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Melissa Ann Howell Schier
10 min readApr 3, 2024

She tackled the morning with vengeance, working to accomplish a multitude of chores. She left on the large colorful screen and was walking by to see a …well red…screen shot.
It was a red sun, on a red sea.
She was “well read” (well red) and had been reading quite a few books recently. But the red sea suddenly was like a newsflash.

She believed there was about to be a “red sea” event, where seemingly miraculous things got put back into order.

She had gotten information that there were subs headed her way…closing in…but the claim she made in writing to give her confidence, was that “she was clinging to the big boss like a barn” and she had included a picture of a barn.
Y presented her with many pictures of barns in a PBS documentary about “vanishing structures”.
All the pictures were of what looked to her like barns.
And because of “the red sea” event, she would be hid, and the enemy would be destroyed. It would seem like she had “vanished” the same way the documentary said that ( barn ) structures were vanishing.
This red sea image was shown to her not once but three times, every time she went by the screen, it changed to show her the red sea.

She also read that those who were responsible for moving money to benefit leadership, while damaging the individuals interests, were not hid. Those loyal to evil in leadership, were going to have consequences.

But more importantly, the message from her big boss was this…
“All the princes of the sea will descend from their thrones, remove their robes, and strip off their embroidered garments. Clothed with terror, they will sit on the ground, trembling every moment, appalled over you. Then they will lament for you, saying, “How you have perished, O city of renown inhabited by seafaring men — she who was powerful on the sea, along with her people, who imposed terror on all peoples! Now the coast lands tremble on the day of your downfall; the islands in the sea are dismayed by your demise.”

Whomever lived in the city inhabited by seafaring men, who imposed terror on all the peoples; these would meet the day of their demise.
She put down the message, and took a final gulp from her black and white elephant mug that had been full of milk and ovaltine. San Francisco? Beijing? Thailand? New York? Washington? Berlin? Moscow? Dubai? She was not sure.

ON the way down the street, there was a cyclist who rounded the corner, the same time as she did, nodding his head as she nodded back.
Then as she rounded the next corner, there was a police car backing into the uninhabited lane facing the street she was on… parked and lights off. A little farther down, the two “surveillance” vans were still in place as well. There was an abundance of “observers” she noticed as she quickened her pace.

She was listening to more reports as she walked and felt herself getting more and more stressed as she listened. The reports stated as fact, something that she felt either was NOT fact, or SHOULD not be fact, because it was not grounded in the constitution or in truth. The people and their behaviors, did not match the standards they claimed to be supportive of. It was distressing to listen to or read or see.

And when people or things got off track, the wheels just fell off the wagon. Once they were off the track, the destruction happened very quickly… That is what the reports felt like to her… like the wheels fell off the wagon.

Immoral behavior, which led to passive observation of dishonest dealings was described as being everywhere. Behavior complicit with evil was getting rewarded while honest behavior was getting punished. She did not believe any of it.

In the movie the accountant, the violence was “tolerated” because it provided a bridge between good and evil. But she wondered if whoever made that movie thought it was good to know there was a “bridge” for evil to gain access? In her mind, life was not meaningless as it had been portrayed, and death was not inevitable as it had been portrayed…and access was DENIED.

The accountant, did do SOME good, when he protected a girl. She was not Judge and jury because only the big boss had access to all that people did, including their motivation…. yet much of his behavior was similarly dark like the behaviors in the reports she was reading.

She reached the halfway point of her morning routine. There on the park bench was a blue thermos, the same as the thermos of the accountant from the show the night before.

Oh somebody really wanted to mess with her head she thought and laughed softly to herself. Another example of mirroring…in the world of “things” instead of concepts.

There was a good message here though, which was that the thermos was not compartmentalized and was in a park. The accountant had stopped believing the lie that he was damaged and could not be healed. Also, she was not the girl in the movie, who was looking for mistakes and the big boss, not the accountant, was her protection. If the big boss had put a the accountant, in charge of protecting her, she was not aware of it, but if he did, then the accountant was not a criminal after all.

If protection was physical, she had not felt protected when people she knew got sick…when her dad was in a plane crash or when her sister died having a baby. She had not felt protected when she got a divorce or when she had her heart broken or when things happened that no one could understand and no one was there to talk to her. The protection she understood that was available to her, was much more powerful than the physical type.

She moved more quickly and made a quick left. There were no bells this early morning for her to hear or wonder about but the stock market was starting to go back down as she knew it would… it had to … the budget had to be balanced and government spending had to stop. Someone had to take the unlimited government credit card away, and it had to be the people who were loaning the government the money… her people, her country.

She made another turn, and she saw a man lying on the street… a book open on the grass beside him and his hands under his head with his eyes closed. He did not look threatening, and yet where he was and what time of day it was, created questions.

