What is our pattern?

Melissa Ann Howell Schier
9 min readFeb 2, 2024

I watched my mom walk out to the street from her house, down the driveway towards her neighbors empty trash can.
“I’m glad the trash-men came early, because I can take my neighbors trash-can back up to her house, since she has had knee surgery and is probably not up yet” my mom said.
I marveled at how mom was always looking for an opportunity to help her neighbors, even though she struggles herself sometimes, getting the trash out or in on time, when it was cold or rainy.
She hauled the neighbors can from down on the curb, up the driveway all the way beside her house.
I marveled but I have done similar things. When my neighbors can was dirty, after trash take up, I hosed out their trash can along with hosing out mine, using pine sol and strong water to clean away the dirt and smell. Because that is just what we do in our house…we help each other. That is our “pattern” for life.

To me this is significant because the bible verse I randomly chose today seemed to also be talking about that very thing.

“And when they were by the house of Micah, they knew the voice of the young man the Levite; and they turned thither, and said unto him, Who brought thee hither? and what makest thou in this place? And what hast thou here?

The voice speaking in that scripture, was of a priest watching over the house of Micah, and had been hired to watch and pray. But what this says to me, after reading more of that chapter, is that whatever it is that makes up “our house” (our body, our thinking, our physical dwelling); these things are not protected by just hiring someone holy to pray over it. It is what we make out of our “place” that determines our “house”.

In this story, the house of Micah was worshiping false gods, and the house was taken over and was not protected by the priest.

Though it is good to go to church, the priest can only give advice, and sometimes as was the case in this story, even the priest prayers cannot save people who are doing evil…and in this story, the priest was compromised and bent to the will of the many which was wrong of him. He should have helped the owner of the house rid itself of false gods.

Our own behavior either saves or condemns us. “what maketh thou this place” is a direct message to each of us, asking what WE are doing that makes the home ours. Part of that home is about being of service to others who need our help which is allowing in “good”. If we are giving our home away by allowing in evil ideas or false gods of “money, power, food or drugs”, then those things are the “false gods” who eventually own our homes, not us.

The good news is that we get to make the choice about what is in our homes. Evil cannot come unsolicited and take away our homes…we have to make the choice to give such away. Matthew 16:18 says
“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

A gate is something that provides a means of entrance or exit. Jesus is telling us in Matthew 16, that which is evil, behind the “gates of hell”, cannot come out of or exit, and prevail against church, or good of any kind including those living according to God’s direction. A life demonstrating obedience to Jesus words, is the only power and evil cannot come into our life unless we invite it. A good life, modeling the life of Jesus, is our pattern if we want to reject evil.

It is amazing to me that people are quick to thoughtlessly dismiss God and Jesus words from God, with an arrogance that unfortunately is ignorant…while at the same time, inviting the gates of hell to open and allow in evil in the form of the false god’s of disease and drugs and despair. You may think that a disease is not a “god” but I will explain how this is so.

The Covid Virus was a false god because people 1) feared it, and 2) believed it had power and could come and attack them at any moment and 3) paid homage to it as I will explain in a moment. But Jesus showed us how any belief in disease is just that, a belief, when he healed the leper. There is no virus or bacteria or evil that can attack us independently without our permission, because it does not have that power…remember the gates of hell? Shall not prevail?

For evil to get inside, we have to invite it with our beliefs or thinking. The god of the chinese virus, because people were afraid of and and because they thought it was powerful, was then “worshiped” with masks, tests, isolation and the sacrifice of forgoing work, church, travel and family in order to “satisfy” that “god”.

These “burnt offerings” just gave evil a bigger platform inviting it to attack those who opened the gates of hell for it. They even changed the description of a vaccine, in order to make concessions to this false god. No longer is a vaccine in place in order to eradicate a disease like it was in the past.

But just as easily as people worship a false god by believing in it, EVEN WHEN IT IS EVIL, (and they should be smarter than that), they can reject that false god and destroy the idols in homes and prevent it from having a platform.

Pharmaceutical companies worshiped this false god because they made money from testing and “vaccines” and had no liability from their vaccines and felt it benefited them just like an idol of gold might have seemed advantageous to have in the home in the day. But the presence of the vaccine in a home, just like a gold idol, is a mark of which people believe in the false god and which do not almost like the blood on the door was a mark.

