Texas Girls

If you have watched 1984 the movie recently like I have, you will agree with me that it is a movie settled in darkness. It portrays division, helplessness and lack. These things, shown in the movie, attributed to war, do not have to be something we accept today as an enlightened people.

Here in Texas, surrounded by ranches, farmers, industry, oil and good neighbors, I see a richness of humanity that gleams like the sunlight. It is beautiful, pure and productive. This perfect view I have, is not limited to this state but extends as far as I can imagine it.

Today is NOT 1984 and people are not deceived by what is put, daily, in front of their eyes to try to divide and conquer them. They do not see or accept limitations, attacks on their freedoms, or helplessness because they are standing in the light and that light cannot be dimmed, no matter what “appearances” say that they are.

When I was learning how to type in high school, I had to type as fast as I could this sentence…
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.

This sentence is not about war, it is about believing in the supply that comes from God, good, and doing something useful and purposeful with our individual talents…becoming aware and engaged with our neighbors in a way that benefits us all. When we trust in God it is a win, win situation… and we are in fact, one nation, under God.


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Melissa Ann Howell Schier

HoustonWorkout on YouTube, mom of five, journalist and artist and conservative who values life.