As she got closer a car occupant who had waved to her earlier, came back around the corner and the sweet elderly lady driver said softly that she was going to drive along side of her while she walked, until she made it past the man lying in the grass, as the lady claimed she thought he looked suspicious. Good in operation as always.

He did look suspicious as no one was laying in the grass at six am in her route. She smiled at the lady and continued to walk. Later at her base, she saw the same man being dropped off nearby, and yet she still did not get a good look at his face. But she did not worry.

She remembered that he was tan, and had dark wavy hair and seemed fit. She did not figure out what he was doing and yet his appearance was not as distressing to her as much as the reports she was reading… and besides he seemed like he was lost or tired or both.

She thought about the reports again and many times the reports said that it was important and necessary to “lie” “steal” and “cheat” in order to “protect” that which was good.

JUST NO. That is not what she believed. That was not accurate at all. Those writing these reports had become complacent and that was just a stones throw away from being complicit.

She was all for the redemption of criminals, but she was NOT for the criminal behavior itself. She was against criminal behavior and felt it was not justified…and that blurring the lines was going to cause the wagon wheels to fall off. The pioneer woman was gonna be pissed if that happened. =) No messing with the wagon.

She threw away another batch of reports. Those who wrote them were editorializing the content, justifying evil behavior as if it were a walk in the park. She could not bear to read how good people experienced their own undoing because they would not stand up against evil. But people who thought they needed more and more knowledge or info., thought knowledge of evil was how they got “lit”.

The only “lit” she wanted to see was to see a match lit so that it burned up all these reports from people who thought that compromise with immorality and crime, was tolerable.

And with regards to the “ dented thermos” a depiction of violence, she discovered that the acronym meant Thermodynamic Modeling Of ChIP-seq.

The violence he expressed appeared to be a reflection of the violence that had been done to him because the cause for “autism” of the accountant, in this movie, was genetic…and if the boy, was genetically “infected” and reprogrammed either deliberately in order to create a destruction machine or accidentally…. it was still violence done to him. The end result created a society of people with autism, who functioned using violence as a result of gene modifications similar to the gene modifications that the COVID vaccine did, and as such, were not advisable or to be encouraged.

Could this have happened to Z, she did not know..but there were many signs and symbols saying that it did. But those who did evil, no matter how they excused or explained it, needed to stop. She did not believe that the majority of people wanted to see gene editing of human beings, individuals already created with so many inherent protections and so much evidence of good. She did not believe that any violence done to a person had to be accepted.

She stopped writing and slid into her bed and fell instantly asleep.

The nest thing she knew, it was seven am. She looked over what she had written. She realized that the reason she had torn up and threw away the reports earlier, was because they portrayed a nation of people who were each compromised in some way… no good to be found.

The patriot, who hung flags and carried a gun but who traded secrets of national security because of a poor choice of relationships…. the man who had gender issues who considered himself superior to everyone else and compromised everyone including his friends due to ego…the people who tried to protect the innocent but justified unnecessary violence not used in self defense were all bad to the core. The writer of this report was a good writer, but only saw the wrong side of the coin, the reverse of good. Time to flip.

She did not believe that most patriots were fake or had a hidden agenda and she did not believe that those with gender issues wanted to force others to reformat their thinking accordingly. She did not believe most people resorted to violence. It seemed like paying attention to catastrophic events was how these reports gathered attention and even made money.

This was not how the big boss operated. He did not look at the world and focus on flaws…instead he saw and gave a platform to the good. THAT was how he gathered attention, because the result of paying attention to goodness and purity, was that it had a healing effect… incredible healing.

She did not know if the good which the boss saw was because of what he already believed, or if that which he believed directed that which he saw. The point was, if seeing was believing, she realized that she needed to see the good as well, if she wanted to do as her boss was doing.

He loved people. He did not accept or even see the evil in them and because of that, evil fled. The evil of lack, of disease, of hatred and of death departed from him… and because she wanted to be like him, it departed from her too.

The fact that evil fled was how she realized that when she was hid, it was not a physical kind of being hid, as much as it was being hid in the truth. If afraid, she had a refuge, and it existed in her thinking. If she felt weak or thought their might be a lack of supply, she had a remedy…and it existed in what she allowed into her thinking and her beliefs. Knowing that there was nothing out of the control of the big boss, hid her from evil.

As an example, if a team called the Wolfpack, knew it would win the championships, that team would not worry about the teams played along the way or about being low ranked. They would not worry about the scores or about the opposition. Because they already knew the good outcome. Or if a team were the Astro’s and knew they were going to win the world series, they would not worry about having a slow start to the season.

The same was true about being hid for her. She already knew the good outcome.
The reports she had been reading were like the fluctuating scores, or the strength of the opposition…in the game of basketball… or baseball… or life… so one had to know that these things had no effect on the final outcome. She relaxed. She smiled. The red sea had parted, and she did not have to walk on water because the sea had moved out of the way. =)



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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