W.H.O. let the dogs out


Just got back from running. My son designs my workouts for me and he has me running sprints, sometimes eight sets of sprints and sometimes ten sets of sprints, but in any case, I think that the sprints are helping me get much faster and better at running.

Today I had done my seven sprints and had one more sprint to do. I was walking because I get two minutes of brisk walking rest between each sprint, so that I can be ready to sprint again. This last sprint should have already started but I was letting my rest period go longer than two minutes as I listened to music from the radio on my phone.

Suddenly I heard a lady scream for her dog to stay, and saw in the yard beside me, a vicious looking grey bulldog type animal come galloping towards me down her driveway, ferociously barking.

Now my neighborhood is a nice place and we have a rule that dogs have to be on leash. But unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not obey the law. The last time this happened and I was out in the neighborhood, I had my little white poof ball dog Kazzi with me and I had to hold him up by my chest so that the two leaping German shepherd type dogs who attacked me, could not snap his head with their jaws. The jogger who owned the dogs, came running up minutes later and the dogs were still leaping and snapping.

That was the day I ordered a NON humane dog spray that the postman uses to keep attacking dogs away. There are some sprays that “might” deter a “somewhat aggressive dog”. Oh hell no…I was not gonna get that type of spray…I wanted the most potent stuff possible, that would make attacking dogs cringe and cry and skulk away. I wanted the Strongest spray I could buy.

I ordered the dog spray online, it arrived and I had been bringing it with me every day until recently…Guess I had started trusting that people were obeying the law and keeping dogs on leashes and locked in yards.

So there I was, walking in the street minding my own business and this a**hole dog comes screeching towards me and I have no spray with me, which I would have GLADLY sprayed smack dab all over that dogs ugly snout. As I hear the owner yelling from behind me that “the dog does not bite”, I am thinking “BITE ME LADY. Excuse me but you are full of sh*t”.

I had been praying to God for mankind, so my thoughts were curbed by my desire to be spiritual and to do God’s will. God has said that the weak need to say “I am strong”. I realized that God was SHOWING me with this horrible little dog, that I WAS INDEED STRONG, not weak.

God wanted me to do the last sprint, faster than I had ever run before. God wants us to run our race and NOT be influenced by any barking dogs (or people or organizations that remind us of barking dogs …see image above) that seem to want to stop us from our good purpose or want to try to harm us.

Suddenly and miraculously, I was not afraid. I was strong. I was running my race undisturbed by any outside influences that seemed to be trying to change my direction…no barking dogs had any power.

So I ran, sprinted actually, light on my feet, while Mr. “friendly dog” tried the best it could to bite me and to get itself twisted inside my legs so I would trip and fall, yet the dog attack failed and I left that mutt panting in the dust.

I thought about how, months earlier, I could NOT run my race, because the dog I had been protecting and carrying; was my own pet. When the two dogs attacked me and I just had to stand there and try to get the dogs to stand down…which is not a very efficient way to run your race. My little dog is dead now, and I am not taking ownership of, or protecting, any dogs or dog like behaviors.

When we trust God to guide us, no “dogs” can slow us down. I recognized that I was being taught how we cannot run our race for God and simultaneously be rid of the “dogs” of the world, if we are carrying those “dogs” WITH us or defending them.

I know lots of such “dogs”, people in government, in big pharma, and many are leaders in the world today but they do not belong in those places because they are barking dogs. We are at cross purpose with God’s purpose when we allow such “dogs” to be at the table, as God has a singular purpose for mankind.

Mankind was not meant to be there to defend “dogs” not in court, not in church and not in the home…The dogs were meant to be a defense for mankind to PROTECT the innocent from evil, not to surround them with evil. God has prepared a table for us in the presence of our enemies, and the dogs are not invited…if they are lucky, they will get scraps from the table after everyone has eaten their fill… IF the dogs are protecting instead of attacking those who are good.

I am grateful that I am not pretending to do good while at the same time defending or protecting those “dogs” of the world. But maybe some of you out there ARE defending them, shielding them and letting “dogs” eat at the table meant for God’s children.

Who let the dogs out, because God did not let them out? And God wants us to run our race, and ignore the barking dogs. God wants us to not be weary and to follow his laws and to fly like eagles. We can only do this when we are living our best Christian lives.

That dog who got let out, gave up and I continued to run my race. And God is always revealing new ideas to us in our lives and in our experiences when we learn from what He is showing us. Nothing is wasted. Not only do we NOT let the dogs out, we also do not let them dictate our direction, or have a deleterious effect on the race we are running.

God is mans best friend.

Philippians 3:2 beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision. Concision, the state or quality of being concise.A cutting apart or off. A division; a schism; a faction; a sect; a separation.

God created mankind in his own image and likeness. Dogs, biblically, are “the embodiment of gluttony, scavengers sent by God to tear and devour.” “Matthew7 6 Do not give dogs what is holy and do not throw your pearls before pigs lest they trample them underfoot and turn and attack you.

Even a supposedly “good dog” can be made to turn and attack a person who is doing good. That is because dogs are not people, and are not capable of reason or logic. God gave us dominion over the earth and all the creatures within, for good purpose. It is time we take action and achieve that good purpose, understanding that concision time, is a time to beware… those of you who are living like dogs. In Jesus name, amen.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.