The wild west

Who wants to dig for gold? Apparently, the wild west originated on the desire to “dig” for this seemingly elusive but much coveted item, that hid beneath the earths crust.
That was then, and now “gold” has taken on a different “texture”. I recall a few years ago when then president Trump congratulated a friend at the beginning of his speech, in the introductions, basically saying that his friend was so successful, he could stick a “straw in the ground” and find oil.
Not long after that, Trumps opposition started a campaign against straws, posturing that straws absolutely damage “the environment”, slamming the use of straws, using social media and everything possible to “save” the environment.
But in what can only be called an ironic twist, only a short time later, who is it that is “digging for gold” up peoples noses with “straws” LITERALLY, in the strongly encouraged PCR testing? It is not Trump, not poor people, not our world economy, but Bill Gates, (and Fauci), Google, Bloomberg and other billionaire individuals, hiding within foundations and entities, who are profiting handsomely. And you do not see social media this time, trying to quickly improve THIS human “environment” like they did with the plastic straws they claimed were damaging “nature”.

Where is the “gold” for INDIVIDUALS in media driven fear of sickness, disease and forced mask wearing? It is not benefiting OUR environment at all, and in fact this “gold” IS dredged up from the noses of the human population of the world. Who benefits from this “gold”. Definitely not the individuals who used to “dig” for their own gold. THAT GOLD, for everyone tested, is now part of “data collected”.

“Driving” people in a certain direction using fear of death or disease is not driving, it is extortion. It is ironic, in this analogy of “driving” people as equivalent to the pressure and marketing of Pcr testing and vaccinations, that the “experts” who protect us from “driving” ourselves in these dangerous conditions, (navigating around disease and death for us), carefully driving our cars around the winding roads on the edge of a cliff; these same “experts” have manufactured the cliff, and are billionaires. We listen to them because why?

Hmmm, It is laughable what people will do to convince others that something is of value; (It’snot) it is worthless. Personally I believe we should hold on to our privacy and liberties and freedoms like a pure girl holds on to her virginity. THAT is what improves our “human” environment.

Something has value when it is not commonplace, but is rare, or unique. Each human being is of value, not to be railroaded onto a cliff, but to be honored, respected and valued. “Protection” in the form of Pcr Testing and vaccines, that profit only a handful of people, is not real protection, like I said earlier, it is extortion. Real protection, does not devalue us it enhances us, celebrates our individuality.

Those very same individuals who cried about the earths “environment” are the first ones to aggressively damage and deplete the earths “population”, the human environment.

But all is not lost. My randomly chosen bible verse for the day was this…And I looked and lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with Him a hundred forty and four thousand, having His Father’s name written in their foreheads.
Those of us who listen to God, can know where our true protection comes from. His name is in our thinking.
And in the beginning, we have to learn the letters before we can speak the language. Google has the alphabet but is teaching us a language that is not real. Here is what is real…

A letter For google alphabet ( …)← This is the first letter, it means GOOD
A is for And, (and in the beginning God) A is for Angels, assurance, all, action, anticipation, Allegiance, aspirations, art, anthem.
B is for Babies, beautiful, beginnings, blessings, bible
C is for complete, chastity, confidence, compassion
D is for delicious, dainty, Dads, daughters, dedication
E is for early, eager, enjoy, expected
F is for Fearless, freedom, faith, family
G is for GOD, great, goodness, gain
H is for Hope, height, heralds
J is for justice, joy
K is for kiss, kids
L is for LIFE, Love, Linger, laugh, languages
M is for Marriage, movement, masterful, music, mothers, mind
N is for new, natural, neighbors
O is for original, open, order
P is for private, personal, protected, patience, pure, principle
Q is for quiet
R is for relax, rest, respect, remember, rejoice, rock
S is for simple, sweet, sincere, saved, sons, smiles, spiritual, soul
T is for truth, talk, tune
U is for up, united
V is for vigilance, variety
W is for worth, wait, work, words
X is for xenolith
Y is for yes, yours, yea
Z is for zip


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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.