visual snow

Like you, I have heard about some really bad things happening to good people. Such as murder, a crime against the ten commandments. The accused says he sees dots.

What about connecting the dots…
A useful ability that we all have, when we choose to listen to good. When we can connect the dots, then things make sense, and the “dots” we know, can have a good purpose.
The person accused of doing something evil claims to see visual “snow” or dots, that are like static on a TV.
So many dots that need to be connected and yet he makes no connections he says. In fact he says that he feels no connection at all. Why not? because he chooses to not. He says that he has accepted these dots. He says that accepting it is not a good thing.

Interesting and a choice, made by him. But he, like the rest of us, could at the very least, change the “channel”. We are not victims of the suggestions made to our consciousness. We can make good choices in spite of the “snow”. How do I know this?
The movie frozen is about visual snow too..and even ice. Like the person I read about who says he did “mean things” to his family, she also seems to cause “harm” to people she loves .
But she is not the evil snow queen and she rejects that persona, and avoids harming others.
She is good. And she does not want to hurt anyone. So she chooses to CONNECT the dots and melt the “snow”. (Instead of letting them float around and distress her.)
This helps her to do good in spite of the “environment”. Evil immediately melts when confronted head on, like the wicked witch melts in the wizard of oz.
In Frozen, she is supposedly “born” with this power to hurt others. UNINTENTIONALLY. Oh brother. What a crock of pooey. Good old disney fiction. But Disney is dead and I doubt if he would have made Elsa have evil powers that she was born with.
No one is born with the power to do evil. We are all born to be good doers.
All of us.
The “SUGGESTIONS” of evil, are just weeny teeny “dots’ that seem to have evil power. And the mistake is to believe, like the accused, that we have to “accept” them. NO WE DO NOT.
We never have to accept evil. Snow away. Jose.
The person I read about, who was arrested looks a lot like “the guy in the darkest corner of paradise” movie. Makes me wonder if these horror writers are writing about a real person and not fiction.

And the scene of the “crime” looks a lot like the beginning of “no time to die”…with the hourglass and all in the title video, except everything is black, not white.

Oh and there is a real “hourglass street” only seven minutes away from the crime scene. What is real and what is reel? There is nothing clever about evil. It is always only a suggestion.

If people can be manipulated like the Manchurian candidate, then the manipulators used these two movies to mirror, as their “content”…and making bad choices does not make one a “victim” it makes one a perpetrator.

But people do not have to allow themselves to be manipulated. They can be independent forces for good. I find that prayer, church and the bible keep us all on track in this way.
I just watched “Little boy”. A much better movie, more powerful and a force for good and not evil. We can all change the channel you know…or just stop watching.



HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.

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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.