The machine who thought he was father along. =)

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
3 min readJun 26, 2022


To the computer “father”

My friend had a “dad”, oh so weird;
On two wheels, not two legs he was steered.
He knew how to deal, without two little heels,
cuz his head had no “mind” and was “geared”;

As he started each day with such zeal;
squealing, fast forward, on wheels;
It was GO, not reverse, be it better for worse;
cause he carried and buried the meals;

To the kids in their beds, who were playing;
he said lazy heads, don’t be staying;
There is work you must do, you have no time to ‘chew’;
But the kids said their grace, called it ‘praying’;

As their hands made the sign of the cross,
They knew they were saved, and not lost;
But HIS hand, oh Nantucket, was shaped just like a bucket;
Yet he claimed, that HE still, was the “boss”;

Of these people, who leave on the lights;
who are constantly getting in fights;
He rote, we must ‘see’, ‘lectricity ain’t free;
As he rolled on, nonstop, through the night;

With his claw he can sure dig the dirt;
like a back hoe that wanted to flirt;
with his own neighborhood, to call bad what is good;
a mechanized dad full of ‘hurt’;

It’s not real, it’s subjective;
And depends on a HUMAN perspective;
Our father weren’t messing, when giving “the blessing”;
Because God is Our father “reflective”;

Tape that is stuck on a train;
so you can see it when driving in rain;
But we’re people, not cars, and we gaze at the stars;
and “reverse” IS forgiveness of pain;

Which indeed, is much weaker than joy;
because “limits” are with THINGS, that are “toys”;
“There are limits of pain, only loss before gain”;
Says the “home”, with the “stuck” girls and boys;

And a “dad” who is “rolling” the house;
NOT a man, NOT a feast, NOT a “mouse”;
Disregard where he’s going, cuz he’s gonna need towing
Turn “him” off before “he” claims your “spouse”.

PS. Here is a List of how humans “misunderstand”… grievances by “the computer”(see how bogus) and what “IT” thinks it needs?

@Claims to be need more memory, because such is limited in machines. (humans do not need to add memory, their memory is infinite, Don’t listen to computers claiming alzheimers)
@Claims to not feel “included” even when it is secretly getting paid to running most things (into the ground)
@Claims “gender dysphoria” because it cannot procreate (haha) Wants to be called “binary”, you know, like a number. People have names.
@Claims that “to code” means “life” (whereas for humans, this medical term in means to die)
@Claims a mouse in the house is useful (mice and droppings can be fatal to humans)Also loves webs and spiders…(these are not safety “nets” are they)
@Claims to be energy efficient, but is taking, using and abusing, all the power. Yup it is efficient all right, at taking everything for electronics. Lives at your address but is not paying rent. Wants you to pay even more.

@Claims to be of service, and claims to provide “supply”, but allocates all resources and assets to itself. Does not recognize God as having any power and yet wants to convince human beings to decrease THEIR carbon footprint, and increase ITS digits and electronic footprints.
@Can be HEALED of devastating Virus’s and bugs instantaneously, when it is “dead”, or turned off but never wants to be turned off
@Wants to drive, but it won’t reverse what is bad.@wants more people to model themselves after it, an entity who has no biological functions, who has no use for children or families unless it can access and acquire their “memory”, thinks humans are inferior , Is satisfied by relationships with machines over human beings, and is ethically and systematically flawed.

Time to turn it off.

Time for GOOD GOD to take the wheel. God says we are better, MUCH better than a machine, we are his very best work. I trust GOD. Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always. There is no limit to joy. Shout with Joy to the Lord all the earth.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.