hauling.”

The message continued to say that “those who did this evil would be torn apart as if by a lion and would pass away like the morning dew.”

The big boss added that it was only he who could help people, not those things they had elevated to divine status.

There were many countries, who were being told by their “leaders” that “government” was the answer…another “thing” that was being elevated to divine status. She knew this was not the truth.

The signs and symbols were all there in the reports she was reading. These ten year old events were being mirrored, IE. “flipped” into the current day, real life events.
The destruction that had been done on the other side of the world, in the ten year old report about the sinking of a ship (false flag event) which was planned to take out a bridge in S. Korea, something that she had just read a few weeks ago, was repeated in the USA in Maryland.

The damage from sinking a boat ten years ago, was human carnage, and this had flipped and the damage done in the Baltimore area was primarily to commerce, even though the damage was being minimized by the president, who said “heaven and earth” would move to restore the area.

The big boss was saying, in contrast, that only heaven, would restore the area. Drugs, money, power and property, were all “Human solutions” that would not succeed.

The rulers of USA, Russia, China, North Korea, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Iraq, Iran, the middle east and France all needed to repent, according to her big boss. So far they had not. And the moneys that they were taking from the rightful owners of such money, was going to be taken away from them.

It was really pretty simple, however, but apparently getting people who think they are “all that”, to apologize and to change their behavior, was not so simple. Apparently they had to lose something they thought they had to have, first.

The report went on to suggest that the crocus shooting was put into place by the ruler of that country. Y even had warned her of this, with images that, if she had known what they meant, would have been evident of such.

To do something evil to your own people and cause them to believe it was done by another group of people that you want to gain power over, might seem like a good idea, she thought to herself, until the one doing damage realized that the big boss was not fooled.

The ten year old report even said that the attacks were part of why, this time in history, would be known as a pre war era.
“there will be more…This is the work of a nation state, Mr. Jones. A prelude to war.”
And as if to repeat that statement in the present time, she had just read that “Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk had delivered a blunt warning that Europe has entered a “pre-war era” and if Ukraine were to be defeated by Russia, nobody in Europe will be able to feel safe”.

Unfortunately, it seemed to her, from the signs, that those people who felt that fighting was the answer, were doing everything they could to convince the world that each was more dastardly than the other by self inflicting harm yet blaming it on their enemies to stir up more hate.

The real sources of the problem, high on the totem pole, were people who thirsted for more money, power and resources with the goal of having all peoples ultimately controlled by a single global entity instead of being controlled by individual nations and individual morals and ideals.

But nationalism, like individualism, enhanced the rights of the individual which existed independent of governments, and these were the very things that were supported by the constitution of her country. Those wishing a global rule, were not apparently aware that the big boss supported nationalism and already had the ONE RULER part all wrapped up.

In the meantime, the 14 K triad had not been stopped. The attacks on Ukraine had not stopped, and Zalensky, who took money under the table for himself, to rally Ukraine against Russia had not stopped. The thirst for power by the Biden administration letting in illegals so they could vote like citizens had not stopped..and btw, he was not being blackmailed by Mexico like the media suggested. He could stop the flow of immigrants any time, simply by enforcing the current laws and putting up a wall instead of listening to AMLO who said he had to get paid in order to keep illegals out. Ridiculous.
The big boss was probably getting tired of all this sh$ was she. But she diligently passed along what he said and she did not know what he would do next.

She walked through a small town in Texas and stopped to admire and look at a war monument. It had a beautiful stone angel and behind the beautiful angel was a little child angel hiding in her skirts. The memorial was lovely and the bare tree branches were starkly waving above it. It was a stark reminder of the damage inflicted by war.

When she went from the monument into a nearby establishment, she was aware of more signs and symbols, particularly one that said “watch your butt Galveston Tx.” It appeared to address the suggestion of covert submarines in the area.

The very next day she got a message though, that responded to that sign to “watch your butt”. The messages explained who was in charge… especially who was in charge of the RCZ or “rear combat zone.” Was the message from X Y or Z? She had thought Z was out of the picture…had she misunderstood?

Basically the message said that they held the rear combat zone, which was the concentration of military forces that was “farthest from the enemy”. The communications always made her laugh. Someone had a sense of humor. haha

She trusted that the messenger was going to fix the problem…get rid of the 14 K triad, stop the flow of illegals, destroy fentanyl, and reveal and punish the dishonest intentions of rulers of countries who were trying to shift blame to stir hate.

She figured that Z probably still had all the records from these various countries…the blacklist; knew where the money was hid…kind of like “the accountant”. Even had the same type of handwriting…and perhaps liked repetitive songs as well, such as Play that song, by Pat Monahan. Perhaps the way X Y and Z chose to be relevant and help achieve good, was not going to be in a way that she would ever really understand.

For those who wanted to show they were listening to the big boss, however, it was time to rise up and do what they knew was right instead of waiting to see zzz. Just saying



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.