Sole worth saving

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
3 min readOct 31, 2023
sole worth saving

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to not have a soul?? Well I know a pair of soft fuzzy boots that know exactly how it feels to have lost their “SOLE”.

Now that might seem to be an easy fix. But I have to say I went first to Walt’s shoe shop in Houston to see if they could help me with the boots. They took one look at them and said “throw them away”. So um yeah there’s that.

I love love LOVE these boots and have had them for years and they are still VERY WORTHY of my love. So…then I drove to my cleaners because he also does alterations and, though he wanted to help me and thought that they could be fixed, he said he did not have the right equipment. But he was supportive of my determination to save the soles.

Then I took the boots up to the Shoe Hospital in The Woodlands. The guy there was very nice and matter of fact and said that if I wanted to spend several hundred dollars I could MAYBE fix them and I said no, I did not want to spend several hundred dollars in this economy…I was trying to SALVAGE something that was still good, without going bankrupt.

The Shoe Hospital

He said that he would send them in to be evaluated…and when I got the call about five days later he said the same thing…the boots could not be fixed because they needed a “last” which was missing.

I told him that maybe the boots “LOOKED LIKE” they did not have a soul worth saving” but I disagreed and I was going to figure it out even if they would not. He smiled and said that I should wear them back in the store when that happened. I said I planned to.

As I got in the car to leave …the song was not about the “last” but was about the “first things first”.

All the things that I have held dear
The vanities that whispered in my ear
What would I do if they all disappeared

Riches and fame and all that they could buy
I’ve come to find they never satisfy
What would I gain if my
SOLE”S the price

I don’t wanna love what the world loves
I don’t wanna chase what the world does
I only want you
I only want you

First thing’s first
I seek Your will
Not my own
Surrender all my wants to you
Keep the first thing first
To live Your truth
Walk Your ways
Set my eyes
Lord I fix my face on you
All my desires reversed
To keep the first thing first


Kudos to “the message” for a perfect song for that moment…
my response is another song…

Soul Worth Saving
Apollo LTD

You say that you’re okay
But you’ve been holding on for dear life
So many years of rain
You can’t remember what the sunshine feels like
Inside you’re hurting, you’re worried you’re not deserving of a lifeline

Oh, but the hands that hold the stars
Say you are

Don’t you know
You’ve got a
SOLE worth saving? (Oh, don’t you know, don’t you know?)

It is oct. 31 Hello Ghosts…no mask for me. lol But by all means try to hide yourselves.



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