We have all been in this prison

I believe there are angels among us

My brother in law and I were talking and I always really enjoy conversations with him because he is an eloquent speaker with humility, compassion and dignity. We were talking about how people discover that there are things that they enjoy doing, that they are free to do, which cause conflict and multiple problems for them, with their families or society.

These things, like drinking, drugs, choosing to live a trans or gay lifestyle, or an extra marital partner, are things that people SAY they choose, that give them “freedom”. But my brother in law said that for him personally, he realized that these “choices” were actually a “prison”. He knew if he wanted to stay close to God, he was going to have to “give up” these choices that were wrong.

He said that he felt at the time that this was “fun he deserved to have” and that giving up these things he “wanted” would be like “losing his freedom”. But after “serving time” in this “prison”, and living his life separate from his family, society and God, he realized he was not free and finally wanted real liberation. He said that when he finally freely gave up bad choices, he actually experienced real liberation.

He eventually went on to became a full colonel in the Army and said that those things which he though were “liberating” as a young man, do not even temp him any more. He says that he feels more free and happy and complete, than he ever felt, when he was allowing bad choices to have power over him and control his every move.

Then I was having a conversation with my mom and she was talking about how she saw this man when she was walking in her neighborhood. (She walks at least ten thousand steps a day and is very dedicated to staying fit and she volunteers at the polls during elections, the soup kitchen, church, and drives everywhere herself, while helping her friends and family whenever they need it. She prays every morning for at least a half hour and she is amazing.)

My mom said that the man she saw, who started a conversation with her, eventually revealed that he was “trans” and that he wanted to “start a group” of others like him. He said he also wanted to “have a party” and wanted to include my mom.

I was thinking about this and about my conversation with my brother in law and I came up with a great idea for lonely people like this man my mom met, who was born a woman. People who have embraced a lifestyle that has basically put them in a “prison” can do what my brother in law did, and “be healed”.

He was healed because he wanted to stay close to God. He is active in church and those church family members, even as a young man, were helping him make better choices and find answers that do not isolate him or separate him, or put him in a prison of addiction, or sin. Church as a community, is important because if we want to be free, we have to surround ourselves with like minded individuals. We all know that pride, greed, lust, anger sloth, envy and gluttony, are “choices” we are “free” to make. But those who choose these things, experience imprisonment. Groups that facilitate bad choices are not worthy of our time or energy.

Healing happens when a person recognizes that these “choices” have no power to bring joy or happiness, and instead bring self destruction. A person who freely chooses to stop participating in self destructive activities, is then “liberated” or healed.

I have read and agree with the statement “That which we feel like we HAVE to have” is equivalent to “that which has power over us and imprisons us”.

God, Spiritual, having power over us, however, is that which is NOT material, and therefore is liberating. It is a simple but deep concept. We can all be healed and it is as simple as a choice to WANT freedom. We individually DO NOT HAVE To ACCEPT that any one of the seven deadly sins, has any power over us.

Government condoning any of these seven deadly sins, still does not make it something we have to accept, and in fact, we, in church communities, need to pray for government to be healed as well. (government officials facilitating abortion or demonstrating hate of a great leader and trying to impeach him three times (anger) facilitating drug use (sloth) facilitating illegal elections (greed) facilitating rampant illegal border crossing (envy), government using media as propaganda and refusing to admit mistakes or lies (pride), or government subsidizing families with dads who have left to find another woman (lust).)

These “fun” activities, such as affairs, drug use, abuse of alcohol, prostitution, gaming or gambling addictions, sex without marriage or respect for children or families, acquiring one global power, social media “power”, jealousy or hatred of others… these things are all in fact prisons, and the opposite of freedom; so now you know. We, who turn to God, know this when we pray to God for healing, because God is constantly speaking to us and revealing things to us. Start praying now if you want to be free.

My randomly chosen bible verse today was Proverbs chapter five verse ten “lest strangers feast on your wealth,and your labors enrich the house of a foreigner.”

God is always speaking to us…. and this bible verse is about being disciplined and listening to our teachers and mentors and AVOIDING IMMORALITY”, because you, who choose immorality, will let strangers feast on your wealth, and your labors will enrich the house of a foreigner.

If you are making bad choices, you can be healed and I am praying for your healing. Just so you know. I am not accepting “prison” for you, just like I did not accept it for myself, and even if your own choices put you in this prison, prayer can release you and liberate you. You are not a prisoner because of others (who you claim do not accept you), you are a prisoner because of your own choices. God can flip it and has already broken the glass ceiling. Do you see the angels among us, trying to help us make better choices? “I DO”. =)



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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.