Space, the final frontier, is different than we thought

There is enough space

I have watched movies about space travel and thought it was neat how the astronauts were weightless and could do flips. But I did not like the idea of an astronaut, tethered to the mother ship, potentially cut off from oxygen and the ability to maintain life.

This “umbilical cord” keeping the astronaut alive is critical to life, which is why it was given that name. A space program would be remiss and would be criminally negligent, to randomly decide to cut off astronauts from the mother ship, leaving them to float off into space. Right Elon?

How could we as a society, trust a “mother-ship” to maintain us in space, when this same society accepts mothers who cut the umbilical cord to their own baby in the space of the womb, without any justification. ALL human life is equally valuable, and yet some think there is not enough “space” for a baby.

But you would never know that “space” is a problem, if you were to watch one of many space movies, as “space” is GIGANTIC, so there is a super human effort to protect and save human life and to value the preciousness of life.
These movies do a good job of showing this and it is awe inspiring to see what human determination can accomplish with selflessness, courage and prayer.

In contrast to these space movies, I watched a video last night of a woman who was interviewing a nurse prior to having a “late term abortion” where death, not life, is the goal. In this sterile, non emotional and cold environment, the nurse explained that the girl baby “would feel nothing” and that the baby would be put in “medical waste”.

Apparently the way that this procedure is done, is that the umbilical cord is cut, so that the baby is like an astronaut who has been suddenly and egregiously cut off intentionally, from the mother ship.

No matter how callous a person is, no matter how angry and pro choice they rage that they are, I cannot imagine any reason to justify a person intentionally doing this to an innocent baby, any more than I can imagine any person doing this to an astronaut.

No matter what the logic used happened to be, to justify such an action, an astronaut cut off, would obviously be the victim of aggression, and no one could predict what that astronaut might feel or how much suffering happened. Those who are not in that space suit floating off into space, cannot possibly minimize the effect that their actions have on the astronaut.

What we call Pro choice, has to actually be a “choice” for everyone involved, not just for half of those involved.

As an example, recently my mom was hit by another lady in her car and it totaled my moms car and it was the other lady’s fault. My mom’s car was older and it will be difficult to find a suitable car for what the insurance is paying. Some might argue that my mom should just stop driving but my mom is a safe driver and has never lost her license for any reason. Someone else cannot “choose” for her whether or not she should drive when she has the legal right to drive.

There are some who have lost their license, for DUIs or for other driving infractions, and these people have been through the court system so that loss of license is not arbitrary or random but is a consequence of some law being broken.

But for someone to randomly decide that another person should no longer drive is completely bogus. Would you want someone to take away YOUR right to drive because they thought you drove too slow, or because they thought you drove too aggressively? Those who are willing to deprive another person of their drivers license are equivalent to the pro choice people…the “choice” is theirs alone to make and no one better “dispute” it.

For some bizarre reason, there are people who think it is logical and just for THEM to choose what is right for another person, even in a live or die situation. In the pro choice argument, only one of the parties gets to choose, the other party gets to die. And that is justice how?

The lady I watched in the clinic talking to the nurse was given some Xanax to take and she had questions for the doctor but the nurse insisted she take the Xanax before she talk to the doctor, even though drugs make is harder for a person to think logically. This clinic is the same clinic where the five babies in a bucket were discovered. I was one of five girls and what if my mom had not protected us when we were in the womb? But she did and I am grateful to her for her incredible mothering and love.

It is horrifying to think of an astronaut being cut loose from oxygen and life, and it is no less horrifying to think of infants being cut off from their mothers lifeline. I am so grateful for the reversal of this terrible decision of Roe versus wade, and grateful that God ‘s laws, including” thou shalt not kill”, still prevail.

If space is the final frontier, I believe it is not what we think it is, because we do not get to move into outer space, if we cannot trust the mother ship to protect us in the inner space, can we? The miracle of life, appreciated, can and will be the source of great solutions to world problems, and we can be secure in knowing this as we listen to the biblical advice to “choose life”.

If we do not have “space” for life in the place that is within our own bodies, especially when we have the ability to abstain from activities that lead to pregnancy, how can we hope to find space for life outside our bodies? The frontier we need to conquer is perhaps not space as in a galaxy, but the space in our own bodies, where the prospect of life is often very unfriendly.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.