The nutcracker ballet

We just attended the Nutcracker ballet and I loved it. But later on, I thought about an interesting analogy where sickness, I believe, can be represented by the “nutcracker”, and is something that really can seem to “do us in”; like how the nutcracker was broken, and the child was so distraught. This disharmony can really seem like a problem, specially around the holidays.

But, in spite of the damage and disruption in “the nutcracker” our health or “constitution” can still be trusted, when God is in control, and we can see the responsiveness of healing, appear, just like how in a ballet, the dancers are also responsive to the music…something they cannot “see”.

In the ballet, as things get healed, the flowers and toys come to life, that which is broken gets fixed, evil is defeated, and the children are protected and loved.

When we are open to healing, (which might seem as invisible as music is), just like in the ballet, we can expect to come to life, defeat evil, and be loved and protected.

A little more than a month ago, I got sick while helping take care of someone else. It was no big deal at first, but then, all the things associated with being sick, seemed to drag me down and keep me from being my best. Day after day I expected to get better but day after day, a failed recovery lagged on, and I was still not a hundred percent.

Merriam Webster dictionary, has a word to describe “the physical makeup of the individual especially with respect to the health, strength, and appearance of the body” and it is called our “constitution”.

Well I felt like my health was a mess and I complained loudly to God about my “constitution”; (my “body and it’s lengthy healing process”).
I was “venting” and it was not a pretty sight…lol.

Well Joel Olsteen, on the radio, says that when we OPEN OUR MOUTHS WIDE, (venting perhaps?) God will fill us full of blessings. The wider we open our mouths, the bigger the blessings. I am guessing I opened my big mouth really wide, because things immediately turned around and improved. Haha

Joel Olsteen compares ‘opening wide”, as meaning “to receive blessings”. He talked about the story of the lady who was told to gather jars when she seemed to have had NO blessings. She was told to “gather not a few” and it turned out, that the amount of oil she received, that she needed to stay alive, was equal to how many wide mouth jars she gathered, in response to her directives.

In other words, when we listen, and are open, to what God is saying, he can, and will, pour in the blessings. And we CAN be open without too much “venting”.

The purpose of our prayers, is not just to express gratitude, but to give to God, the problems we are dealing with. The more OPEN we are with God, the more blessings he can pour in. You cannot pour oil into a jar that is closed.
We must to give space, or a platform, for good we want to have, with our actions and behaviors by being grateful and expecting healing. We give “our concerns” and fears, to God in prayer, in that secret place. God still hears us. Venting has a purpose, but it is best expressed to God.

I realize that today, I am not the only one “venting” about my “Constitution” because of dire events. It is understandable, in world circumstances, for those suffering many abuses, on all levels, to feel frustrated and upset and angry and lash out regarding their “constitution”.

But gratefully, our “Constitution”, though it may be battered and bruised, is still viable, resilient, and a gift to appreciate, and can respond to God’s grace and still be the mechanism for a healing. Healing from dark circumstances, sometimes is a “process”, but the blessings we receive are equal to the need that we have.

I am so grateful for the “recovery” that is here now, for the streamlining and rejuvenation of my “Constitution”, and for great progress. I am optimistic because for all my life, I understand how grace I am given, makes me continue to live free, as a personal trainer, a mom, and a wife.

I expect good and I find it, because that is what I am looking for, and commenting on, most days. As a result, my “Constitution” has always been strong and competent, dynamic and responsive.

I have made my share of mistakes but I am not tired, corrupted, useless or finished. I am a spiritual being, created in the image and likeness of God, like we all are…and each of us can be aware of a “Constitution” that is thriving, beautiful and responsive to God and his blessings.

And like the Nutcracker, we can demonstrate a beautiful and responsive dance, and happy ending, to the grace we receive.

For this ever-present awareness of good, how dynamic and perfect it is, and for a very healthy “constitution” I am so grateful. Our bodies are healthy, and if our body is our “home”, no matter what circumstances may appear to be, we know the foundation is not cracked, and the walls are intact and functioning perfectly, and our supplies are bounteous.

When we have been sick or abused, we may feel like we our body is a stable, with just straw floors, but we can rejoice because we know THAT is where Jesus was born, and that is what Christmas is about.

Thank you God for this new day, and this new dance with you, and I know you hear me always.



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.