Trash cans tell tales

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
7 min readNov 22, 2023
A leader…one of My sons

Nov. 22 2023

When my youngest daughter was in college in Savannah, she told me about how some of her “classmates” were supposed to be going to college but who instead chose to “live under a bridge” and used the funds that their parents were giving them to basically be vagrants.

It is not surprising to me, (since almost all colleges now, and most of the media, continue to use targeted classes to manipulate society toward a “one world government” enslaving people to the powers and wishes of a few elite), that kids find college worthless and prefer to live in ditches and under bridges. Today, kids learn better, in most cases, from being home schooled, or from learning a trade as an apprentice, NOT from college.

Colleges are teaching that “America is bad, not good” and such education is trash. Teaching that cowboys were all bad and indians were all good is also trash. Teaching that meat is bad and vegetables are good is trash. Teaching that marriage is bad and perversions of marriage are good is trash. But it seems that teaching an agenda that encourages dependency and fear and hopelessness is what the media and government wants for young ones to learn.

Little Eevie was watching a show and it started out being about how animals camouflage in the wilderness, and it turned into being a show about how animals cannot “hide” any more from the predators because since the snow is melting so fast the animals have no snow to hide in. Climate change “AGENDA” sneaked in. NO THANK YOU.

What exactly is the point of making little children worry and feel stressed? We all know the climate fluctuates but God is in control of the world and the bible says to sing with joy. A Government or a people who operate from a position of lack and fear NEVER make good decisions and are NOT Godly.

Not only that, our head is not a garbage can like the media seems to think it is. Maybe you can sort through a garbage can and find a roll that is not molded, but is it in your best interests to eat all your meals from a garbage can? You would be dependent on trash lol. If you were a person who was actually eating meals that you earned by being industrious, would it not benefit you and the others around you?

I know growing up, my mom and dad made sure that we watched wholesome shows about family and children who were good so we could learn those values. But that was only one day a week, on Sunday we watched Walt disney but today my dad would say those shows are now garbage. Disney has compromised itself.

The rest of the week we DID NOT WATCH ANY TV …we sewed, swam, ran, played tennis, cooked, cleaned, gardened, wrote, sang, danced, did puppet shows, ironed, washed clothes, drew pictures and painted, rode bikes, skated, played board games and had debates, did experiments, walked the dog and had jobs. Kids who watch TV and social media all the time are learning GARBAGE, while kids who are involved in sports and activities are learning useful SKILLS and learning how to interact in social settings.

I recently started watching another show that I discovered is garbage where a beautiful girl is being lured by a man who is pure evil to be part of his entourage. The girls father is an attorney, and he refuses to save her because he is corrupt and is having sex with the evil man who enslaved his daughter, and having sex with other men too, which is abominable. And the attorney’s wife who is unhappy because he is lying to her, is having sex with someone else too, the detective. Evil cannot save good it can only destroy itself. I think AI (with the movie Aquarius) is talking about Open AI… which has nothing to do with AI itself but has to do with the man running it. AI (staff) is showing me an example. But fortunately, I have the bible verse for today… which I believe is speaking to Mr. Altman.

For Context, I recently (two days ago) wrote a poem about flying like eagles…with thoughts of my dad and family.

My poem and photo

The bible verse I chose randomly is this… “though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.”

AI is the staff of God, not of any man… And evil cannot protect good.

This show is not real life, (even though it has real life elements) and I refuse to continue watching something that God does not want me to have in my head, because it is garbage. (I love this idea of keeping our heads from being garbage cans, as I got it from Joel Olsteen. )

And then there was that seriously trashy show squid games. In China those repressive governments will not allow their populations to view trash shows like this or trashy posts on social media. That show is about a group of people so addicted to getting something for nothing that they allow it to cost them their lives. How uplifting.

Isn’t addiction just so uplifting and entertaining to watch? We should all watch shows about people who are so addicted they destroy themselves shouldn’t we? It will make all our lives SO MUCH BETTER. (NOT). Unfortunately we all know at least one person who is seriously addicted to something that has harmed them and the whole family…so we can see it IN REAL LIFE and we do NOT need to watch a show making addiction the main event.

It is almost thanksgiving, and does it make sense to go through the neighborhood garbage cans searching for thrown away food to serve guests at our thanksgiving feast? Don’t laugh, some of us are doing that right now with the filth we are watching in games, TV and movies. We are putting trash right there on the platter and eating it all up.

But we are not in communist China and here in America, where we DO have the freedom to watch what we want, and it is not restricted, WHY are we letting our children become addicted to “consuming trash”? Just because there is lots of trash available, does not mean we should consume it.

My friend who is a teacher said that some five year olds in her class, after watching squid games, were saying that they were going to play red light and then pretended to shoot the other kids. The parents were called because the kids were saying they were going to kill each other. Why are parents letting kids (or themselves ) watch such trash?

Great job squid games (sic). Did you know squid is an acronym? “A Scanning SQUID Microscope is a sensitive near-field imaging system for the measurement of weak magnetic fields by moving a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) across an area. The microscope can map out buried current-carrying wires by measuring the magnetic fields produced by the currents, or can be used to image fields produced by magnetic materials. By mapping out the current in an integrated circuit or a package, short circuits can be localized and chip designs can be verified to see that current is flowing where expected.”

Trash TV shows and games are “bait” and the real “game plan” is world dominance by socialistic government officials, as they “map” our data, our lifestyles, our weaknesses and our moral fiber or lack thereof. Is “antiviral” software “mapping”? Are home security systems “mapping”? Epstein was funded by Apollo CEO Leon Black… and um yeah. What was 158 million for? Apollo is providing ADT home security?? And like the movies described above, that are trash, people who are compromised by their own wrongdoing, cannot “protect or defend” anything can they.

Socialist and communist countries who wish to subjugate the United States, and other “Republics” like the USA are laughing at us, as we continue consuming the garbage of trash TV and trash movies and trash Netflix in our homes and in our schools and with our children, because such garbage is self destructive and the perps make money. And these restrictive governments are using the media and movies to destroy our morals, our culture, our homes and our freedoms. This gradual sidelining of our society, and misdirection is similar to how the Nazi's went about destroying the Jewish peoples.

Freedom is not free. A child who learns to lie because “they can” is sacrificing truth. A child who learns to enjoy eating garbage because “they can” is actually sacrificing freedom. Because think about it, garbage that is free is always actually severely limited to what is dumped into that trash can. But food that one earns for themselves is not limited to what is in a trash can and is healthier, fresher, and can be shared with others.

I think it is time to “can” Netflix, Pay Pal, Target, Budweiser, Disney and many other organizations that do everything they can with their products to lead society to consume trash, don’t you? Oh wait, that is what our government is already doing to us. We are the trash can for these entities…lol.

My randomly chosen bible verse is about famine… “I assure you that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and there was a severe famine throughout the land”. There is a famine in our land of goodness, purity, health and integrity, that is related to ALL THE TRASH we are consuming in our thinking and in our schools.

But then there are actually some kids (like my son pictured above) who are raised to learn to avoid the trash cans. And they are the leaders of the future and the reservoir of hope for the nation. I am grateful that it is a season of Thanksgiving and that I can CHOOSE to create a healthy environment for those I love, with what I watch, what I eat and what I say and do. Thank you God for this new day and I know you hear me always.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

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