Melissa Ann Howell Schier
4 min readNov 9, 2023
Evil is locked out, I am locked into God, good. Say this mantra and watch “The Chosen” to find healing.

There is a show on Netflix called “locked in”. In the show, which I have not watched but read the description, there is a person who has to figure out her “disease” that causes her to be immobilized.

I grew up one of five girls, and my dad and mom brought us up to believe that we could do anything we set our mind to do. We were brought up to think expansively, and to view life challenges as opportunities to be conquered.

In contrast, I see that many perfectly fine individuals today, have succumbed to their challenges, having accepted self limiting labels that restrict them and narrow their opportunities, and have virtually put themselves in a box, like this movie. What these individuals believe is true about themselves, has been marketed to them by evil, because something good would not limit the possibilities for any loved one.

The bait employed, that was able to get the hook into the prey, and initiate the disease (dis EASE), was to present a lie as the truth. Evil encourages us to try to “understand” disease disease, dysphoria, and depression, because it supposedly helps us avoid problems when actually this “education” is what tricks individuals into being immobilized.

The suggestion itself, of disease as bait, when believed, can victimize entire populations and render them useless to themselves. Evil is a liar and the father of lies, because the truth is those “immobilized” individuals are actually free, healthy and whole. It is their belief that is a mistake.

What a person chooses to look at with their eyes either expands or limits their view of themselves. Imagine if you will, a student in first grade learning how to add. If, when they are learning, the teacher shows them that one plus one does not equal 4. And one plus one does not equal six. And one plus one does not equal eight. And all she teaches are the wrong answers, that student cannot progress in math and is essentially rendered immobile.

Teaching disease, greed, selfishness, immorality, and lawlessness, pretending it is “knowledge” is essentially teaching a kid all the wrong answers in math, so that they can never progress. But the only thing kids (and adults) NEED to know are the CORRECT answers. We are in fact supposed to be like little children in order to enter into heaven.

Good does not teach victimization. It teaches reliance on God, good. It offers a lifeline when someone is drowning in a sea of wrong answers. There is in fact one right answer that that is all the student needs to learn or look at and the fruit is good. We shall know it by its fruit, and good fruit does not immobilize a person.

Choose to learn about God, who is life, Truth, love, principle, spirit, soul, and mind. These qualities of good are reflected in each of us and mankind is “locked in” to good, unless we choose to believe we need to learn all the “wrong answers” to problems.

Eve believed that all that knowledge (of sin disease and death) was important to know so she ate of the “tree of knowledge”. Then she gave some of that fruit to Adam. I think that it is funny that the person who wrote this review is Adam lock. lol His name is our warning =)

Knowledge of evil and disease is not power, it is the opposite of power…. Do not think I will be watching this show but I will be watching The Chosen.

So, in summary, when we watch slanted and biased news shows, and read propaganda that induces fear or creates a sense of impending doom, that “agenda” is coming straight from that poisoned tree.

It is not the body so much that we need to “protect” but it is our thinking. Even shows that seem innocently funny but that highlight the more base elements of life, or celebrate immorality and flawed decisions, or that have an agenda to denigrate women, the elderly, or a specific race/religion, should not be supported or watched.

The negative manipulation of our thinking is subtle yet disease inducing. We should instead fill our minds with that which is good and pure.

The suggestions of evil, that we are or that we are subject to lust, greed, addiction and envy, have been “sold” to us via social media and TV, and are just that…only “suggestions” we have accepted as truth. These negative and unhealthy beliefs, which eventually lead to depression, sickness, disease and immobilization, are beliefs we accept about ourselves when we watch or read “wrong answers” and can be rejected when we turn to God for our “truth”. The eyes truly are the window to the soul.

And “locked in” to any disease or sickness, truly is a horror story no one should believe or give time too.

Healing can happen to anyone at any time, however…maybe it is time to turn around and pay attention to good.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.