Stop, in the name of Love

Driving through on the right side road of a parking lot in Tomball, Tx. I was approached by a fast driving car that swerved onto my side of the road so I had to react quickly and swerve even more to the right. The driver seemed really angry, and I could see arm motions and fingers directed at me, which was confusing because I was driving slow, and I was on my side of the road.

It also scared me, because it seemed like this person was going to run into my truck on purpose, so I turned my truck around and followed them, to either ask them why they did that to me, or to at least take a photo of their vehicle so I could report them.

The car drove in a circle and went back to park in front of a jewelry store, and I decided to just take a picture. That is when I noticed that the license plate said MJ MO JO.

I have just written an article that I am eliminating coffee…and I was successful at doing this easily because I equate coffee with Joe Biden. The name of my article, written only a few weeks ago was NO MO JO, which was the opposite of what this license plate said. HOW WEIRD IS THAT.

I am grateful that God protected me from the vengeance of this person. I believe that God is granting me favor because I am listening to him.

I have prayed for integrity and honesty to be installed back in the white house, and for election integrity to be something we can depend upon. I have prayed for doctors and the medical and pharma industries to stop imposing on peoples right to protect their own health as they see fit since the shots for covid are not vaccines and are not providing liabilities, because, even according to Bill Gates, they do not prevent the virus. I have prayed for our border, the entrance to our home, be secured and that people wishing to come her, must do so only when they meet the criteria that keeps our homeland safe.

These prayers of mine, do not attack individuals, but where there is a lack of integrity, or a lack of honesty, or deceit, or the use of big tech to camouflage perpetrators, or blatant disregard for the laws and the votes of the people of this country, those individuals behind such behaviors are revealed to me and to everyone else.

We are not stupid and we can see who you are, and God is protecting us. We can forgive sin, but even Jesus told the woman being stoned, to GO AND SIN NO MORE. Trying to scare someone and run them over because you do not like what they are writing personally is cowardly and is also a sin.

Perpetuating election fraud, forcing vaccines and shut downs, destroying the economy, and promoting the murder of the unborn, are also sins that those responsible for must be accountable for…because God is watching. If those people are not repentant, and are continuing in that direction, that treasonous behavior will have negative consequences, for the individuals involved, including, and not limited to jail, and financial penalties. This includes all those people who have facilitated dishonesty and treason including the clintons and the obamas and judges and corrupt polititians.

Retaliating against me, is personal, but nothing can take away my purpose in life, to stand up for the least of these, who are being heard and protected by GOD. I am not afraid of you and One with God IS A MONOPOLY.

I hope you find a way to repent because God is on my side and God is protecting me.

I am not tempted to drink coffee any more than I feel like I have to accept Joe Biden as a legitimate president. THANK YOU JESUS.

We all can overcome addictions…and even if Elon Musk buys coke and puts coke back into coke, it will not matter…I am not addicted, THANK YOU JESUS.
Because of the driver going after me, I have decided to stop drinking soda, especially coke because SUGAR is also an addictive substance and causes unhealthy weight gain…THANK YOU JESUS.

As a society we are not a people who need to be roped into conformity to evil ways like cattle, to be vaccinated, sterilized , and made dependent on addictive substances….and we say NO THANK YOU…THANK YOU JESUS.

Our forefathers stood up against Tea, and threw it into the harbor.
We also are standing up against immorality and dishonesty, and are throwing coke, coffee, sugar and dishonest big tech INTO THE HARBOR.

God is the only judge and I am letting go, and letting God judge…based on what happens in the world. God is in charge…and I know his blessings are on me and mine.

The randomly chose bible verse for today…
He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought.

As opposed to evil Judges, I Care what God thinks. God is the driver of my vehicle, my life and the driver for all those who stand with God. There is this beautiful song, “In Jesus name” …and in the spirit of this song, I pray, in Jesus name, that illicit politicians be removed, including the president, dishonest “vaccines” and big pharma, be removed, dishonest judges be removed, and dishonest big tech, cheating and stealing of private data, be revealed and punished.

Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always.

you are on the wrong side



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.