It may seem ridiculous to imagine worshiping a disease, but “to worship” is to change our own behavior in order to be submissive to that which we believe is more powerful than us.

Middle English worþschipen, worschepen, worshippen “to hold in honor, esteem, show respect for, revere (a deity), conduct religious rites,”
We did indeed as a society and as a world, show respect for and conduct rites to show submission to “the china virus” false god, and some of us as a society, arrogantly think we do not need God, good.

I was walking with my sister in her neighborhood and told her that I was grateful to not see any rainbow flags in her neighborhood and she said yes there was one…and as we walked past it, I told her that I felt sorry for people who flew that flag just like I feel sorry for people who do not think that they need God any more.

The flag of a rainbow is not only representing a lifestyle that is NOT according to God’s plan for men and women, it is bragging about a lifestyle where deviant sex is their false god…and they fly a flag so they will be known for that.

What they do not seem to understand is that God is not demanding that we believe in his laws and rules for life, but for those who do, there is a protection from the gates of hell, which I for one, am so grateful for. Those who believe, see the danger for those who are arrogantly ignoring the words of God and thought we are not angry with such, we are worried for those and hope they repent.

I have said it before and I believe that the only power evil has is to destroy itself. Evil cannot have long term success or growth because it is only destructive. It is the opposite of life, and it is death. Life is not death no matter what any theologian says because life is good and good cannot be evil. If life is about evil things being destroyed or dying, then life is the opposite of death…an antonym not a synonym.

Jesus proved that Evil could not take his life. Jesus had to suffer the human environment in order to prove this to us…he did not die to prove life is death, he suffered the EXPERIENCE or belief of “death” to prove that LIFE is in fact eternal. Jesus Rejected Death.

Evil in any form can be rejected. Immediately and instantaneously, when it is rejected, the way Jesus rejected Satan on the mount, evil has to leave. Any power that it might seem to have is just a mistaken belief.

Imagine if you will, a mistaken belief that jumping off a cliff will bring great power. Imagine if thousands of people believe that lie and they jump. They have then destroyed themselves.

Imagine that there are other people who know, using common sense, and listening to the bible, that we should choose life. These people know that choosing power (Satan on the mount tempting Jesus), or knowledge (Eve in the garden of Eden) or money (the ruler over Moses people), instead of choosing LIFE, is a big mistake and is a self punishing mistake.

Those people choose to reject that belief that jumping off a cliff is power, so they “don’t go there”. The same should be true for mistaken beliefs like that what that rainbow flag represents. That cliff might still be there, but it cannot grab people and force them to jump off..the only power it has is in the belief associated with it.

Those who reject that false belief will not fail to get Gods grace and blessings and will continue to live. Those who are planning to jump off the cliff might as well be holding that rainbow flag as it is that obvious to the rest of us, that they are making a huge mistake.

I am so grateful that in my family, we look for ways to choose life by inviting in good by doing good and serving others. I have one sister who knew I loved this particular vintage book and she found it online for me and gave it to me when I was visiting, along with some great boots, and some deodorant that I love which I can never find here easily.

She also gave me some coasters that were hand made, using some old patterns, pictured above, that someone gave her as a gift. Since she knew I loved them she gave them to me. I love anything vintage.

Another sister hand sewed a beautiful picture for me, with great precision and thoughtfulness given to the words and the scene. It took her hours to produce and she did it not just for me but for all my sisters and my mom.

A third sister and I had painted on canvas when I was visiting a year ago and she had taken the canvas painting I did and made it into a pillow, sewing it by hand. She also made me a beautiful ornament by hand with pansy’s and hand stitched a picture of my husband and I with lovely flowers.

Even my daughter in law gave me a beautiful necklace with tiny real flowers that she had dried and pressed with her three year old daughter. She also made me some wonderful lip balm from scratch.

All my siblings and family have made an effort to serve others with their actions and with their gifts, and to choose life, expressing joy and light in the process.

Choosing life can be as simple as helping a neighbor who has had knee surgery, bring up their garbage can. Good job madre.



Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.