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June 16 2024

“The news and the media, including social media had many different “levels”” ,they had told her. Most communication with words, had different levels of meaning. Filly thought about the word “level” because as someone who was born in October, the “level” was the symbol for balance or an equilibrium.
But that thought was digressing, so she went back in her thinking of WHAT was actually being communicated, by the media, using words, and HOW it was being communicated. Was it real people or was it AI?

Originally, an example of HOW, might be that if a person lived in the eighteen hundreds, and wanted to communicate that they had a message, they could hang a garment “on the clothes line” to initiate or signal a communication. To most people, such an activity would barely be noticed. But it was something done humanly, not artificially.

Or perhaps a photo could have been placed in a newspaper ad, to mean something else.

In plain sight, the hanging of clothes on the line, or a newspaper photo, back in the day, could in fact be harmless and simple. But to specific people, and with specific intentions, who had spotters looking for the signals, the clothes hanging on the line meant something deeper. The code that a message was pending was” hanging” in plain sight.

Such was the current situation as well. There were signs everywhere and to decipher them was not the hard part. To decipher whether they were coming from legitimate sources or coming from manipulated Artificial Intelligence, was more difficult.

Freedom, Filly thought, was in the choosing of how and what to “decipher”.

One could choose which meaning to accept and to believe about the different words and could choose the innocent version, even if they understood the lower level meanings and the deeper codes. The bible, Filly remembered, says that “the words we choose to speak “convict us”.” Filly chose to pay attention to, and speak words that led to a straight, not crooked path, metaphorically.

Sometimes people themselves and their behaviors were monitored and “coded”, perhaps to keep secret, the way the code was operated.

If people were just pieces of “code” , that would explain the title of “the walking dead” because medically to “code” means to die. Being just code to a computer devalues humanity, Filly thought… maybe the very point of the show, but then again maybe not.

A person might believe a positive version of a communication or a negative version, which could be influenced by the beliefs of parental authority, or the bias of a trusted friend. The individual interpretations of the person being monitored, however was valuable if that interpretation was mirrored or reflected, because others might want to understand the intended meanings of communications from that one unique perspective without distortion.
When a persons understanding got unduly influenced by those wishing to manipulate the truth, Filly thought that it could unfairly skew their ability to correctly interpret the communications.

A different or wrong interpretation could completely change the narrative.

Filly thought about a verse in the song “Sunflower”.

And you’ll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya
You’re the sunflower, I think your love would be too much
Or you’ll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya
You’re the sunflower, you’re the sunflower (Yeah)

The person who was talking to the sunflower, Filly thought, was someone in the FBI. Which is when, she thought, that things got interesting.
Because Filly also thought that when the media was talking “in code” about the FBI, it talked about Van Gogh. Filly decided this artist and his name were symbolic of the story of the FBI because they drove around in vans. Vans that go. Van Go.

When the media talked about Van Gogh, Filly believed on a deeper level they were signaling about something having to do with the FBI or signaling to the FBI itself. Maybe AI was the one doing the communication, having been programmed that way. Who could say for sure? But if AI was causing the FBI to operate in a deficit, that was a code that needed patches…like a patchwork quilt, in order to cover all the bases.

So, if a person were to take the concept of a van that goes, and connect the dots with the sunflower song, the person talking to the sunflower was saying that the van that goes threw out the sunflower and that it was left in the dust. He was sticking by the sunflower though…supposedly …thrown out of the FBI. Hmmm

If the sunflower was left, was it because it was “shy”? Was it like a wallflower, even though it was spectacular and beautiful?

Anyone who knows about sunflower paintings and knows Van Gogh knows the artist painted many many versions of the sunflower. He not only did not abandon that flower, he focused on it. He painted eleven paintings of sunflowers…with 87 sunflowers painted in total. Only the original sunflowers were painted as “laying on the ground in the dust”.

The later sunflowers Van Gogh painted were depicted in a lovely vase, and even later they were painted as a decoration for a home.

And those left behind “sunflower” wall flowers, painted by Van Gogh, were not only celebrated, they have ended up hanging in a museums so thousands of people could admire them? … famous paintings no less of one repeated topic. Not very private but not such a bad ending after all.

Basically Filly thought, her interpretation was that the FBI was not divided, and not clueless and had not left any damn thing behind. The FBI was still a class act police force and was not weak, impotent or stupid or blackmailed or blind. THAT narrative, was the one being pushed by AI she thought.

Why? Because the words that we speak convict us? Those who believe the narrative that the FBI is impotent, will in fact reinforce that narrative.

Filly thought that “government” was inefficient and needed to be significantly trimmed. But she believed that the majority of the people in the police force and the FBI were not bribed, or paid under the table and wanted to expose the truth and get honest people back in office.

So how did the famous painting, the sunflower, which has been viewed many times by many people, play into that interpretation. Viewing goes both ways Filly thought. She had seen camera’s in museums.

Many views BY many people, equates to MANY views OF people. And the real version of the sunflower was not in a museum and was gathering data. Who could say WHICH was the sunflower?

Imagine the potential ( if the sunflower were a live representative of a real human being, say, perhaps a girl who was called “in code” a sunflower). Such a person, when she was able to recognize she was being viewed, would be invaluable in providing accurate profiles easily, and could also provide meaningful interpretations of world problems because of a fine tuned ability to connect the dots using profiling.

Filly speculated that the sunflower was a girl and not a guy because if the focus of Van Gogh paintings had been of boots on the ground or cigars and pipes, the real life representative would probably have been a guy.

Left in the dust was not a negative. It was a positive. It fooled even AI. (whose zooming who lol) Even though the song “sunflower” sounded like it was a negative.

It meant museum quality.

One of a kind.

The whole package.

Million dollar value.


PS…Van Gogh also did not lose his hearing even if he lost an ear. Van Gogh currently hears quite well because the academy also has Audi (audible). You can try to steal from the academy, but you will not succeed. Oh and DUST as an acronym stood for Dual Use Science & Technology. Great place to get “left”.

She was not getting left behind, she was keeping up.
SO interesting Filly thought.



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