The needle cannot stay in the haystack

If you were going to create a dish with all good things, what would you put in it? Metaphorically speaking, if it were my creation, I would want to put in things like integrity, truth, innocence, love, principle, intelligence and life. I would want to see evidence of good with every single thing.

I was listening to Tucker Carlson and he had a guest on right before the end of the show that talked about how technology had diminished man to the point that man is now insignificant. And then he said how now the “battle” is to save mankinds souls because technology has “reduced” mankind to a place where he has nothing to dream about…no more “if you dream it you can do it”, (a quote attributed to disney, but really was not said by disney). He also said that man is finally turning to spirituality to try to find something to believe in.

I am not sure that I agree that technology can “create” a dish called digital life, or is capable of reducing or diminishing real man, or that mankind has ever stopped believing in God or stopped being spiritual. I do not believe it is possible to reduce something of God’s creation with “technology”.

So I guess I was hungry, because the commentary about things being “reduced” made me think about reducing something from the perspective of food and cooking, the same way you reduce a sauce by boiling it down. But like a good sauce reduction, though the ingredients might seem to occupy less space, they are all still evident and exist. In opposition to what is real, technology is often providing “evidence” of fiction, or evil, and because of this, can only reduce itself, not humanity.

Evil sort of reminds me of the needle in the haystack. Most ranchers do not believe or worry that there might be a needle in the haystack and do not try to find one,(just like we do not have to try to find evil). Instead the hay grown on the land feeds the land and mankind is unafraid. In this example, evil, or the needle, is reduced down to just a “suggestion” of harm that can be easily dismissed. A SUGGESTION does not have any power to cause harm unless someone “believes” or “bites” or allows fear to alter their behavior.

We do not need to search the entire haystack for the needle in hiding because we know that whatever is not hay, will be discarded as illegitimate when it makes its appearance. Good serves its good purpose and evil is always revealed.

Technology SEEMS to provides so much information about so many “people” today that all these huge numbers of people make it seem like just one person would be insignificant, so that humanity is “reduced” like the commentator said. But in fact technology has demonstrated to the world that it only knows a little, about much, while everyone real knows much about a little.

Technology which apparently knows so much that it acquires and maintains records of people who are not really people, only destroys itself and its credibility with this power grab. In contrast, real people, like a good sauce, when reduced, not only still exist but become enriched.

What this highlights is that someone we know personally who might seem insignificant in the technological or digital universe, is in fact very significant in the real world, and that the REAL individual is not diminished or reduced at all in our REAL lives, by technology.

Technology does not have the power to take away a life, or reduce humanity and its higher aspirations, and the only “reducing” technology is able to do, is to reduce its own credibility every time it is giving digital “life” to “people” who are not real people. The more technology cannot discriminate between real people and their real accomplishments, and fictional people and their fictional accomplishments, the more technology dilutes itself, which is the opposite of a reduction =).

Technology does not have the ability to reduce one iota of a real human being.

Jesus said that what we do to the “least of these” we do unto him. He paid attention to real people and even washed their feet. He did not exalt himself, or “diminish” or “reduce” others, he was humble. He did not ban real people who came to him on his “platform” to criticized him or try to forbid them from talking, he healed them. Jesus did not diminish humanity with his life example, he uplifted them, encouraged them, and loved them, even his enemies.

To me, a true reduction in food, causes it to be more rich, authentic and flavorful, like a recipe I just read from my sister about a delicious red reduction tomato sauce with empty, herb topped shells over whipped white ricotta. We know the shells are empty and still, in the midst of the boiler room, we are enriched, our needs are met, and we are not worried about our next meal as we go about our good day.

In the same way, TRUTH in technology, can reduce fake digital profiles and then provide a more authentic, and rich source of information on REAL people, healing false claims and removing them while providing something sustaining that will endure and is good.

(And if there are evil or false claims in technology such as fake profiles or disease or destruction, since technology is often the advertiser of the boiler room, most of us are glad to know God is the creator of life, of what is real and what is Truth, because God’s word gives life. Understanding God destroys evil).

We can learn that, like the sauce, “reducing materially, enriches us spiritually”. The rich man, cannot pass through the eye of the needle, to enter the kingdom of heaven, (as if owning all the needles and the haystacks, is going to make any difference or help him get THROUGH the eye of the needle). It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle but this quote emphasizes what we know about how a camel cannot fit through the eye of a needle no matter how much it tries. An obsession with controlling worldly goods, people or nations, is not emulating the life and example of Jesus. We learn through the word of God in the bible, to use our talents and be fruitful and multiply, and we are NOT told to divide or subtract or conquer or be exalted.

In the boiler room (which means a high pressure sales scheme using fraudulent securities), we can remember the apostle John who was forced into a vat of boiling oil by the emperor Domitian, and I would call that a real live boiler room …yet the apostle John, who was preaching and singing praises to God, did not get harmed. God is good, and God sees who are real people and who are in his creation, and the good that they do, and for this we continuously are grateful.

Yes, to the commentator of Tucker Carlson, I agree that the spiritual life of mankind is not only very important, it is tantamount, particularly with regards to those who would attempt to “reduce” or limit their own people, in order to maintain control or manipulate or “create” …as these are false gods. Isn’t abortion an attempt to reduce? Isn’t voter fraud an attempt to dilute? Isn’t disease an attempt to divide? Isn’t aggression an attempt to destroy and exalt?

Why are USA, Russian and Chinese presidents attempting, allowing and even promoting dilution, division and destruction of all of the good in their countries? Why is the USA funding Russian and Chinese aggression by buying Russian oil and paying Wuhan for biological warfare? Not only are these things unethical and immoral, how are any “rulers” in our “government” or other governments, acquiring so much power that they believe themselves to be gods.

Isn’t our government here, in fact, based on a balance of powers and aren’t there consequences for misinformation and hoaxes in 18 U.S. Code § 1038 — False information and hoaxes? Who is trying to dilute this balance of power, or exalt evil and dismiss truth? Isn’t there only one God. I think God is about to drain the boiler room pot.

There may seem to be a boiler room, but God is the only power. If tech giant google has search results that says someone attended a university called Paes de Barros, does that make it real? Is google being held responsible for truth? Newspapers and media is SUPPOSED to be responsible for truth but like google, I think that they forgot this little detail. What a person says, is not as indicative of who they are, as much as what they DO.

Paes means buns, and barr means top or barros means mounds in google translate. Top buns or mounds and buns is an education? Or, instead of translating, if I say, paes de barr sounds to me like “PASS THE BAR”. Is that your defense against evil..that you have a lawyer?

Well, we do not have to be attorneys and pass the bar, to CONNECT THE DOTS….do we. And any attorneys who PASS THE BAR but then STILL DRINK, are still UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Know what I mean jellybean?

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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.